When you choose to offer escort services that are not the traditional girlfriend experience or general companion provisions, you’re really sticking your neck out there. Even if you believe that you know your niche inside and out, there are certain things you need to know about being a niche escort:

  1. Mainstream escorts may look down on you. Escorts who perfectly fit the mold of what an escort is “supposed to be” may think less of you. They won’t understand why you aren’t content offering general services to clients. They fail to understand that you don’t quite fit in with the “normal” crowd. They may think you are a freak or crazy fetishist to want to offer activities that they are uninterested in engaging in. In fact, they may think worse of you simply because you’re taking “leftover” clients that they don’t want to deal with. However, just as many escorts will judge you, others are happy you are around. They may have delightful clients who want to indulge in fantasies that they can’t stomach. Being able to send their clients your way for those requests allows them to dodge unwanted behaviors and still allows them to retain their clients for traditional encounters.
  2. You should charge more than escorts do for traditional encounters. Adhering to the general law of supply and demand (a standard economics lesson for everyone), when something is in small supply (and there is a demand for it), the cost of the product or service increases. Because you are in the minority within the escort industry, your rates should be incrementally higher than mainstream escorts. Not every escort wants to engage in water sports, dom/sub activities or dye her hair black and wear combat boots for the Goth look. Because you’re different from the rest and do things others won’t, clients pay premium rates to spend time with you. They can’t find your kind of encounters with every escort, so they must pay a higher fee for your time. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to charge more than other escorts. Your services are unique and command a higher client contribution.
  3. Your client list will be shorter. It’s common sense to realize that the majority of escort clients aren’t looking for a booking like the ones you provide. Hard sports or BBW are not everyone’s cup of tea. However, there are SOME clients out there who are looking for someone just like you. But, knowing this, you have to take it for granted that your client list will not be as deep as mainstream escorts. Your marketing efforts and connections you make in the industry will, however, help you add some numbers to it. Sometimes, it takes longer for the clients to find out about you. Have patience. Keep in mind, too, that while your client list may be shorter, you are able to charge higher fees, which may make your income equal to a mainstream escort who has more regulars than you do.
  4. Clients within niches are usually more loyal. Maybe it’s because there are fewer escorts to choose from in the first place, but clients preferring escorts who supply niche services are often very loyal to their providers. Sometimes, it’s challenging for clients to come clean about their fantasies. Maybe their desires are so far from “normal,” that they are ashamed of or embarrassed by their dream encounters. They really don’t want more people to know about their dark sides than necessary. As long as you are able to fulfill their needs, your clients will be with you until you decide that you need to part ways with them. They will stick with you, as long as you are able to give them an outlet to act out their fantasies. Many times, in niche encounters, a lot of trust is involved. That builds strong relationships between you and your clients, building you a strong loyal base of clients.
  5. You may need more supplies to provide niche encounters. Unlike being able to show up with fancy lingerie, condoms and a bit of lube, you may need to provide more toys, accessories and other items for fun encounters. It will require you to become much more organized and learn to plan ahead for your bookings. Many niche escorts who require a lot of things to perform their services will make lists to ensure they don’t forget anything. In addition to making sure that you have all of the equipment needed for promised encounters, these things may create more expenses for you. (Even more reason for your rates to be higher than mainstream escorts.) Always make sure you are compensated well for the provisions you bring and for an extra time it requires you to prepare and gather these items.
  6. It may be quite inconvenient to provide outcalls for niche clients. Depending on the type of bookings you offer, outcalls may be out for you and your clients. Niches that include painful experiences for either you or your client (and may feature outbursts, loud groans or expressions of discomfort) should be done in locations where noises won’t easily transfer to a neighbor’s ears. Hotels, condos, apartments and other locations with thin walls are not good places for these kinds of encounters. Additionally, if your niche involves messy activities (hard or water sports, sploshing or other fetishes that create conditions that are difficult to clean), you are best to limit them to incalls where you can control the surroundings and what you’re left with afterward. Finally, if your type of escorting requires you to lug a lot of stuff back and forth (toys, outfits or other accessories), it’s probably much easier for you to just take incall clients.
  7. Targeting specific marketing genres is going to yield you the most client interest. While many escorts are very successful in marketing themselves with standard verbiage and on typical website directories, you may need to seek out avenues that are specifically suited to your type of services. For instance, if you’re a full-figured escort, your profile may get lost in the shuffle among smaller-figured escorts. And, if you fail to label yourself appropriately, it may get looked over altogether. When you’re a niche escort, you have to adjust your thinking about how you promote yourself. You aren’t hoping that your profile will spur someone to think that they would like to explore the type of services you provide. You are looking to attract someone who is already interested in your niche. Since they are already seeking someone like you, half of the battle is already won. You just need to reel him in the rest of the way.
  8. You may have to alter your “normal” appearance more than if you were a mainstream escort. Some niche escorts who serve specific genres that feature distinctive physical appearances find that it’s difficult to adjust their mainstream look to that of their escorting persona. A blonde, blue-eyed woman may have difficulties turning Goth for encounters without doing something to her regular appearance to get her that way. It makes sense to choose a niche that doesn’t require a huge physical transition from your day-to-day look. But, if you do, make sure that you can adjust to it easily. It’s fairly easy to throw a wig on, but it’s not so simple to fake tattoos or piercings, for example. If your mainstream look is easily blended into your escort “outfit,” that’s great. But, keep in mind, to really fit the niche, your normal appearance may need to reflect your escorting style. And, as you become more absorbed into your escorting persona, your general appearance may take on a whole new look.
  9. You will get a lot of timewasters. Regardless of which niche you adopt, “prospective” clients will attempt to engage you in long-winded conversations about the kinds of services you provide. They may seem fascinated by hearing about how you will urinate on them or whip them with a riding crop. Essentially, they are just trying to get as much out of you as they can for free, without any intention of setting up an encounter. Others will make a date with you only to never show up, either because they chicken out or because it was a prank. Filter out timewasters the best you can by cutting to the chase early in a phone call, booking an appointment quickly. Also, trust your intuition when it comes to timewasters. Sometimes, your sixth sense screams “timewaster,” even when you’re still trying to give someone a chance. If you suspect that someone is jerking your chain, quit playing along.
  10. You will get some clients who are new to the niche. All clients have to start somewhere. Many clients have fantasies that they’ve never acted upon or voiced before. They’re afraid to share their desires with their mates, fearing rejection, embarrassment or abandonment. They trust that escorts will keep their secrets, so they venture out to find a provider for their needs. They may not understand how the whole client/escort relationship works. They are unlikely pros at booking encounters. And, when they are with you in person, the entire process may be a completely new one for them, which may make them shy and awkward. You will need to exercise patience and compassion with these clients, because they are at very vulnerable points. Listen to their desires and work with them to create an encounter that will blow their minds.
  11. It may take some time to work up to a full-time escorting schedule. It’s common sense to know that the number of clients who are looking for your services is less than those hooking up with mainstream escorts. However, there are plenty out there for you to create a lucrative business from. In the beginning, though, you will have to add them one by one to your schedule. It may be slow going and seem as though you will never make a “go” at escorting as a full-time gig. Give it time and have patience with the process. Continue to consistently market yourself, updating your profiles regularly and communicate with clients as they contact you. Don’t get discouraged. But, don’t assume that you’re going to be replacing your career’s income with escorting profits immediately. In other words, “Don’t quit your day job!” Eventually, your efforts will pay off and your career will become full time.
  12. You will be surprised at your clientele. Before you enter your niche, you may assume that clients who want to be dominated and whipped are a weird sort. And, you may think that only Goth clients will fancy Goth escorts. Of course, only heavy clients would want to be with a BBW escort. None of these assumptions are correct. You will discover that your clients (regardless of your niche) come from all walks of life. They may be extremely clean-cut professionals or nerdy engineer types. They may be smooth-talking CEOs. Or, they may be a normal guy that you’d find mowing his lawn and having a barbecue in the suburbs you grew up in. Clients who gravitate toward niche escorts are not usually on the fringe of society. They are typically harboring dark secrets about their desires and like to act out their fantasies with you.
  13. Always screen your clients carefully. Many times, established niche escorts get referrals from current clients. Even if your new client comes highly recommended from a loyal client you love, make sure you carefully check him out before risking your safety with him. People don’t always know their friends as well as they think they do; people are different behind closed doors. Check out each of your clients before booking an encounter with him. It’s just a standard that you should adhere to in any niche.
  14. Don’t do it if you don’t like it. Many escorts find themselves pigeonholing themselves into specific niches because they discover others won’t perform certain acts. For instance, if you learn that other escorts in your area won’t do dom/sub work, it’s a GREAT opportunity to corner the market on these fantasies. However, if you can’t stomach whipping someone or making him lick your boots, don’t engage in it. If any of the activities that you engage in with clients makes you sick at your tummy or goes against your very being, get out of it. You don’t have to be a niche escort. If you’re a BBW escort, you don’t have to allow the feeding activities that some clients want to engage in. Nor, do you have to allow clients to disrespect you by talking about your weight. Participating in behaviors that you dislike will burn you out quickly and make you hate your job. You won’t perform well, will lose clients and may go into a personal depression. If this isn’t your “thing,” find something else that is.

Some escorts are very successful with just their niche personas, while others carry on in the mainstream, as well. Just keep in mind that there are a lot of considerations you must make in order to be successful at any level. Escorting is not an easy way to make money, if you take your career seriously. It takes brains, beauty and a lot of hard work to excel in the industry.