In a crumbling economy, making ends meet let alone can be hard for a student, many young ladies today look into escorting to get ahead financially. Some girls choose to work independently however functioning as an independent escort can be challenging, especially if you’re relatively new to the industry. An escorts agency provides a structured work environment, safety and security that a new escort needs. Choosing an escort agency can be difficult especially if you’re relatively new to the industry. Agencies can help escorts by providing them with a steady schedule that will help them make the income they wish to generate for themselves and their families. However, not all agencies are what they are cracked up to be.
Find out before you sign upMany agencies are set up with the sole purpose of cheating escorts through non-payment charades, requiring escorts to audition for positions and a number of other unscrupulous tactics.
As you’re searching for an escort agency to help boost your career, you can avoid the scammers by asking the right questions. Additionally, it’s imperative that you inquire about issues that are important to you, in order to make sure the agency is a good fit for your escorting style.
When you decide it’s time to look for an agency to work with, ask them these questions:

  1. Pay structure: Asking about the pay structure at an agency includes more than inquiring simply about the hourly rate that escorts get paid. You will want to ask whether the agency has a minimum booking time (such as a one-hour minimum), because it helps to guarantee upscale clients and lucrative compensation for your efforts. Press further by requesting information about pricing for extended encounters and unique requests that require special talents or tools. Find out what your percentage will be from the hourly rate. Some agencies figure in a driver or other security measures for their cut; ask how the agency handles this with their escorts. Condoms, lube and other necessities for encounters can add up. Some agencies provide the essentials for their escorts. Ask the agency if they do this as a courtesy, or if these supplies must be purchased out of pocket by the escort. Finally, inquire about the payment method. If an agency insists that they handle all payment arrangements, you should probably consider finding a different prospect. Agencies that hold payments from escorts often short them or fail to pay at all. A legitimate agency will pay an escort her rates when she delivers her earnings to the office.
  2. Schedule: Agencies all handle scheduling differently. If you’re the type of escort who wants to set her own schedule, you’re going to have to look for an agency that provides that latitude. Many agencies put escorts on rotating schedules, with the best-rated escorts getting prime shifts. Legitimate agencies know how important it is for their escorts to have time off to recharge, but others will drive their girls into the ground with grueling schedules of day-after-day appointments. Ask about time off, and inquire about the agency’s policies on extended leaves. (You may want to take a vacation or get sick, which will require your absence from work for multiple days.) If an agency has a strict attendance policy with little leeway, that may not work for you. And, ask about how much lead time you get before appointments. If you like spontaneity, encounters planned within the hour may not bother you. However, if you like to mentally prepare ahead of time, you may seek out an agency that books encounters four or more hours in advance.
  3. Screening: Independent escorts are always responsible for their own screening, which can either be a pain or a Godsend. When you do your own screening, you can feel confident that you’re booking clients who present minimal risk. However, some agencies do a poor job at this. This is an important question to ask in order to keep yourself safe. Inquire about the extent to which they screen clients, including how much they value the process. Ask about any problem clients they’ve run across through screening, and how they handled the booking process with them. Did they take actions to cancel the encounter? Or, did they simply send additional security with the escort? Find out what their standards are for refusing a client.
  4. Agency Background: Learning about an agency’s background can help you decide whether you should sign on to be an independent contractor for them. Ask how long the agency has been in business (and, whether it’s kept its original name). The longer an agency has existed, the more reputable it is likely to be. (New agencies may be great, too, but they can’t rely only on their histories to prove it.) Request information about the number of escorts currently working for the agency and if all of them are currently active. (Do your research by comparing this number to the profiles that appear on the agency’s website.) Look for evidence that the agency is genuine by searching for online advertising, newspaper ads or other marketing that attracts clients to their services. If you can’t find any information targeting clients (and only targeting escorts), avoid any further interactions with the agency. It’s likely a scam.
  5. Current Client Demographics: If an agency can’t provide you with the demographics of their current client lists, you may want to look elsewhere for work. A good agency is in the marketing business, and they want to know exactly who is using their services so they can continue to advertise effectively. If an agency does provide you with demographics and they aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, ask around at other agencies to see if you can find your preference. And, if an agency boasts to you that they have more clients than what they can service and are in desperate need of good escorts, walk away quickly. This is a tried and true scam that many agencies have pulled on unsuspecting escorts who want to get rich quick.
  6. Escort Responsibilities: Knowing the responsibilities expected of escorts who work for an agency is necessary before you commit to working for anyone. Agencies all seem to have different guidelines for the things that escorts must pay for themselves. Some have to pay for personalized marketing, if they want it. (Some agencies pay for it themselves in order to promote a new escort and build business.) Most agencies do not require escorts to pay for their directory listings, but some do. Typically, the photographs used on an agency website are paid for by the agency, although some require escorts to provide them. Most agencies insist that escorts provide their own wardrobes and accessories. If any agency attempts to charge fees for legal counsel or other items not directly related to escorting, it may be a sign of a scam. It’s essential to ask about all fees and responsibilities before signing any documents.
  7. In-person Interview: Reputable escort agencies usually require an escort to come in for an in-person interview to assess her appearance and general qualities, in addition to going over pertinent business issues. If an agency doesn’t suggest such a meeting, it’s completely appropriate (and advisable) to encourage one, yourself. An in-person interview will give you a good feel for the people you may end up working for. Getting a good look at the offices may also tell you what you want to know about an agency. If the office is rundown and lacks upkeep, it’s a sign that you’re not signing up with an upscale establishment. Consider this an opportunity, too, for you to interview the agency representative. If you suspect the rep is on drugs or lying about the agency benefits, trust your gut and avoid further communication with him or her.
  8. Law Enforcement Issues: Request information from the agency about its criminal history. Any agency that has been the subject of a sting or investigation may still be under high scrutiny by local law enforcement officials. Even though you are not doing anything illegal as an escort, it’s a good idea to avoid any attention from the police. Choose an escort agency that seems to be flying under the radar and has not attracted legal attention to itself. You can investigate whether an agency has been named in arrests by doing public records or general Internet searches online.
  9. Client Lists: All agencies keep their client lists private, so getting specific information about clients will be impossible. However, reasonable questions to ask are: Are escorts assigned specific clients? Or, are clients up for grabs at all times? If they are assigned, how many clients will be awarded to an escort? How are the clients assigned? Can an escort decline an assigned client? Knowing how the agency distributes clients and encounters can be helpful when making a choice as to whether you want to work for them. Knowing that you have a steady list of regular clients can be extremely attractive, while an agency that requires escorts to compete with each other for clients may be an environment you will want to avoid.
  10. References: Ask if you can talk to other escorts who currently work for the agency. Inquire how long they’ve been with the agency and about their overall satisfaction levels. Compare their reports of how much they work and earn to what the agency rep promised you. Ask about any disrespect, violence or harassment they’ve experienced through their relationship with the agency. And, finally, request the escorts to give you an example of how the agency worked out a bad situation for the escort. If an escort can’t provide any instances where the agency stuck up for her, it may be a sign that you want to continue looking.

These 10 questions will help you get a clear understanding of the business philosophy of any given agency. From the answers you receive, you will be able to determine if it’s a good fit for you, or if you should continue looking for another prospect.
One last thing to consider when looking at agencies is their stance on moonlighting. Many agencies have strict policies about accepting work on the side. They require their escorts to refer potential clients to the agency. If they discover that an escort has seen a client off the clock, that escort will be dismissed immediately. If this an issue important to you, and you think you may want to keep some clients you’ve already established for yourself, addressing this with any agency you are considering is a must.
Before signing on the dotted line, clearly read and reread all information and fine print in the contract detailing your employment or independent contractor status. Your rate of pay and other specifics should be written out, without question, in the contract so that expectations are clear to both you and your agency. If an agency fails to provide a contract (or a contract with specific terms), request one or continue your quest for the perfect agency.