Even though you keep yourself fairly busy with clients throughout the week, it can get pretty discouraging if you add up all of the time you’ve wasted between encounters. Thirty minutes here, an hour there: before long, you’ve got several hours of time that you may feel you didn’t make very good use of. Don’t beat yourself up over it.
Keep in mind that it’s difficult to delve into big projects when your time is incrementally split up. However, with good planning and goal-setting principles, you may be able to accomplish a lot more than you are accustomed to right now. And, because having “extra” time is one of the perks of being an escort, it makes perfect sense to try to harness your powers during your breaks.
Keep these ideas in mind when you’ve got spare time between encounters:

  1. Try to keep multiple encounters scheduled within a reasonable time block. Having a client arrive for an hour appointment at 10 a.m. and not another one until 2 p.m. allows for three hours of time that is very easy to waste away. You may think that you can’t really get too involved in any project (cleaning your closet, working on marketing, etc.) during this time, because as soon as you really get involved in it, you have to put it all away so that you can prep for the next client. Escorts who are able to get a lot of things done in their lives opt for encounters that are spaced more closely together. At the end of your day (or beginning of it), you have a larger span of time that is exclusively yours. If this isn’t possible, stretch our your encounters more widely, so the gap between them allow for you to accomplish tasks on your priority list.
  2. Indulge in your hobby. Many escorts waste the time between encounters playing on social media, watching mindless daytime television or doing other things. These are not purposeful activities; they are just done to kill time. Instead of watching the boob tube, consider starting a yoga routine that you do between clients. Yoga will improve your flexibility and strength (which will highly satisfy clients) and make you healthier overall. If yoga isn’t your thing, consider taking up art or photography. You could decorate your incall with the masterpieces you create. It’s also important to select a pastime that won’t require you to get dirty, overly sweaty or mess up your appearance. (You’ll just have to spend time getting ready for the next client, again, if you do!) When you spend time doing something between encounters, focus on whether it will help enhance your abilities as an escort. If it will, it’s a great use of your resources!
  3. Increase your cultural awareness. Building yourself up culturally could do a lot to improve your appeal as an escort. Learning a foreign language may make you a much more adaptable provider, as you will be able to offer services more conveniently for clients who are not native English speakers. Short time spans are perfect for language tutorials. Additionally, boning up on the local art scene could take you to a local gallery or museum, which would fit nicely between encounters. Researching history, broadening your music knowledge or learning about wines could improve your appeal with certain clients. Keep in mind that learning not only enriches the soul, but it makes you a much more well-rounded escort, which is exactly what high-end clients are looking for. Not only do they seek out a pretty face, but they also want an escort who can move easily in cultured circles, appreciating the finer things in life.
  4. Learn about sports. Many clients are just as crazy about sports as they are about women. Their obsessions revolve around stats, players and the most recent scores. Whether it’s baseball, football or something else, your clients may be extra pleased when they find out you’re a fan, too (even if you’re not really). Checking out sports wrap-up shows on ESPN or even the local news will help you hone in on the important plays and news from your clients’ favorite activities. Between encounters, you may even have time to take in a ballgame on television, especially if you’ve recorded it to view later. (You can skip past all of the commercials.) It’s also possible to catch up on sports news by listening to the radio or checking out info on the Internet. Details are so easily available. Suri from your iPhone may even be able to give you recent stats about a game in progress as you prep for an upcoming encounter.
  5. Sewing may be profitable for your business and a great therapy. Even though it may be somewhat out of your comfort zone, sewing could come in pretty handy, especially if you have clients who like role-playing activities. Escorts who purchase costumes for skits with clients often invest quite a bit of money in them. Even if you don’t buy costumes, exactly, finding garments that fill the needs of these requests can be pricey. Often, role playing doesn’t require perfect outfits. It’s all part of the imagination. If you have any basic sewing abilities at all, it’s pretty easy to whip up a few easy dresses that could work as a nurse, maid or other characters that are commonly asked for by clients. You can sew in short intervals of time, set it all up in a spare room that can be closed off and tend to it when you have time. And, when you’re done, you’ve got a whole array of fun costumes that can be used with clients — perhaps, opening up an entirely new niche for yourself.
  6. Take an online class. Not only do you have to provide great escort services to your clients, but you must maintain the business side of things, too. Being able to do both can be challenging, especially if you don’t have a business background. Between your encounters, you could fulfill the requirements for an online business class that will help you with your bookkeeping, management, record-keeping and other things important to being an entrepreneur. If a full-fledged class isn’t something you’re into, consider taking a short-term workshop that consists of three or four parts or signing up for a one-hour webinar specific to your business-related goals (marketing, accounting, time management, photo editing, etc.). Using the time between your clients to learn how to be a better manager of yourself will help your success rate exponentially.
  7. Try out new hair styles or make up methods. During the time you have between clients, you usually clean up and refix your hair and face. If you have some free time, why not use it to experiment with an updo or side braid? Or try a new make-up palette? Using time between encounters to figure out new ways to showcase your features is a great way to use up that time in a constructive manner. If you’ve always wanted to master a fishbone braid, a French twist or the perfect way to apply red lipstick, use that extra 20 minutes to practice. It’s not much time that could be used to accomplish other tasks, so use it for one that is appropriate for the time gap.
  8. Take care of your communication and marketing needs. Even if you don’t think you have enough time to fully get all of your communication tasks done, do what you can. Answer emails or client questions. Review profile views. Check out the competition and any new ads they’ve posted. It doesn’t take hours to do these tasks, if you sit down focused on them. Applying an extra 20 minutes to them here and there will alleviate you having to allocate a full hour to them later. And, it spaces them out so it doesn’t seem like as much of an arduous task all at once. However, keep in mind that clients shouldn’t expect that you’re always available for communicating during that time period. Let them know that you had some unexpected time to reply to their request or question.
  9. Perform mundane tasks. Wash dishes, do laundry or perform other mindless tasks while you wait for the next client to show up. You don’t have to develop a creative or focused mindset to do these things. Any kind of tidying up around your incall, including housekeeping chores, are great ways to use up small time gaps between bookings. And, it’s common sense that you have to do these things, anyways. Get them out of the way so that you don’t have to use your time later (that’s exclusively YOUR time) to accomplish them. You can even do personal chores during this time, such as balancing your checkbook or making personal business phone calls. Make a list of easy-to-do chores for when you have an extra 15 minutes to spare. You can check a lot off of your list within just a few minutes, if you don’t get distracted.
  10. Relax. Life has a way of becoming a whirlwind of activity really easily. When you’re away from family and friends, it may be a good time to unwind. Being busy with your children and family during your personal time may have you stressed out so much that you’re uptight when it comes to client time. Use the 30 minutes between encounters for a quick bubble bath. Or, use an hour gap to get a quick 30-minute massage at the nearby spa. Even if you just use a few minutes to read, watch television or do something else you find enjoyable, make sure that you don’t feel guilty about it. Wasting away some of the time you have between encounters is a good way to recharge your mental health, which is necessary to being a good escort.
  11. Catch up with friends and family members. Your escort lifestyle can easily wreak havoc with your relationships with friends and family. An irregular schedule may make it impossible to attend parties and gatherings that you’re expected to be at. It also makes it hard to meet up in person with them, due to unexpected encounters with clients taking priority. (Bookings are your bread and butter — so, you may take on sudden encounters to help pay the bills.) This makes it counterproductive to try to set dates for lunch or other activities. It’s frustrating that you can’t maintain your social life. However, you can make attempts to stay in touch during these time spans between clients. Use these periods to make phone calls to check in or send text messages to just say hi. Small attempts to stay connected may help sustain your relationships when tensions are high due to lack of personal contact.
  12. Reinforce your focus on the goals. It’s so easy to get distracted when you’re working on something between encounters. Social media, client calls, email messages and a plethora of other things may derail your attention while you’re trying to accomplish a task. Make it easy on yourself by simply turning these things off. You will survive without checking your email for a couple of hours. And, if it’s really important, a caller will leave a message. When you’re trying to make the most of a limited time, you have to limit the outside stimuli that will pull you from your task. Set a goal and work diligently toward it. Whether it’s simply getting your incall bedroom vacuumed or setting up a new escort profile, don’t allow other tasks to impede your progress.
  13. Don’t try to do too much in too little time. Attempting to complete lengthy or truly challenging tasks within a brief timeframe will be detrimental to your goals. When you can’t accomplish them, it’s easy to get discouraged. This frustration will lead you directly back into the pattern of wasting your time away. Analyze the goals you have for the day and chop them up into reasonable tasks for the time you can allot to them. In fact, as you set your priorities for the day, determine how much time these jobs will take you. Then, decide as you wait for clients, what you can take on according to the amount of time you have before a booking.
  14. Be flexible. It’s easy to throw your hands up in the air and do nothing, if your well-planned out time span between encounters gets interrupted unexpectedly. But, giving in and just wasting your time won’t get you anywhere constructive and will leave your chores undone at the end of the day. Try to do what you can and adjust your plan for the remainder of the work period. Clients are often unpredictable (as is life) and you need to go with the flow, making what’s left as constructive as possible.