The escort industry is somewhat like the beauty pageant stage, in that women are chosen as “winners” based on varying criteria including looks, personality and other attributes. Escorts capitalize on their positive characteristics, just as beauty pageant contestants do, appealing to the judges (or clients) in an attempt to be singled out from the crowd of competitors for reward.
And, while the majority of elements from the beauty contest world are quite far apart from real life or the escort industry, seasoned pageant competitors have several tricks they use to become more beautiful or climb their way to the top in their field—several of these tricks may be useful to escorts. Consider the following tips:

  1. Use toupee’ tape to keep things in place. Few things are less sexy than wearing a strappy top or dress that you are constantly fighting with in order to keep the straps up or keep your breasts contained in. Non-stop fidgeting with your straps takes away from the sex appeal your dress provides and distracts your client from being able to admire you. Additionally, it detracts from your professionalism and makes you appear like any other woman. Use a pageant trick and affix your wayward strap to your skin, temporarily, for the time period you plan on wearing it with your client. Many escorts may already use double-sided tape or fashion tape, but neither of these is quite as effective at adhering to skin. (Toupee’ tape is designed to stick to oily, sweaty areas.) It’s typically wider than the other tapes escorts might be presently using, so it’s application possibilities are much more extensive. It can even be used on a strapless bodice that needs help staying up or as a way to avoid gaps in low-cut blouses. It’s also extremely useful for fixing falling hems, if you don’t have a needle and thread or the time to fix them.
  2. Body shapers are your friends. Even though they can be tricky to slink out of during an intimate moment, they fully enhance your curves, diminish bulges and establish a smoother contour for your image. Beauty pageant contestants swear by them, but only if they fit appropriately and work under the selected outfit. In other words, shapers are not one size fits all. Make sure you try it on and choose the appropriate size for your frame. Avoid the stuffed sausage look as you put it on. It should slenderize and smooth you out, not cram your body inside. Well-fitting garments may even help to lift certain areas you need assistance with (your rear-end or bust, for example). Always try your undergarment on with the outfit you want to wear it with to make sure it’s the right length, doesn’t create any additional lines (lumps or bumps) and won’t show as you move with it. It should enhance your appearance, not detract from it. Some shapers are even in sexy designs featuring lace and other details that make them look more like lingerie than girdles.
  3. Avoid a muffin top when wearing tights. During the winter, especially, it can be disheartening to put on the perfect outfit and finish it with tights, just to discover that they create a muffin top at your waist line. In the summer, it’s possible to simply ditch the leg wear. But, if it’s winter, they are necessary, especially in colder climates. In the beauty pageant world, pantyhose are a common staple for the evening gown competition, but these ladies don’t let a muffin top slow them down. They simply cut the waist bands out of their pantyhose or tights or trim areas out of them to prevent the binding that occurs from tight tops. And, if you are opting for shapewear, put them underneath your tights for a smoother line. The tights or pantyhose help to diminish any bulges left over from the shaper.
  4. Invest in Moleskin (by Dr. Scholls) for your feet. Escorts and pageant contestants wear beautiful shoes. Stilettos, strappy heels, peep toes and other styles are hard on your feet, in addition to being harmful to your back, posture and balance. Simply wearing a 3-inch or more heel can be terribly uncomfortable. But, it’s all in the name of beauty. However, when you’re on your feet for awhile, it can be difficult to smile through your foot pain during an encounter. Pageant contestants apply the moleskin to their shoes in order to provide cushion to soften up the discomfort. The product can help prevent blisters on your feet, heels and toes. Put it on any contact point on your shoes to create a barrier from wincing with every step. It comes in sheets, so you can cut it to customize to each pair of shoes you own. (Plus, it’s VERY affordable! You can get it from Amazon for under $5!)
  5. Walk tall. Once you’ve gotten your shoes where they’re more comfortable, you can walk with purpose and pride. Beauty contest participants report that the best thing they can do to demonstrate to the judges that they deserve to win is to walk like it. Throw those shoulders back, tuck your tummy in and swing your head up. Establish good balance, so that even if one foot slips, the other is in place ready to catch you. Stride with confidence and an air of self-importance. (But, avoid being smug or arrogant.) Don’t be afraid to throw in a bit of swagger or swing in order to make your walk your own. You want your client to get excited just watching you walk across the room. One secret they report, though, is to always wear shoes you can maneuver. It doesn’t matter how beautiful or sexy a shoe style is, if you can’t walk in it, it will do you no justice.
  6. Use concealer to disguise imperfections in your skin. Unfortunately, imperfections in your complexion are part of life. Nobody has clear skin all of the time. And, as you age or are exposed to the sun, discoloration may occur. However, you don’t have to labor over trying to get your foundation to cover it up. Use plain old stick-style concealer to hide those ugly spots. Apply it to the spot/area and a little ways around it, then proceed to apply your foundation over it. It can be used on your face, arm, leg or anywhere else you want to hide a spot. Your concealer should be a shade lighter than your foundation in order to blend well.
  7. Highlighting your face can create more beautiful features. Beauty pageant contestants habitually use a highlighter pencil on their cheeks, jaw lines and right underneath their eyebrows in order to attract light and attention that help to accentuate their features. Creating or emphasizing your tight jaw line, cheekbones and eyebrows takes attention away from less appealing features. Plus, it creates a more defined face. Incorporate this 3-minute routine into your beauty regime and the difference will be noticeable the first time.
  8. Use butt glue to keep your bottoms in place. Escorts may accompany their clients to pool parties, lake/ocean adventures or other places where bathing suits are appropriate. If so, you don’t want to be forever digging a wedgie out when you’re trying to look sexy. Do what beauty pageant contestants do: apply butt glue to your swim suit bottoms to keep them in place. It’s actually called “Firm Grip” and can be bought from Amazon. Originally created to help athletes grip bats, weights and other equipment better when their hands get sweaty, it’s a universal tool for pageant participants during swimsuit competitions. (Pole dancers report using it extensively, too, to help them grip the pole onstage.) Simply spray it on your bottom as you put on your bathing suit and put your bottoms in place over the applied area. When you take your bathing suit off, wipe off the sticky area with baby wipes. It is resistant to water (for the most part) and sweat. Escorts could also find this incredibly useful during lingerie photo shoots.
  9. Velcro rollers create big, voluminous hair. If your hair is your crowning glory, you may have already discovered the treasure trove of Velcro rollers. Beauty contest gals use these as a way to enhance their hair’s natural volume and give it bounce. After you blow dry your hair, put it up in these big rollers, using large ones on top and in front, smaller ones in back and underneath. Apply more heat from your dryer and allow your ‘do to cool. After 15 or 20 minutes, take the rollers out for a heedful of bouncy, gorgeous hair. If you’re not really into all of that volume, wait for awhile and it will tone down. However, it is a great tool to give volume to fine, droopy tresses.
  10. Pilates and yoga are essential tools for your muscles. While it’s true that most escorts don’t want to build bulging muscles, they do want to appear toned and lean. Pageant beauties swear by Pilates and yoga routines (mixed together in a form referred to as PiYo) in order to create a tight/flat tummy and toned legs and arms. The combination builds strong muscles, burns fat and establishes a lean contour that accentuates your frame. It’s low-impact, so anyone can do it. And, it uses your body’s own strength as resistance, so lots of equipment is not required. It can be done anywhere, which is convenient for an escort with a busy schedule. Once you learn the moves, you don’t need a video or instructor to follow. You can even do moves between clients, because they are low impact and won’t cause you to get sweaty, unless you’re doing a full session of it.
  11. Eat clean and healthy foods. Escorts and beauty pageant contestants must keep up their energy and health. In order to do that, you have to get ample calories that contain beneficial vitamins and nutrients. Avoid processed foods full of preservatives, sugar and chemicals. Opt for natural choices such as fruits and vegetables. By maintaining a healthy diet, your body will benefit with naturally-glowing skin, healthy hair, proper weight and the mental clarity needed to perform in the industry.
  12. Wash and moisturize your face two times daily. While most pageant competitors will encourage you to do this every night and morning, escorts may have to fit this in at appropriate places in their schedules. But, the concept is the same. Make sure you remove your make-up before going to bed, moisturizing your face as your body sleeps and repairs itself. (Recommended make-up removers are old standbys: Pond’s Cold Cream or Vaseline.) When you wake up, wash again to energize your skin. Apply daily moisturizer with built-in SPF. It will provide a base for your foundation and a little bit of protection from UV rays. Your skin will thank you in years to come by being less wrinkled and affected by age spots and other damage.
  13. Create a fast, easy hairstyle with a ponytail. Beauty pageant participants sometimes get caught in a hurry, too, and report that they don’t always have time to fix their hair prior to an interview or other pageant-related activity. Their solution: a smooth, low ponytail. Spray some hairspray into your brush and style your hair into a smooth ponytail, with the bottom near the nape of your neck. It’s quick and neat, but it looks like you did pay some attention to your hair. Smooth away any fly aways with extra hairspray or clear mascara.
  14. Heat your eyelash curler for prettier lashes. Some escorts report that their lashes fall throughout the day or during sessions. Pageant ladies heat their eyelash curlers with their hairdryers before curling their lashes. It works much like a heated curling iron does on your hair. Allow your lashes to cool before applying mascara. (Also, use extra caution with it up against your eye. If it’s too hot, it could burn your eye lid.)
  15. Preparation H is for more than just hemorrhoids. Beauty contest competitors use the ointment as a tightener on various parts of their bodies. If it jiggles and it shouldn’t, Prep. H could help. They use it on their arms and legs to make them a little more solid for competition. If you’re afraid your client will see your arm jiggle, consider swiping a little bit on. Additionally, it’s most useful application could be for under eye bags. It can help reduce swelling in puffy eyes, giving you a fresher look. (The warning label on Preparation H warns against any other use besides its intended purpose. The ointment contains chemicals that may cause thinning of the skin in long-term use or may damage the eye.) An eye cream with caffeine, gel packs or an antihistamine may create the same results.
  16. Dirty hair styles better. No worries about not having time to wash your hair for an early morning appointment. Beauty contest competitors report that dirty hair holds styles better, which is great for encounters. Use dry shampoo to give it some shine (blondes can simply use baby powder) and style away.
  17. Primer underneath your foundation is a go-to tool for extended encounters. When you know you’ve got an extended encounter coming up or an extremely active session next, apply primer underneath your foundation in order to make it last longer. It reduces the chances it will smudge off and it helps it endure activities longer.
  18. Fix acne flare ups with toothpaste. When you can feel that a pimple is going to be red and aggravating tomorrow, put a dab of toothpaste with fluoride on it when you go to bed at night. The chemicals in it help to zap the zit, leaving your face fresh and pimple-free the next day. This can be a lifesaver when you have important sessions the next day. (And, even if it doesn’t clear up your pimple completely, it takes the red out of it.)
  19. Keep yourself organized. In the beauty pageant world, competitors must know exactly where their clothing, undergarments and make-up tools are so that they can get ready in a rush. Escorts need to do the same. Having to spend several minutes looking for the strapless bra that goes under a specific dress or the matching panty to your sexiest bra is going to take time away from the amount you have to get ready for an encounter. Keep your things de-cluttered and arranged where you know where they are so that getting ready is quick and easy. Give yourself several options with your wardrobe through keeping things close by and categorized.
  20. Don’t take yourself too seriously. One of the first things pageant contestants learn is to laugh at themselves. You never know what may happen on stage or with a judge. The same goes for the escort industry. Take everything in stride, chuckle at yourself and don’t allow things to get you down. Have confidence in yourself, but remain humble. And always have a good time.