A glimpse into the shadows: An insider’s adventures in the world of escorts, Episode 36

The music is way too loud and for awhile I try to follow Mel and Carrie’s conversation but eventually I give up and instead turn my focus to my cell phone. I’m waiting for a break in their conversation so I can suggest that we go somewhere a little less loud but the break never comes. Sophie is at the bar ordering drinks, it’s a busy night and the attention of the servers is far too divided to keep up with our drink orders.
by Sarah Brooke

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Finally she returns balancing a tray full of shots. By my request we are drinking girly drinks tonight and not straight alcohol. I move aside Carrie’s purse so that Sophie has room to put the tray down on the table. Mel and Carrie stop talking long enough to grab a shot and down it before Sophie even has a chance to sit down. I scoot over and we both look at each other, shrug and take the shot. Mel and Carrie resume their conversation and now both Sophie and I are trying to hear them. A few moments later we both give up and turn to each other.
“Well, this is fun.” She says, her voice dripping with sarcasm.
“We just need to drink a bit more and go somewhere that is playing decent music. You can’t dance to this shit.” I grab another shot off the tray and Sophie does the same. We carefully clink the glasses together and down them.
“What do you think they are talking about so intently?” She says, staring at their mouths, trying to work out what they might be talking about.
“I have no idea but it’s probably a good thing we can’t hear them.” I say, guessing that they are talking about one of Carrie’s most recent sexual conquests or maybe a great shoe sale they went to recently.
“Fucking shit, follow me.” Sophie says and immediately vacates the table, heading towards the bathroom. Her voice sounded the slightest bit panicked so I look around quickly to see if Jeff is here tonight.
Pushing the door to the bathroom, I walk in to find Sophie standing right in front of me, eager to talk. “One of my clients is here.”
“What! Really? Who?” I’m tempted to throw the door open and peer outside to see if I recognize anyone.
“David. He’s wearing a plaid long sleeved shirt and jeans. Fuck. Do you think he’ll come talk to me?” She says, biting her lip.
“How would I know? When is the last time you saw him?” I ask.
“A few weeks ago. He’s come to the apartment before. I consider him a regular but I only see him once every couple months.”
“He’s not going to say anything, he’s here with his friends. I bet he’ll just wink or something. Don’t worry about it.”
“Or he’ll come over to our table and say very loudly ‘Hey Carmen, How are you? You’re wearing more clothes than usual.’”
I can’t help but laugh. “I’m sure he won’t say anything about what you’re wearing. I guess he could mention Carmen though since that’s all he knows you as.”
She lets out a noise that is half sigh, half groan. “This is a big city, what are the chances of me running into one of my clients?”
“Pretty good apparently. Don’t worry, I was looking for an excuse to leave this bar anyways. Let’s go tell Mel and Carrie that we need to leave.”
“They love this stupid bar, they won’t want to.”
Thinking for a moment, I finally come up with an idea. “I know… let’s tell them we want to go to that salsa club. They’ll lose their minds.” While Sophie and I enjoy drunk dancing as much as the next girl, we haven’t let Mel and Carrie persuade us to go salsa dancing yet. The ploy might just work.
“It’s worth a shot. But then the downside is that we have to salsa dance.” She says, a pout spreading across her face.
“It’s that or maybe get busted!” I say. “Want me to go talk to them? You can meet us outside?”
“No that seems way too obvious. I’ll come with you but I’ll just keep my back to him. Here, give me a clip. If I pin my hair up it’ll look even less like me from the back.” She says. I pull the hair clip out of my own hair and hand it to her. She clips her hair back and nods. I lead her out to the table and she walks beside me, careful to hide herself from his possible view. I try to discretely get a look at him. He’s actually really cute and he looks like he works out. Before he can notice me staring at him I look back to our table.
“Hey guys?” I say, interrupting their conversation. “Sophie and I were just thinking that we’d like to try out that bar you went to, you know, the one with salsa dancing?” I have to practically yell over the music and it takes a moment for what I’ve said to sink in. When it does sink in smiles erupt on both of their faces.
“Yes! That would be awesome. Let’s go.” Carrie hops out of her seat, grabbing her purse and downing the last shot. “There is the hottest DJ that goes on Friday nights, you’re gonna melt.”
Carefully Sophie follows us to the door and once we’re outside she lets out a loud sigh of relief. Mel and Carrie don’t seem to notice and instead walk ahead of us, practically sprinting in their high heeled shoes.
“You’re fine.” I look behind us and see no one is coming. “He’s still in the bar.”
“My heart is beating so fast.” She grabs my hand and places it over her chest. I confirm that her heart is beating quite fast. “That’s only the second time I’ve seen a customer out in the real world, not including Jeff.”
“Really? When was the first time?”
“I was at the liquor store and one of my older clients was there with his wife. You should have seen the look on his face, it was actually hilarious. I smiled at him and walked to the other end of the store and stared at a rack of wine until I was sure he must have left.”
“You never told me about that.”
“I totally forgot, it was before you started working for me. I don’t even see the guy anymore, he never called after that. I dunno if it freaked him out to realize that escorts are everyday average people who need liquor stores too.”
“You probably blew his mind. Maybe he is reformed.”
“Oh yeah, when you were in the bathroom Mel asked if we could crash at your place tonight.” Sophie says.
I sigh and roll my eyes. “It’s a good thing I went over and made the place looked lived in.”
“God, I hate learning how to dance. This is going to be terrible.” Sophie says as we finally reach the club. There is a small line waiting to get in and Mel and Carrie are waiting in it, practicing the few moves they know.
“Just put on a happy face and act like you’re having a ball. You should be used to acting by now.” Linking arms, we fall in line behind Mel and Carrie, eager for this experience to be over.

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