Many girls dream of becoming an escort but they don’t know which are the steps to  follow. First, they have to know that is not an easy work, a work that has its advantages and inconveniences. To have such a personal career, a girl has to be a strong character. She has to think twice is she is ready for this profession, if she choose it for the money or for the fun (or for both of them, why not?), if she is ready to tell her family and friends about the wanted career and if she is ready to see their reaction. Is the idea of following men and gating paid for it makes her happy? Can she handle the emotional effects of becoming an escort? The benefits of becoming an escorts are numerous: great income, flexible program, meeting guys with no other obligations, you are paid to be spoiled and, this job makes you feel sexy. First of all, a girl has to be healthy to get into the escorts’ world. She has to learn to refuse the clients who ask her to do more than she wants even if that upsets those clients.The girl is the one deciding what limits to put, how far she will go, from kissing to sex. She also doesn’t have to confuse the personal sentimental desires with the professional relations. A job like this it fits to an independent person who is able to communicate very well and who understands someone else’s needs. An escort doesn’t have to feel bed for having a boyfriend while she dates other men. She has to study herself very well to see if she has the adequate personality because this job is not for the people who want relations from loyalty and love. Once the girl decided to become an escort she has to inform about the best escorts agency, the ones putting the escorts’ needs on the first plan and who take care of them. She has to verify the income, the security arrangements, if she feels comfortable with the people she will work for, with their clients and also she has to get information about the way the agency verifies its clients. If a girls decides to become an escort on her own, without an agency, she should know that it will be possibly dangerous and more difficult. if she wants to work with an agency, the girl has to ask the agency to inform her about the security rules and about the protection against the sexual transmitted diseases. She also has the right to ask the agency what she should do in case that a client becomes aggressive or asks her to do things she doesn’t want to do. The girls’ safety has to be on the first place so they can ask to see if the clients had problems with the police. The girls should not involve in the clients’ life more than they want and also the secrecy regarding the clients is very important.