There are many reasons for escorts to screen their clients and take more security measures. However, clients, too, may be putting themselves into precarious position by seeing escorts. While in a perfect world all escorts are upright, honest individuals who mean no harm, in the world where we live it’s not always the case. Clients are equally responsible for their own safety and should pay attention to the signals that escorts put off.

If your escort exhibits any of these signs, beware of her intentions and watch out for additional warnings that something might be troublesome with an encounter with her. Beware of:

  1. An escort asks too many questions. Escorts have to ask a certain number of questions to make sure that you are who you say you are and to gain enough information to conduct adequate research on you. However, when she starts to delve into your personal life or asks questions that seem excessive or overly prying, it’s a sign that she’s trying to learn more about you than typical screening requires. After you’ve answered her initial questions, be more hesitant to provide details that might divulge your income levels (if she’s good at research, she can find that out, anyways), marital status, children’s names, general routines or anything else that seems too intimate to tell your escort without even meeting her. Of course, keep in mind that some of the questions she asks are necessary to properly screen you… and to ensure that you’re telling her the truth. But, if her screening process seems overly intrusive, refrain from giving her any additional info and back out of the booking process. Escorts who ask so many questions up front may be setting you up for blackmail or considering stalking you, neither of which you want to deal with later.
  2. Photos are drastically different from life. Blonde, brunette, redhead. Your escort appears to be all of these things. One picture she’s large busted… and the next, she appears to be smaller. Of course, pictures can be deceiving, but professional escorts who have found a professional niche typically attempt to keep their photographs looking somewhat uniform as far as their appearance. They know that clients expect to see how they normally appear for an encounter, so they provide evidence of such so expectations are realistic. When you come across an escort who posts pictures that hardly look like the same person, it’s a definite warning sign that something is up. Either she can’t decide who she wants to be as an escort — or, she isn’t posting her real photos. It’s fairly common for escort agencies to use photos they’ve found on the Internet and then send any escort out to meet up with clients, assuming that it’s okay. These escorts may or may not reflect the images in the profile photos. Stick to profiles that include pictures of escorts that are very sure to be the same person.
  3. A security guard makes you feel uncomfortable. Escorts often bring security guards (or buddies) with them to encounters to help ensure their safety. The security person may be in the form of a driver or a roommate (during an incall), and his/her role is to let the client know that any questionable behavior is not tolerated during an encounter. Sometimes, just the intimidation factor, alone, is enough to discourage a client who might have ill-intentioned motives. However, while most of the time you shouldn’t allow this other person’s presence to bother you, there are some circumstances that may warrant your trepidation. For instance, some situations have occurred where a security person is actually a partner with the escort in an attempt to rob or harm clients in other ways. If you truly feel that the client is menacing and your gut feels threatened, back out of the encounter. Going forward with a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable is never a good idea.
  4. An escort carries a weapon. Some clients may find a gun-toting honey pretty sexy. And indeed, there are escorts who carry guns, knives or other weapons to give them some means of self defense if they get involved in threatening situations. With the carry and conceal laws in full effect these days, it’s perfectly legal for an escort to carry a handgun with them as they venture out to see clients. Most of the time, a client shouldn’t feel threatened by this. More often than not, you won’t even know if your escort has a weapon that is ready for wielding. However, once in awhile, you may catch a peek at her handgun or knife, which may leave you wondering if she’s got it available for self defense or is preparing to use it on you. Pay attention to your gut. If the concept makes you uncomfortable, beware and prepare to leave. If your escort openly displays her weapon, she may be simply making it known she tolerates no funny business. Or, she may be getting ready to turn the tables on you and rob you at gunpoint. If you feel threatened during an encounter, especially when you know your escort has a gun, leave immediately.
  5. An escort asks for more money than agreed upon. An escort establishes her fee when the two of you are discussing rates during the booking process. Once you’ve agreed upon a negotiated (or set) fee, it’s expected that both of you will stick to the agreement. However, some escorts think that when a client actually arrives for an incall or she shows up for an outcall, she has the client over a barrel and can demand a different rate. If you’re at her incall and the fee differs from what you both discussed, simply leave and go back to your work, home or wherever else you should be. If she’s at your place, it may be much more difficult to get rid of her without paying the extra fee. If possible, refuse the additional rate and ask her to leave, unless she’s willing to provide the time for the previously set fee. In the future, avoid booking with her. If she does this once, she’s apt to try it again. Nobody likes an escort who doesn’t conduct business professionally.
  6. An escort has consistently bad reviews. Just like in the real world of likes and dislikes, an escort is going to get a bad review from time to time. It’s going to happen. And, clients shouldn’t base their expectations based on one or two good OR bad reviews. However, when an escort has predominantly negative feedback, it’s a surefire sign that you shouldn’t book time with her. It’s not just a coincidence that many clients found her services to be less than satisfactory. Additionally, an escort who has absolutely no feedback, despite touting years of experience, may not be a good bet, either. In this business, it’s unlikely that a professional escort with quality offerings will be without a single review. It may be strong indicator that she isn’t exactly what she’s claiming to be.
  7. An encounter is scheduled in a sketchy location. Escorts don’t like to venture out to dangerous areas of the city, and neither should you. When you book an encounter with an escort at her incall located in a bad part of town, you run the risk of several dangers. Firstly, if she lives in a bad area of town, she may not be a high quality escort. If she were as successful as she may have insinuated she was, she could afford a better incall. Secondly, when you go into a dangerous neighborhood, you may experience property damage to your car while it’s parked and you’re inside enjoying your time with your escort. It might get vandalized, stolen or broken into. You might get mugged, with your wallet and safety threatened. Finally, your personal welfare may be at stake. You may be targeted and injured as a part of a theft or robbery. Criminals in the area may identify you as having money or belongings worth stealing, so they will attack you. Putting yourself in harm’s way for an escort encounter is certainly not worth it. And — if something happens to you in this neighborhood, you’re going to have a difficult time explaining to others why you were there in the first place, causing you even more trouble, in the long run.
  8. An escort who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Not only is it a disappointment when your escort can’t perform as well due to being under the influence, but it’s also a potential sign of trouble when she’s high or drunk. People act considerably different when they are under the influence. Your normally calm and cool escort may become belligerent and aggressive when she’s been drinking or doing drugs. She may have irrational outbursts or physically attack you. Her behavior may be downright unpredictable, leaving you to have an encounter with a ticking time bomb. When you arrive and realize that she’s affected by more than just a glass or two of wine, gracefully back out of the encounter. If it happens repeatedly, it may be time to find a new escort. If it’s the first time you’ve visited with an escort, don’t go back. It’s just a sign of more trouble to come.
  9. Excessive communication with your escort. Short of asking and answering screening questions and establishing a time/place to meet for an encounter, there really isn’t much more communication you need with your escort. If you have some special requests, that should be included in your communication, but beyond that, you shouldn’t be exchanging messages. Any escort who continues to communicate with you, initiates phone calls or instant messages or otherwise attempts to establish conversations outside of booking discussions is taking your relationship too far. It can be a sign that she’s getting overly involved and developing feelings for you. It may also signal that she’s developing an unhealthy fixation on you and has convinced herself that you and she are more serious than a simple client/escort relationship. When this occurs, attempt to nip it in the bud and refuse extraneous communication. If this doesn’t work, it may be best to cut off all ties with your escort. Otherwise, you may be in for a difficult time trying to get free of her. She may become a problem and cause invasions into your personal life.
  10. Jealousy of your spouse or partner. An escort who constantly asks about your relationship with your partner may be signaling that she’s about to cause you problems. Personal inquiries about your sex life or intimacy levels with your spouse are beyond the line of what is considered fair conversation topics. If she seems to be extremely curious about the level of involvement or love you have for your wife, she may be demonstrating jealousy. Envious of your wife’s full-time connection to you may drive an escort to unreasonable extremes with her behavior. She may cross the lines of an escort/client relationship and expect more from you than is typical of your type of involvement. She may ask about what you and your wife do together, what sex acts you provide for your wife and the kinds of presents you buy her. When she is curious about all of these things, it may be signaling that she wants those things for her life. Refuse to answer her questions and, if further signs of jealousy ensue, block her and find a new escort.
  11. An escort overshares. When you visit with an escort for a time of pleasure, the last thing in the world you want to hear about is her messy life. When she shares with you the scattered details of her life, she is establishing (in her mind) a more serious connection with you than she should be. Telling you about her abusive, judgmental boyfriend, bratty kids, nosey neighbors or uppity mother-in-law is more information than she should be sharing during an encounter. A booking is supposed to be about the client, not a therapy session for an escort. Nor, a chance for her to vent about her problems and find a sympathetic ear. Anytime that an escort divulges too much information about her personal life, it leads you to believe that she’s an emotional train wreck that you want to limit your involvement with. Additionally, it’s an issue of discretion. If she shares this much, how much is she spreading around about her involvement with you? Who is she telling that she spent the afternoon with you? Does she tell details about what the two of you did? It’s just best to avoid situations that involve escorts who can’t seem to keep a secret or determine what is for sharing and what is not.
  12. An escort threatens you. Once in a blue moon, an escort may be the ill-intentioned sort. She may threaten her clients with physical violence, blackmail or stalking. Anytime that an escort outright promises these negative actions against you, cease all communications with her. Often, she is bluffing. But, ending your involvement with her immediately will usually stall any other plans she has to do harm.