Sex, right? That would be the obvious presumption. Yet, successful escorts realize that their clients are actually looking for more.
After all, if a person only wants sexual activity, they can easily hire a prostitute or look for someone willing to be part of a one-night stand. After all, drunks in a bar are often easy to seduce. Clients who hire escorts are looking for something more than just a quick roll in the hay. It’s an escort’s job to pinpoint what it is that the client longs for. And while the reasons to hire an escort vary, there are some common wishes that escorts can aim to fulfill:

  1. Clients want an escort to take the lead. There are numerous explanations for why a client doesn’t want to be in charge during an encounter. For many clients, they are powerful leaders in their daily lives and relish the chance to be in a more submissive role, with someone else calling the shots. Others, though, are unsure of themselves when it comes to romance, so they are only comfortable with the idea of someone else guiding them. Their inexperience or lack of confidence makes them unable to move the encounter along without your effort. Whatever the reason, feel free to gently direct the encounter so that things naturally progress from a cozy getting-to-know-each-other phase to more intimate activities. As the booking gets steamier, make sure that your client is consenting as your interactions become more intimate. Unless requested, don’t push your client’s boundaries or encourage things he’s uncomfortable with. Pay attention to his verbal cues and body language as he responds to your advances.
  2. Laughing at his jokes is a prerequisite. Some clients just want a woman to think that they are humorous. They characterize themselves as funny, but when it comes to personal interactions with women, they can never get a laugh. Perhaps, their humor isn’t funny. Or, the delivery of their jokes leaves a lot to be desired. It doesn’t matter. If a client tells you a joke or makes a comment you know he thinks is amusing, make an effort to smile and laugh. Men take great pride in being able to make women smile and be happy. Allow your client to fulfill his fantasy about being the life of the party. It’s his time: provide him the experience he’s looking for. If he needs to feel like you appreciate his wisecracks, snicker and giggle at the appropriate times. Cracking a smile, even at a bad joke, won’t hurt you.
  3. Many clients need encouragement from escorts. Some guys are just born with an innate ease with themselves in every situation. Others find even being alone to be uncomfortable. Clients like the latter need your encouragement to know that they are doing the right things intimately and in interpersonal relationships. Not knowing when and how to hold your hand may seem like cute shyness, but to a client who is embarrassingly bashful, it’s a handicap. Provide verbal and nonverbal hints that his behaviors are acceptable to you. Even more, suggest that he take action that he hasn’t hinted at, yet. Give him permission to touch you, ask you questions and let his guard down. Opening up to another person can be difficult for your clients. Provide them with a safe place to be free to be themselves and let loose of inhibitions and fears.
  4. Admiration for their skills and good looks is a desired aspect of encounters. Escorts should always make their clients feel like they are handsome, at least in some way. The escort industry is not a business where you only get to kiss princes. You have to kiss a lot of frogs — and, hopefully, some of them turn into princes by the way they act and treat you. Even your homeliest client has something appealing about him. Find that trait and make him feel good about it. Compliment your clients on their eyes, smile, sense of humor, strong hands or great head of hair. Additionally, clients will often base their level of masculinity on how you respond to their lovemaking skills. Be prepared to build your client up by gushing about his sexual passion, stamina or anything else that you care to comment on. He needs to feel good about his bedroom abilities. Many clients receive criticism from their current and previous partners about their inabilities to please intimately. It’s up to you to offset the feelings he has after bad experiences with others.
  5. Clients need a chance to be emotional. Due to feeling like they have to maintain a strong personality with their loved ones, clients often feel like they have no emotional outlets. They don’t know anyone they can profess their fears to and discuss their feelings with. Enter you as their escort. You need to open up the opportunity for clients to feel like they can tell you anything. Making it a safe zone where anything is permissible (emotionally) will give your guys a chance to release the pressures they are under and get rid of pent up emotions. And, while you may not exactly get excited about being a client’s shoulder to cry on, it may be exactly what he needs. When your clients get emotional, allow them to explore their feelings. Don’t discourage them and move on to other activities. In many encounters, escorts function similarly to therapists in that clients feel they are with someone who won’t judge them. They take advantage of the time to take out their frustrations and get back to their real lives immediately afterward.
  6. Accepting a client’s quirks is part of being a good escort. Even if a client doesn’t want to admit that he has some little eccentricities about him, he probably does. And, some clients have some major ones. These clients don’t just need acceptance, despite their quirks. They need for someone to embrace their oddities and make them feel okay about them. Clients who like wearing women’s underwear, for example, may have been shunned in previous relationships. And, instead of just tolerating his fetish, he needs someone to think it’s a positive trait. Telling him that it makes him sexy is what he wants in order to feel that he’s okay and not a weirdo. Make sure that you are prepared for anything and can find a way to see the positive in the non-mainstream habits your clients may present. Some aspects of their behavior may be shocking at first, but your astonishment at them may only drive them away. Sometimes your clients will warn you ahead of time, but many will surprise you with their off-the-wall ways. Be prepared for anything!
  7. Build client confidence. Not only do clients need encouragement, but they need someone to build them up and make them feel like a million bucks. Regardless of how powerful or successful your client may be, he probably harbors some self-doubt in an area of his life. Maybe he doesn’t feel like he’s good looking or that he’s a good father. Whatever your client’s hang up is, try to help him get over it by complimenting him on his good traits. Find ways to convince him that he’s capable of doing things that he’s hesitant about. And, tell him he’s got skills that he’s not even aware of. Too many people are quick to point out others’ flaws; do the opposite with your clients. Be the first to identify and praise their strengths and abilities. A client who feels good about himself, as a result of an encounter with you, may walk taller and more proudly. And, with it being in thanks to you, he’ll be a loyal client for a long time.
  8. Give your client an opportunity to be with a beautiful woman. Let’s face it. Some of your clients aren’t going to be the handsome playboys who can attract a stunning girlfriend from across the room. But, that doesn’t mean they don’t have fantasies about getting the chance to have a gorgeous date on their arm. Many of these kinds of clients just want to be in your presence. And, not only are you a trophy for them, but you also represent something they may not be able to find in other beauties that they mingle with in real life. Not only are you pretty on the outside, but you are beautiful inside, too — or, at least as far as your client can tell. Your consideration of him and appreciation of his positive qualities endears you to him. So much so, perhaps, that you may achieve goddess status in his eyes.
  9. Providing conversation about topics your client is interested in is an integral component for many encounters. Some clients feel that they can never find anyone to talk to about the things they deem important. Whether it’s politics, sports, the stock market or sailboats — be willing to discuss subjects that your client wants to explore. Many times, clients may have unique interests that may require you to do a little research prior to the encounter so you can converse intelligently. Doing your homework will pay off, because your client will feel like you cared enough to prepare for him. Being willing and able to communicate about what’s on your client’s mind may increase your value to him. Too often, clients are shushed and redirected when they want to discuss their ideas with their friends and family, especially when the conversations aren’t common subjects. He needs an outlet to share his thoughts, and that chance lies within his bookings with you.
  10. He needs your attention. In a fast-paced world, it’s easy to take loved ones for granted. It happens all of the time. Clients seem to get bypassed over when they have busy families that have lots of activities. Often, men feel like they are ignored by their wives, when the kids need immediate attention or coddling. This is when many clients turn to an escort, in order to feel important, again. You can fulfill their need for companionship by simply being there and tending to their general wishes. Being lost in the shuffle at home, your clients yearn to be the subject of your focus, whether it’s conversation or intimacy. Let them take the lead, unless they tell you otherwise, and allow them to guide how the encounter should go. It may surprise you that they don’t even need a lot of physical intimacy. They just want someone to listen to them as they talk about their day.
  11. Affection is a huge part of many encounters. Along with feeling like he gets no attention at home, many clients also feel as though affection between them and their spouses is rare. Through no fault of the spouses, they get tired from working, taking care of the kids and tending to the household chores. By the time the client arrives home, they are not in the mood for much affection. Clients sometimes feel like they are being rejected and revert to an escort’s incall. Even if they don’t feel rejected, they still seek out general hugging, kissing or cuddling with an escort to make up for what they lack at home. Holding hands, sitting snuggled up on the couch and allowing a client to embrace you while he strokes your hair can sometimes be the most important part of an encounter. Make sure that you’re generously offering gentle touches, smiles and other closeness.
  12. Passion is also an element that is being sought by many clients. Marriages and relationships that have endured the test of time often lack the passion that they once had. Your client probably misses the smoldering kisses and passionate embraces he once had with his spouse. And, if his spouse isn’t interested in revisiting the “old days” with him, he may look for passion and excitement in other places. Additionally, he probably just wants a woman to get aroused by his attempts to encourage intimacy. Instead of getting it on with someone who does it out of obligation, he wants an intimate partner to yearn for his touch. He needs someone to lust after him and make him feel sexually magnetic. Even if it’s a stretch for you, it’s an acting job you need to perform in order to fulfill some clients’ needs.
  13. Be the whole package. Many clients need a lot of things from their escort encounters, ranging from general affection and conversation to passion and acceptance of fetishes. As an escort, you are the “perfect” woman to your client. You must learn to adapt to his wishes and what he wants during the booking. It’s always nice when a client is looking for someone with your personality and traits — but, it’s not always the case. Escorts have to strive to fulfill the fantasies of their clients, which may mean changing things about yourself for their pleasure and contentment. It’s your responsibility to make your client happy. He expects you to be everything he wants in an escort. He wants to experience everything that he’s missing in his real life during his encounter with you. Do your best to provide him with it all!

Clients always have a reason for booking time with an escort. And, it’s not going to do you any good to presume he only wants the physical aspect of the encounter. If it were easy, everybody would be doing it. And, if it were simple, you wouldn’t be getting paid so well to do it. Step up to the plate and get to the bottom of why a client really wants to see you and perform accordingly.