As an elite escort agency even though you may establish policies and procedures for nearly every situation that you can think of that might occur, there will always be circumstances that you aren’t able to predict. The escort industry leaves you dealing one-on-one with clients, who are entirely unreliable. Whatever you are prepared to handle, won’t. And, what you least expect will always occur. It’s just the nature of the business. Due to this volatile nature of things, we have to be prepared to make on-the-fly judgment calls about various issues related to bookings, clients and the escort services we provide. These considerations may help you aspiring escort looking to join a reputable escort agency or an independent escort make good choices as you are met with unexpected experiences:

  1. Refunds: Regardless of the quality of encounters you offer to clients, sometime you will receive a request for a refund. This client may claim that you didn’t meet his expectations, provide services implied or a number of other things. There may be a situation where he is called away or the booking must be cut short — due to circumstances that are beyond your (or his) control. The client may expect a refund for the encounter, because he did not receive the full amount of time promised. And, it’s been known to happen that a client is obnoxious, rude or insulting to the point that you ask him to leave and cut the booking short purposefully. Often, a client will demand his contribution back. How you handle these situations is entirely up to you. But, keep in mind that if you feel you did your best with a client and/or the booking was shortened due to issues unrelated to you, you should never feel obligated to offer a refund.
  2. Rescheduling a booking: Things happen. Schedules get over booked. Emergencies happen. Unforeseen situations arise that may cause either you or your client to have to miss a booking… sometimes with little advance notice. If it’s a rare occurrence with your clients, you should immediately offer to reschedule the encounter. However, if it becomes habitual on the part of a client, you should reconsider whether you want to reserve his time slot, again, only to be stood up… with no income to show for your working time. Clients fail to realize, much of the time, that when they don’t show up for an encounter, it’s like money down the drain for an escort. If you hadn’t set aside that time for your absent client, you might have been able to schedule an encounter for that period with a client who would actually show up (and pay your rate).
  3. Discounts: In some respects, you can’t blame a client for trying to get the cheapest rate possible. It’s kind of the American way, aiding capitalism and all of that. We haggle with car dealers, contractors and other professionals to get the best deal on whatever it is that we’re trying to purchase. When a client attempts to bargain you down, he may not be intending to insult your worth. However, many clients who attempt to get a discount do imply that they think you are not as valuable as you think you are. They may even compare you to other escorts and encourage you to lower your rate accordingly. You shouldn’t let clients do this to you. You have calculated carefully how much your expenses are and what kind of an income you need to make. Don’t allow a client to talk you down beyond a value that you feel is appropriate. Some clients will offer to pay your rate in full, but may ask for a discount if he becomes a loyal, regular admirer. Do the math: if what’s he’s offering averages out to more than he would be paying you if you didn’t offer him a discount, due to more frequent visits, etc., it might be a good time to consider his offer.
  4. Late arrivals: It’s a common problem for escorts. Clients who run late still want to proceed with the encounter, just as if they had arrived on time. For instance, if a booking was supposed to start at 3 p.m., and a client arrives at 3:20, he may think that he still gets his full hour, despite being 20 minutes tardy. Some escorts may go forward with the encounter and allow the full hour, especially if the client hasn’t been a problem like that before. But, if you’ve got other clients after or other obligations to get to, it may not be possible. Plus, it sends a message to your client that he may show up at anytime and still expect his full time. You have to make that judgment call with your client. However, you have to keep in mind that it may set a precedent for future behavior. Always take into account why the client was late and your activities that follow the booking.
  5. Second chances: Everyone deserves a second chance, right? Well, most of the time. But, you have the right to decree that no client receives a second chance from you. Or, you can elect to give third, fourth and fifth chances. It’s up to you. But, you should always determine whether you’re willing to allow a client a second chance based on his initial offense. He called you a two-bit hooker and spit in your face: no second chance. Or, he made fun of your incall decor: second chance granted. The level of severity of what your client did to get banned initially should really weigh in on whether you want to try making amends with him or not. Violence, verbal abuse, lies or actions that are detrimental to your business or privacy are grounds for no second chance ever again. However, if you and your client simply got off on the wrong foot or had a miscommunication, it’s possible that a second chance could repair things and create a new friendship.
  6. Screening red flags: Escorts have to listen to their intuitions when they decide to take on a new client, especially if the screening process is a bit “iffy.” Certain signs indicate that a client is either a risk or simply lying to you. Signs might include confusing information available online, details that don’t match up with what he’s told you or finding nothing at all out about a client. Additionally, any criminal records or other negative media may be reasons to deny an encounter. However, sometimes, escorts listen to their guts, instead of the red flags, because of a connection made while communicating or something else they may know about a client, such as a good reference from another escort. Nobody’s screening process is completely foolproof. Bad guys slip through the gaps, just as nice guys may be turned down. Ultimately, the screening process only guides you in making the decision to accept a new client. Use your best judgment beyond that.
  7. Granting extra time: If you’re really enjoying a booking and a client is pleasant to be with, it may be a no-brainer to extend an encounter by 20 or 30 minutes. But, some clients try to milk the clock and get as much “free” time from you as they can. They linger, piddle while getting dressed, take too long in the shower or seem to ignore the time. Some may just flat out ask for extra time, instead of trying to sneak it in. If you feel it won’t hurt anything and isn’t going to become a repeated problem with a client, go for it. Grant the extra time. But, if you do, be prepared for your client to expect an extension every time. Use caution as you do these favors and encourage your clients to earn them. Some escorts will allow extra time, when tipped appropriately. Others never give more minutes than originally agreed upon. Decide, based on the situation and how much you like your clients, whether extra time is allowable.
  8. Boundary pushing: Clients who deliberately push you beyond your limitations should be stopped and banned from future encounters. But, you don’t always know when a client is intentional with his actions, simply gets caught up in the moment or was just generally ignorant to your rules. Once in awhile, a client meant absolutely no harm by trying to get more than you usually offer. These clients need gentle reminders about your rules and boundaries. Other clients, though, who think they can persuade you to abandon your policies are not to be trusted. They may go to extremes to get you to do what they want. It’s ultimately your call to limit your contact with them or give them additional opportunities. However, be clear that if they do it once, they will likely do it again. Don’t think that they will change their ways.
  9. Prohibited service requests: Perhaps, there are specific services that you do not allow. Maybe you don’t engage in anal intercourse or deep French kissing. Whatever it is that you DON’T do, you are probably very clear that it’s not part of your repertoire as you explain your services in your profile. However, most clients don’t read the fine print, so to speak. They look at your pictures, communicate with you briefly and set up a booking. They may or may not know what services you specialize in or won’t be party to. Because they don’t pay attention, they will likely ask you to do things you don’t want to do. When you remind them that you don’t do those acts, they may be mad or disappointed. Some may even want to end the encounter or demand their money back. Other times, you may have a loyal client who really, really wants to engage in a certain fantasy that is on your no-no list. It’s up to you whether you should make an exception or not.
  10. Inexperienced at services: Even though you are VERY good at what you do, there may be times that your clients want to take a foray into a genre of services that you are unfamiliar with. Your inexperience may be alluring to them, so they are desirous of the activities even more with you. Or, they may feel like they can trust you more than anyone else, thus emboldening them enough to request something new from you and the encounters you offer. Depending on what the service is and whether it’s something that you find interesting, you may or may not want to venture into unexplored territory. For instance, if your client wants to explore the world of sub/dom activities, you may be able to offer a subdued experience that will provide him with an idea of what it actually entails. Many escorts will delve into other services, to an extent, to give their clients a taste of a new niche. However, unless they are truly interested in the niche, themselves, many escorts will refer their clients on to escorts who deliver these kinds of services exclusively. But, it’s really your judgment call. If you’re comfortable with the new thing, maybe you will start offering it regularly.
  11. Extended bookings: Many clients will ask for overnight or extended bookings that last several days and nights. While these are a virtual gold mine, usually, they are incredibly taxing and a heck of a lot of work. You’re required to be “on” the whole time and at your client’s beck and call. If it’s a new client, you may need to be on guard for the span of the booking so as to protect your personal safety and belongings. Some escorts just flat-out refuse these kinds of bookings. And, if they accept them, they charge premium rates for them, because they are too exhausted afterward to book encounters with other clients for a few days. Also — if you choose to accept these kinds of extended visits, you should consider making some kind of rules about personal time and limits for full-on personal contact.
  12. Groups: Some clients have fantasies about getting it on with you and their wife/partner at the same time. Others want two or more escorts. Some want to engage in orgy-like fantasies. You should know ahead of time what you’re willing to get involved in and under what conditions. When a client asks about this, you need to have a solid answer that doesn’t imply you’re unsure. If you’re ok with getting it on with another escort and your client, say so. But, if you’re uncomfortable with situations involving more than just you and your one client, make that position be known.
  13. Alternative payment arrangements: Some clients won’t always want to pay you in cash. Sometimes, a client will offer jewelry, gift cards, trips or other perks that they think are good replacements for cash. They don’t realize that you’re not in this business for the extras. You’re in it to make money to pay your bills. You can’t very well pay your electric bill with a designer fragrance or pair of shoes, despite how much you like them. Other times, clients may ask if they can use a credit card to pay you. Or, if you would accept a bulk payment for several encounters. And, it’s possible that you might even be offered a sugar daddy type of arrangement. Before situations arise, consider the scenarios in your head so you have thought out the pros and cons of each type of arrangement.
  14. Know that everything is relative: Even if you settle on certain guidelines that you will use to make judgment calls in certain scenarios, realize that nothing is ever as you expect it to be entirely. Things always change that may alter the way you think about situations. There are no right and wrong answers — make decisions based on what feels right today and what you think will create the most positive impact on your business in the future.