A glimpse into the shadows: An insider’s adventures in the world of escorts, Episode 31

As much as I’d like to say that I worked up the nerve to talk to Mike during our mini vacation at Joseph’s, that isn’t the case. Mike and I haven’t seen each other at all since we got back to town on Tuesday, he’s been swamped with work and I’ve been happy to avoid having that very uncomfortable discussion with him.
by Sarah Brooke

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I’m on the computer typing up an email to a customer of Sophie’s when I hear the front door open and then slam shut. A moment later Sophie enters my room, gives me a blank, exhausted stare and throws herself onto my bed.
“Where’s Mike?” She says, looking around to make sure she hasn’t intruded on us.
“No ‘hello, how are you?’ More interested in the company of my boyfriend than to know how my day went?” I say, feigning hurt.
Sophie sighs, staring up at the ceiling. “Fine, how are you?”
“Good. Thanks for asking. Mike is working a double today and then works again in the morning.”
“That can’t be legal.” She says.
“It’s not but he owes someone for taking his shift last weekend so he’s sucking it up.”
“Ah, yes. What have you been up to all day?”
“Nothing, it was pretty slow today. One wrong number and one regular who wanted to tell you he’s gone to Florida for the next month with his wife.”
“Who was that, Henry?” She asks.
“Yes, I think so. He said he’d need a three hour appointment with you as soon as he comes back.”
“Okay. Oh god, Sarah. I had almost forgotten. I don’t want to see the 6 o’clock ever again. Can you block his emails and calls?”
“Whoa, yeah, why what happened?” I ask, grabbing a pen and notepad.
“He was kind of a freak.”
“Are you really not going to say anymore than that? Should I start guessing as to what happened?” I ask, ready to begin firing out guesses.
“I’m so fucking tired.” She raises her hands to her face and rubs her eyes. “He was just kind of a creep. I’ve seen him a few times before and I got a weird vibe from him but it wasn’t enough to make me want to stop seeing him. Today he seemed really nervous, kept pacing the room and wasting time. He sat there staring at me for a good five minutes before he finally worked up the nerve to ask me if I would let him wear a diaper for our session.”
“A diaper?”
“Didn’t someone else ask you about diaper play before?” I ask.
“YES! That’s the worst thing, this isn’t even the first time. The other guy wanted to shit and piss in the diaper. I wasn’t sure if that’s what this guy wanted but I wasn’t going to give him the chance to ask. I told him that I wouldn’t feel comfortable with that.”
“Then what happened?”
“He apologized and we finished the appointment. His name was Jim. Hopefully he won’t contact us anymore but if he does, please just ignore him or tell him nicely that I believe he could find a more suitable escort elsewhere.”
“Got it. What’s with the whole diaper thing anyways, I don’t get that?” I say.
“I don’t either. I tried to google about it awhile ago but after just a few minutes I felt like I needed bleach for my eyes.”
“If I’m ever feeling particularly hard of nerves, I’ll look into it for you.” I say, hoping that I remember to look into this more later. I love trying to understand the psychological reasons behind certain kinks.
“It’s something about submission I think.” She says, ending her sentence with a soft yawn.
“You look like you need a long, hot bath and a good nights sleep.”
“What time is it?” Sophie asks, feebly trying to lift herself enough to be able to see my bedside clock.
“Nearly eleven.”
“I should get started on a paper that’s due next week but I just want to sleep for seven days. Who knew being an escort could be so damn exhausting?”
“You should be all relaxed after our mini vacation last weekend.”
“If anything it made it worse, I just want to keep living that life.”
“If you work hard enough maybe you can make enough to retire and never have to get out of bed at a certain time ever again in your whole life.” I smile.
“That’s the dream.” Her phone starts ringing and despite it just being in her pocket it takes her a moment to work up the energy to answer it. She looks at the phone before exclaiming. “Ugh, it’s Joe. He better not want to come over.” She flips open the phone and answers.
“Hello? Yeah. She’s right here.” Sophie looks over at me. “Phone’s for you.” She hands the phone to me.
“Sarah, it’s Joe. How are you?”
“Good, you?”
“I’m good. Listen, is it to late for me to come over? I want to talk to you about something.”
“Um, no, it’s fine. I’m wide awake. Not sure that I can say the same about Sophie though.”
“Oh, that’s fine. I don’t need to see her. I’ll be there in five, is that ok?”
“Yeah, sure.” I end the call and look down at myself. “Fuck, I need to put on real clothes.” Hopping off the chair I walk to my closet and grab the first pair of jeans I see. I throw a sweater on over my teddy bear pyjama top. “Good enough.”
Sophie seems to be partially asleep so her words startle me. “What does Joe want?”
“Wants to come over and talk to me. I guess it’s about renting the cottage.”
“Probably. I’ll just rest here while you talk to him, okay? Tell him I’m asleep. Give me a minute and it’ll probably be true.”
I throw the blanket over her before I leave. I have time to throw a few dishes in the dishwasher before the doorbell rings. When I open the door Joe is standing there in a very tight black t-shirt and jeans.
“Hello, beautiful. Can I come in?” He asks. I smile and open the door. He takes off his shoes and heads straight to the couch. “Can I sit?”
“Of course.” I sit across from him and throw the remote his way. “Put something on if you like.”
“Thanks.” He ignores the remote and slides back onto the couch, making himself right at home. “I’ve talked to my wife and told her that an ex employee of mine is going to be helping us rent out the vacation home.”
“Okay, cool.”
“The problem is she wants to meet with you.”
“I wanted to talk to you first. She’s going to call you tomorrow afternoon at some point and she’s going to want to arrange a time to meet with you.”
“I really don’t want to do that… can’t I just talk to her on the phone? Tell her I have pneumonia or something.”
“My wife would never let it go. She wants to meet you. If you feel too uncomfortable, I understand.” He says, shrugging.
“No, I just…”
“It’s awkward, I know. My wife is a nice enough woman, you won’t have any problems talking with her. I just need you to know a few things first. Our story is that you worked with me as a secretary at my auto shop on Franklin Street. It was called Choice Auto Repair. You worked there for only a few months before you had to leave because you started a new job at a house and vacation rental agency. You have worked as a rental agent at First Choice Properties for the past two years. You and I bumped into each other at the grocery store near here yesterday and when I found out you were a rental agent, I asked you to help us. As far as she knows you still work for this company but you’re taking my rental on as a favour to me.”
“Fuck, that seems like a lot to remember.”
“No, you’ll be fine.” He says, dismissing my worry.
“What if she starts asking me detailed questions about the rental business? I don’t know shit!?”
“Neither does she. Just dazzle her with bullshit. I’m not worried and neither should you. I’m sorry she has to get involved but she isn’t involved in many of my businesses and she’s determined to be involved in this one.”
“I understand. I’m just worried… what if I slip up?”
“What, like you’re going to accidentally tell her that your best friend is fucking her husband?” He laughs.
“Don’t worry so much. You will take years off of your life worrying so much. Just arrange to meet with her sometime in the next few days and we can get started on this.”
“I’m sorry, I appreciate you giving me this opportunity it’s just nerve wracking to have to deal with your wife.” I say, half wishing that I had never accepted his offer in the first place. Now it seemed like it was too late to back out.
“It’s no big deal. I know it’s awkward but don’t think about it. I’m leaving you her name and number so when she calls you won’t be caught completely unaware.” He heaves himself off of the couch and stretches. “Tell Sophie I said hello. I’ll call her tomorrow night, I need to see her soon.”
“I will.” I stand as well and walk him to the door. “Thanks again. I’m sure it will be fine.”
“It will be.” He opens the door but before leaving he turns and wraps me in a bear hug. “You worry too much, little lady.” He kisses me on my forehead, turns and shuts the door behind him. I shake my head, bolt the door and head back to my room.
“Joseph’s wife is going to call me tomorrow to set up a time where we can meet. Face to face. In person.” I collapse onto the bed next to Sophie, whose eyes shoot up in surprise when she feels my weight suddenly next to her.
“Hmm?” She shakes her head and slowly turns her head to face me and yawns leisurely. “That sucks.”
“You don’t think this is super weird?”
“Well, it’s definitely a bit weird, yeah.”
“It doesn’t bother you that I’m going to be meeting with one of your clients wives?”
“Oh, come on. Joe isn’t just that to you anymore, is he? You guys are pals, right?” She says.
“Yeah, I guess.”
“Stop thinking of him as a client.”
“The story is that I used to work for Joe at his auto shop but that I’ve been working as a rental agent ever since.” I grab my phone off the bedside table and check to see if I’ve missed any calls or texts from Mike. Nothing. I toss the phone back onto the table.
“That’s a pretty good story. She isn’t going to question that. You shouldn’t worry.”
“I’m not worried!”
“You’re worried.” She says as a matter of fact.
“Well, how can I not be worried? This is going to be super awkward if only for the fact that I know that her husband is fucking someone else. That’s a weird fucking thing to know about someone!”
“It is, and I’m sorry that you’re in this position but if you don’t want the money, you could always just tell him that you’ve changed your mind.”
“As if I would do that! I want to help.”
“And the money doesn’t hurt either, huh?” She winks at me before turning around and hopping off the bed. She starts stretching and I hear her spine crack. “Oh, that felt good. I’m going to take a hot shower. I agreed to see Norman the Excavator before class tomorrow so I better head to bed soon. Make sure I start on that paper tomorrow night, ok?”
“I will. Love you. Good night.” I grab my pen and scribble down her appointment with Norman the Excavator tomorrow. She didn’t say what time but I know she has class at 10:30 so I’ll assume her appointment with him is for 8am. Norman works as an excavator for a construction company but that alone was not the reason behind his nickname. Norman also likes to talk about excavating, both post and pre-coital. Sophie says that she has had entire appointments with him where all he wanted to do was talk about excavating. He likes to tell her all about the machinery, the details of which are lost on her. We’re both waiting for the day that he asks her to sneak into the construction site after hours and have sex with him on his equipment. He’s a kind man, a bit lonely and she typically enjoys her appointments with him. I spend the next hour looking up vacation home rentals in the area to determine just how much I should price Joseph’s rental at. One of Sophie’s regulars calls a little bit before 1am and asks for a two hour appointment on Sunday. I fit him into her schedule and turn the phone off for the night. I lie down on the bed, waiting for a call from Mike which never comes.

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