Ah, the days are getting longer; the sun has real warmth; and the long cold winter is fading to memory. Spring and Summer give a girl the opportunity to put on pretty dresses, enjoy a tiny bit of sun – get your ten minutes of vitamin D, but then always apply a minimum of SPF 30 sun block – and actually get the exercise you’ve been meaning to since the snow made the sidewalks impassable.
As lovely as the warmer seasons are, however, they can present real challenges for escorts trying to do business. The lazy, hazy summer mindset is all about vacations, kids home from school and a more trips to the beach than business trips. This all adds up to clients being a little thin on the ground.
What’s a girl to do?
Here are 7 tips for having a great summer and keeping your escort income up.

  1. Plan for summer. Whether you are new to the business or have been escorting for years, actually planning ahead can make a significant difference. You have a choice during the summer: can you take a bit of time for yourself and have your income drop slightly; or you can work harder and keep your income constant. Your call. But whichever you decide, you need to be very clear about what you are actually going to be doing.
    A good plan does not have to be complicated. If you want to keep your income constant you’ll need to find clients as your regulars are taken away by their summer commitments. Time to freshen up your ads. Take a look at alternatives to your normal advertising channels (Skipthegames.com offers Feature ads… just saying.)
    Take a look at establishing “summer hours”. If your clients are going to be stretching their weekends, you should think about stretching yours, too. Going to a four day week – except of course for regulars – will give you some extra time for yourself.
  2. Take a serious look at your wardrobe. You might well be the sort of girl who likes to spend her summer in tank tops and shorts, but the high income clients you want to attract will be enticed by pretty dresses and cool, casual elegance.
    As ever, you don’t need to spend a fortune to look wonderful. A trip to the consignment, vintage and thrift stores can yield wonderful pieces. Look for nicely fitted but comfortable dresses, skirts and shirts in lighter colours. Don’t be afraid to layer a bit of lace on another bit of lace on a sheer cotton top. Let linen be your new best friend. A few wrinkles just adds to the charm.
    As for footwear, casual leather sandals, either flats or with a kitten heel, can work the look. So can strappy heels. Keep the flip flops for the beach where they belong.
    Summer lingerie could not be simpler: cotton bras and panties with a little lace will be all you need most of the time. A light tan on bare legs takes the place of stockings for all but the most formal occasions (or, of course, special requests.) As regular readers know, I am a huge fan of slips for almost every occasion and light cotton or silk will be delightful against your skin and provide a little drama as things turn to consenting adult activities. Think of Elizabeth Taylor who pretty much did the whole of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof wearing nothing but a slip. Hot!
    At the same time, if you have a business clientele, you’ll need a dress/jacket combination which will let you walk through the nicer hotels in your city. Nothing provocative, a simple, sleeveless, black linen dress – below the knee – and a bright, light jacket will project real polish.
  3. Hair, grooming and make-up: Start with sunblock. Your face is your fortune so you don’t want any sun damage… and that goes for the rest of that glorious body as well. There are great sunblocks in the beauty department which actually moisturize (or stay matte depending on your skin type) while they protect. Buy one you like, so you will actually use it every day, year round.
    Avoid heavy make up, smoky eyes and all the other delights which will look garish on a hot day. It is possible that in the course of a date you might break a sweat, although as a lady this is actually a glow. Consider what I would describe as a melt-proof strategy: a stroke of sheer lipstick, mascara and a light sweep of contouring blush during the day. Add eye shadow, sparingly, in the nude palette range and for al fresco evenings out.
    In the intense sunlight of summer, you often need to lighten your colour choices. Scarlet lips which looked fabulous on snowy winter nights will look fabulous at a dockside café for lunch if the formulation is sheerer and even with a hint of gloss.
    It is never a bad idea to visit your hair dresser at the start of a new season. Get the dry locks of winter behind you. It might just be a trim but it can make a huge difference. If you colour, go a few shades lighter or add highlights to get that sun-kissed look. And remember, the sun will do as much damage to your hair as it does to your skin. Wear a hat. A broad brimmed sun hat will frame your face, protect your hair and provide your own, private shade. And did we mention the air of allure and mystery a hat provides?
    Last but never least, sunglasses. A girl should never be without a few pairs of killer shades. They don’t have to be designer, although I wouldn’t give up my Ralph Laurens for anything, but they do need to suit your face and your look. And be dark enough to be effective. The St. Tropez jet-set love aviators for a reason. They simply never go out of style. Alternatively, large lenses are eye-catching, flattering (think movie star glamour) and utterly chic.
    Paying close attention to your nails is essential. Here, again, remember that it is summer. Those great red talons of January need to make way for the trim, polished nails suitable for summer fun. Look for easy shades of nude, pink or clear nail polish and keep your nails short enough to be able to pull on a line should you be invited on a yacht.
  4. Exercise. Yes, the truth is that rain, snow and freezing temperatures can give anyone the perfect excuse to stay inside and hibernate. Okay, the sun is shining; now get moving.
    You don’t have to run marathons, but walking a minimum of a mile a day is a great place to start. If you want great pegs without hours at the gym, get a bike. I have a single gear cruiser and a couple of weeks of running my errands on that and my legs are firm and beautifully shaped.
    The more revealing clothes of summer mean that a little work on your upper body and arms can create the silhouette you want. Here a bit of professional attention from a trainer at your local gym is a life saver. You are looking for “tone” rather than abs of steel. And be careful with weight training: the last thing an escort wants is more muscles on her arms than her clients have. Light weights with many reps will produce definition rather than bulk.
    For overall fitness and a fabulous body, swimming is a great option. Once again, the key is consistency and repetition. If you swim a length or two of your local pool and work your way up to a dozen or so every other day, your body will snap into shape. (Remember to ride your bike or walk to the pool or gym if possible.)
    All this and, well, sleep. If you exercise even minimally, you’ll be tired at the end of the day. Go with it. A pretty cotton nighty and fresh sheets will let you sleep easily. If you can’t get to sleep try Dr. Andrew Weil’s brilliant breathing technique: breathe in through your nose for a count of four, hold your breath for a count of seven, breath out through your mouth with a soft whoosh for a count of eight. I bet you cannot do that more than three times without being sound asleep.
  5. Summer style is all about a healthy, breezy, easy attitude. Fuss less, do more. A good night’s sleep, a pretty summer dress, a great sun hat and perfect shades mean a girl can move with a confidence. As you exercise more you’ll want to do more and that, delightfully enough, will give you the shot of energy needed to boost your business and enjoy your life with ease and elegance.
    The wonderful thing about escorting is that you can arrange your appointments to allow for necessary indulgences and personal luxuries in your day. Discover what makes you happy and strive to be good to yourself. Buying a book you’ve been dying to read, coffee with a girlfriend, or a bubble bath by candlelight might just be what recharges your battery and makes you feel content, beautiful, and elegant. In fact, with a bit of foresight, mindfulness and yes, determination , you can set up your working day to be delightful in itself.
    So, start thinking about adding elegant pleasure to your life and your work. For instance, there is no reason at all why you cannot have a gentlemen caller treat you to a nice lunch or cocktails at a swanky wine bar. This gives you a chance to wear pretty things, eat the sumptuous treats of summer (asparagus, spot prawns, berries and such bounty) and offer a unique escort experience which will have your clients coming back for more.
    A couple of stylish tips for the business end of things. Air conditioning. Whether it is a little window unit or a fully air conditioned apartment, having air conditioning is a necessary for comfort in much of North America in summer. But, and it is a huge difference, cool and comfortable is not the same as cold. No one wants to partake in consenting adult activities in a refrigerator. It always amazes me when I walk into a mall and feel as though I’ve been dropped on an Arctic ice flow. A gentle 70 degrees or even 68 is perfect, 65 or below and you’ll want to keep your clothes on; which rather defeats the purpose.
    Once you have the AC issue licked the other great gift to summer style are cool, crisp, clean sheets. When it is steaming hot outside, the oasis of a beautifully made bed and a pretty girl is just what a gentleman desires. And before hitting those fresh sheets, a man would be lucky indeed to have a lingering cool shower with odorless soap and thick, fluffy towels. The sweat and grime of your client’s day never make it to your bed. Perfect.
  6. Summer dates. Summertime offers escorts the opportunity to change their game a little. While you will certainly continue to offer your regular services, you might think about creating special experiences for a select few gentlemen. Picnics, for example, offer all manner of delights.
    One great offering is the “chance” encounter. Here, by arrangement, you “bump into” your date at the beach, at a tourist attraction, let your imagination be your guide. He gets the pleasure of “picking up” a pretty girl and you get to practice your acting skills and charge extra.
    “Excursion” dates can be fun as well. An afternoon sailing or strolling through an outdoor market gives you each some time to get to know each other easily and naturally. It is much more like a “real” date and appeals to men who have the time and inclination to really get to know you. This may lead to weekends away, or other more extensive outings.
    One of the nicer things about the slow down in business during the summer is that you can watch the clock a little less. You have a more time and you can invest that time in making sure that your clients have a fantastic experience. Which, in turn, is an investment in the future of your business. An unrushed client who enjoys himself is a client well on his way to being a regular.
    Another opportunity which summer offers is what could be called a working vacation. Consider taking a road trip to a city you would like to visit and try to book a few dates while you are there. Some girls like to “tour” often but a working vacation is a bit different than touring. Rather than trying to make a lot of money while you are away, you aim to make enough money to enjoy yourself but leave yourself some time to play tourist. And, of course, if you set up a couple of lunch dates and a couple of dinner dates you can have a great time and more than cover your costs.
  7. Summer for you! Pretty clothes, the sun on your face, regular exercise, relaxing days and great nights’ sleep will all conspire to banish the winter blues and make you smile.
    Make every moment of summer count by giving yourself a day (a week?) without “screens” — no TV, no computer, no smartphone. Yes, I know your business needs your attention, but it probably could live without you every Sunday during July and August. You’d be surprised. But no screens is not just about business; it is about possibility. If you are watching Netflix you are not going to the park or for a bike ride or for brunch. The whole summer can slip by and you’ll have missed it. By declaring a screen free day every week you force yourself to take notice of the glories of Summer.
    Next, go and buy a book. Even if you are not much of a reader, a summer book, a beach book, is an essential. Reading is a habit and it is an easy habit to adopt. But to acquire it you need to actually have physical possession of a book. It seems obvious but simply having a book to engage your mind actually makes your life richer. Trust me. Then try it.
    Make the most of your mind and your skills. Take a course, or teach one! Community colleges, universities and libraries and all sorts of other groups offer courses on everything from soap making, web design to Byzantine history. Find something you are interested in and go for it. If possible, find a course within walking or biking distance of your apartment and make a point of taking an early class. The temptation to sleep the summer days away is always there, a class a couple of days a week will keep you in the world and on a schedule.
    Record the summer fun. You are never going to look more radiant or in better shape than you will about mid-July. Summer light is hugely flattering. Your phone is also a camera so go Selfie crazy. Rather than chatting on your phone, shoot a video. For something more professional, get in touch with a fledgling photographer and propose a time for photos deal where you trade your time as a model for their photographic skills. Take a look at ModelMayhem for photographers in your area. Get out of the studio. Try to get some shots outside at “the golden hour” which occurs about an hour before sunset.
    Take charge by setting goals. Think about your escort business. How are you doing? What would you like to change? How can you work smarter? Can you take your business to the next level? Summer is a perfect time for making plans. And remember, being busy is not the same as being successful.

As the old blues song goes, Summertime and the living is easy… Summer passes in a blur and there will soon be the wicked winds of November blowing once again. So make the most of the time you have. Adopt these strategies for your best and most lucrative, and most beautiful summer ever.