A glimpse into the shadows: An insider’s adventures in the world of escorts, episode 14

It takes nearly a week but finally Sophie’s mood has started to change for the better. We’re at my house going over some of the emails that we’ve received in reply to the mass emails we sent out shortly after the condom incident.
by Sarah Brooke

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Most of the replies were sympathetic in nature but some were outright rude. Sophie never got a chance to read the rude ones, I deleted them right away and blocked the senders. The inconsiderate replies were all almost exactly the same, with the girls questioning how anyone could be so stupid as to not notice that a customer had taken off the condom. No one replied saying that they knew the guy or that he had done that to them although one girl did reply saying that the exact same thing had happened to her last year but that she did not think it was the same man.
“On one hand I’m glad that this guy hasn’t done it to anyone else but I guess at the same time it would have been somewhat comforting to know that I wasn’t the only one he’d done it too.” Sophie says, first closing the browser and then the laptop.
“But that one girl, Traci, she said someone had done the same thing to her but that from our description it definitely wasn’t the same guy.”
“Maybe if there was more of us we could have done something.”
“Like what?” I say, turning my head towards her.
“Some kind of revenge I guess. I dunno. Maybe we could have all gone to the cops about it.”
“Soph, if any of your test results come back with bad news, we are going to the cops regardless.”
She thinks for a moment. “That’s probably the right thing to do but I hope it doesn’t come to that.”
“Your appointment is in two weeks, after that you can stop worrying about it. Soon this will all be behind you, I promise.”
“Yes but even if the first tests come back clear, I’ll still be going back in a few months to get retested. It’s not like I can just stop worrying.”
“Can we not think about this tonight? We’re going out and we’re going to have fun. There’s no need to keep torturing yourself with ‘what if’s’.”
“I’ll try to forget about it. Easier said than done though.”
“I know that. Anyways, what should I wear?” Throwing open my closet doors, I begin rummaging through my clothes. I hope that asking for fashion advice will distract Sophie from thinking too much about the test results and thankfully, it works. She hops off my bed and stands beside me, grabbing a shirt here and a pair of pants there and throwing anything that she thinks might work onto a chair next to the closet.
“Will Mike be coming tonight?” She doesn’t look at me while she asks, still flicking through my wardrobe.
“Yeah, Mel and Frank are coming too. I think he mentioned a friend of theirs was coming along but I can’t remember his name. I know I haven’t met him before.”
“You’re sure it’s not Scott, right?”
“I know for a fact that it’s not Scott. Scott started dating someone recently, I met her when I went over to their house last week. Sweet girl. He actually asked how you were doing.”
“Really?” She stops what she’s doing and looks at me.
“I swear he did.”
“Honestly, if I was in a different place right now I’d probably consider dating him but I just don’t have it in me to juggle this job and a boyfriend.” She refocuses her attention back on my closet and resumes her rummaging.
“Oh, you don’t need to explain to me. I understand.”
“I also have a problem with lying to people, I’d probably break down and tell him everything after the first week. Here, try these pants on first, I want to see how they look with this shirt and sweater.”
I oblige and strip off my clothes before trying on her outfit choices.
“So you’re just going to be single for as long as you’re escorting?” I ask.
“I guess so.”
“What if you pass up the man of your dreams?”
“Even without the escorting, my attention should be on school. I have another two years until I’m done with both school and escorting for good. Mr. Right can surely wait that long, no?”
I’m not sure what to say so I just concentrate on trying on the clothes. I can’t even imagine swearing off guys for years at a time but I don’t say so. In fact, ever since Sophie and I had started talking again I’d seen a lot less of Mike, which was fine for now but I could see it becoming a problem if things kept up. When Sophie wasn’t in school or on a date with a client, she was almost always at my house of late. The other night Mike had come over and found Sophie was already here. Instead of letting things be awkward he suggested that we all go out for wings, his treat. When we got back we had expected Sophie to head home but instead we all stayed up until 1am watching movies and she ended up sleeping on the couch. Mike never complained about her being her so often but I know that it’s not exactly fun to have your girlfriends best friend hanging around all of the time.
Sophie vetoes the first outfit in favour of another and finally, my outfit chosen and our makeup applied, we head out to meet up with everyone at a bar a few minutes drive from my place.
When we arrive we see that Mel and Frank have staked out a table in the middle of the already crowded room. Mike hasn’t arrived yet but his friend must be here already as there is a handsome dark haired boy sitting at the end of the table, talking to Frank.
Sophie claims the chair nearest to the new guy and introduces herself. I shake his hand and tell him my name, he in turn tells me that his name is Charlie and he has known Mike since they were little kids. Sophie continues the conversation with him while I start chatting with Mel and Frank. I check my phone to see if Mike has texted me yet to let me know that he’s on his way. I see that he hasn’t sent me anything so I send him a text asking him where he is. Once the text is sent I look up and catch eyes with someone who is staring intently at our table. It takes a moment for it to register but a gasp tumbles from my lips as I realize the face staring back at me is none other than Jeff’s.

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