A glimpse into the shadows: An insider’s adventures in the world of escorts, Episode 34

Sophie and I are sitting on the living room couch, watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s for what must be the fiftieth time. Sophie is sprawled out on the couch, her feet propped up on the living room table, nail file in hand. She’s had a long day first with school and then meeting with clients and the exhaustion is written plainly all over her face. Her attempt to file her nails seems to have drained her even further.
by Sarah Brooke

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Noticing this, I grab the nail file from her and she doesn’t hesitate to hold her hand out for me. I get to filing her nails in silence, not wanting to force her into a conversation she doesn’t have the energy for. I’ve spent the day alone after Mike left early this morning for work and I’m desperate for conversation but I won’t force it on her.
“Thank you.” She sighs deeply. “I don’t think I’m going to go to class in the morning. I’ll bother one of my classmates for notes. I feel like I need to sleep for a week.”
“Why don’t you go to bed then?” I ask, glancing up at the clock on the wall. It’s a little before midnight.
“My body is exhausted but my mind is racing.” She tries to stifle a yawn but it comes out anyways. “One of my regulars, Pietro, asked me if I’d go to the United States with him this weekend. I already have Saturday fully booked and I don’t know what to do.”
“Who are you seeing on Saturday, all regulars?” I ask.
“Yes, at least two of which would be pissed off if I cancelled. Greg the Plumber took Saturday off to spend with me, he has a two hour appointment booked. I can’t just cancel on him now.”
“But?” I ask.
“But the money would be amazing.He also promised to take me shopping. You know how I love shopping down there.” Sophie loves shopping anywhere.
“You could fake an illness?” I say, trying my best to offer some kind of help.
“I think I’ve used up all of my sick days.” She smiles. “Careful with my pinky Sarah, I slammed it in a door the other day and it’s still bothering me.” I nod to show her that I’ve heard her request and continue filing her beautiful long nails. “The good thing about Saturday is that all the appointments would be coming here, I wouldn’t even have to leave the house.”
“I don’t know what to tell you, hun. You have the place to yourself on Saturday, Mike and I are going golfing. Apparently the courses are open now.”
“Ugh, that’s terrible. Does he know just how awful you are with a golf club?” She knows me too well.
“he should know. I mean, he’s taken me mini golfing before, how can he think otherwise? He’s just dead set on taking me, sharing one of his hobbies with me and all that. I told him that he better rent me a golf cart because I am not walking around.”
“You are so very lazy.” Sophie laughs. “Best of luck with golfing. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m pretty sure that I’d hate it. So, you and Mike are okay now?” I can feel her eyes on me, watching my face, looking for a hint as to what has gone on with us.
“Yeah…” I drop her hand and look up at her. I’m not sure if this is the time to discuss this, with her so tired and all but I decide to come clean anyways. “I told him everything.”
To my surprise her face remains the same, she has absolutely no reaction. “Good. And how did he take it? Well, I assume?”
“He did. I even told him that it was your idea to tell me, so if anything I think he likes you even more now.”
“Do you feel better now?” She looks me in the eyes and I smile.
“I’m glad.” She leans back and closes her eyes, offering me her hand again. I take the hint and get back to filing her nails. “It’s too exhausting to have to lie all the time.” Suddenly her eyes open and she exclaims. “Oh! That reminds me. Carrie and Mel want to go out on Saturday. That’s another reason why I was struggling to decide if I should stay or go with Greg.”
“Okay, that’s no big deal. I haven’t seen them in awhile, that will be fun. Where do they want to go?”
“They want to go clubbing but then they were asking if they could crash at our place.” She says.
I drop the nail file again and look up at Sophie. “Fuck. So we’ll have to go back to my apartment?”
“Why can’t we stay at their place or something?” I ask, already knowing the answer but powerless to stop myself from asking anyways.
“Would you really want to stay at Carrie’s?” She knows the answer to that without having to wait for my reply. Carrie is one of the messiest people I’ve ever met, a borderline hoarder who seems to be incapable of cleaning up after herself. You always feel like you might have lice after leaving her apartment. “And Mel has moved in with Frank, you know that.”
“What, and he wouldn’t like four drunk girls crashing at his house after a long night out?” I joke.
“Probably not. Does it matter? We’ll just go stop by your apartment beforehand, make it looked lived in, no big deal.” She says,shrugging her shoulders.
I’ve made a point of returning to my old apartment at least once a week but to be honest, it kind of freaks me out to be there now. I pick up the mail and usually remember a thing or two that I’d like to bring to our new place but for the most part I don’t stay long. It will feel strange to be there and pretend that it’s still my home in front of Mel and Carrie.
“I better get some food to put in the fridge then.” I say, knowing that there’s nothing but ketchup, mustard and ranch dressing in the fridge.
“You might also want to mess the place up a bit or else I’m sure they’ll get suspicious when they notice that there are no dishes piled high in the sink.” She smirks and I playfully punch her in the leg.
“That’s not nice! I’ve been really clean since we moved in here. I’ve really been trying.” I say, frowning.
“You have actually. I do appreciate it. The house always looks spotless whenever I have clients coming over and I really thank you for that. I know it goes against your very nature.”
“It really does!” In a way I look forward to moving out on my own again so I can continue to live like a sloth. Somehow, it feels more homey when there’s a mess. I know Sophie does not agree.”What are you going to do about Saturday?”
“I don’t think I have a choice, I’ll have to tell him no. Why don’t clients ever ask me to go away with them far in advance? It always seems to be a last minute thing. A girl needs some notice.”
“I’d say because their wives only decide at the last minute that they’re going to do something for the weekend, leaving the husbands not a lot of time to make arrangements with their favourite escort.”
“That might be it but I’ll never know because I refuse to ask. I’ll ask him to reschedule or see if he’d like to come by early morning on Saturday. That way I’ll have a really full day.”
“Careful, don’t want to get rug burn on your vagina.” Sophie laughs at my joke and closes her eyes again.
“I’m glad you and Mike are okay.” She says, sounding half asleep already. Just then Carmen’s phone rings and I reach to answer it. It’s a private call so I let it ring. A moment later there is a voicemail and I dial in to listen to it.
“Who is it?” Sophie asks without opening her eyes.
“Someone named Calvin. Said you met in the fall. Says he’d like to book an appointment with you for Sunday.”
“Calvin. I don’t remember any Calvin. Did he leave his number?”
“No, he said he’d call back.”
“Sounds sketchy, just ignore him.” She says, not telling me something I didn’t already know. “Wait…” She says, a little bit of worry apparent in her voice.
“Yes?” I ask.
“Did it sound like Jeff?” She asks.
“No, Sophie. It was definitely not Jeff.”

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