I recently had a bit of a “eureka” moment whilst driving, when a really fundamental question popped in to my head. It was one of those moments when I could not pull over fast enough! The question was a very simple, but a nevertheless elemental one, namely: What do Escorts really think of men who pay for sex?
It seems such a basic, yet crucial question! In simple terms, Punters are the raison d’être for an Escort’s professional being, yet equally, Punters rely on Escorts for their fun. But do they really respect us? Since I started Punting, I have often wondered what the ladies I see really think of men, who, like me, who come to see them.
I am sure there are plenty of Escorts who enjoy what they do and I can certainly testify to knowing a few of these! To the opposite extreme, I have heard stories from ladies I have known who tell of Escorts “who hate men” and only do the job to “punish men”.  Personally, I cannot say I have met anyone who came over as very bitter or vindictive.
To gain an insight into this issue, I put a request on Twitter for Escort input. I received six responses, all from ladies who do not know me, so I feel I can honestly say they are being totally objective. Three have asked to remain anonymous, which of course I respect whole-heartedly, whilst the other three ladies are happy to be credited, which I have done.
Therefore, here are the ladies’ responses in their own words and I shall let you form your own opinion as to the question I posed at the outset.
(1) Lady “A”
I think men that exchange monetary value for the ability to select who they wish to spend time, passion, sex, companionship, dinner, wine, and any and all other experiences with, within the escort industry are very wise.  Regardless if it is an extended luxurious session or a quicker paced hour in the throws of mad passion.
Much like what they contain within themselves that made them successful enough in business to afford such a “hobby”, this same drive, desire and capabilities and intellect drives them to pursue excellence in the escort arena as well. If I were a male, I’d be doing the very same thing.  A smart person knows you do not find satisfy all your likes, loves and passions in “one basket”.  Many aspects make up a happy, successful, life.
I think a man that seeks out what he wants and needs is fulfilling basic human need that he can best, with the least issues, find among the selection and variety of the beautiful women that offer that service or ladies that also wish to experience that same thing.
I believe it brings the cream of the crop from both sides together for what hopefully they both enjoy.  Certainly there are men that spend that I personally wouldn’t enjoy the company of, but on the same token there are ladies who charge that are not worth the money spent either.  All in all I think the brilliant ones find each other.
(2) Carly Dylan (www.carlydylan.com)
They can be fat, thin, articulate, shy, handsome, ugly, young or old. While punters can see pictures of us and know (to a certain degree) what we will look like, we are going in blind. All we have is a voice on the phone and sometimes a self-description (which is rarely reliable!) It’s nearly always a shock seeing the punters face for the first time. They are
never how you picture them or how they picture themselves.
Now I’ll be honest and say I’ve only been doing this since January 2011. So I may have a different opinion than other women who have been doing this for longer. I have a plan every time I meet a client.
I know that once I meet face to face, I need to find something in them. I search for something that I really like in them. It may be their eyes, their shyness, their sense of humour, their nervousness, the way they look at me, or the questions they ask. It could be one in a thousand things, but once I have that thing I like about them, then I can relax and have fun.
Some women may love every man they see and some may hate every man they see and some may never think of that man again, but for me, if I can find that one thing in each of them then I’m always happy I met them.
(3) Lady “C”
I would never ask a client openly why he chooses to see an escort. Some choose to tell me – whether it be because they are nervous and feel they need to justify their actions or they are simply very open. Either way, if they do decide to tell me, of course I listen and I would never ever judge whatever there reason may be.
In fact if the client does decide to tell me, 99% of the time I fully understand why have made their decision.
Here are a few reasons that I have been told why some gentleman decide to see an escort:

I feel that most gentlemen can be themselves when they are with me or with another escort. They can lose themselves in the moment and leave feeling satisfied and more importantly if they do have a partner, they have no guilt because after all, having sex with an escort is not cheating in my book and it is better than having an affair.
Whatever anyone’s reasons are, myself and other ladies are never there to judge and the most important factor is that the gentleman has a fantastic time.
(4) Amanda http://sensuousamanda.wordpress.com/
They’re all horrible. The end. Just kidding!
You can’t lump all of the men who pay for sex into one category because they are all so very different, so I shall separate them into two broad and very distinct categories.
The men who would like to pay me for sex, but I refuse
These are the men who, in general, have (to varying degrees) a bad attitude towards women. These are the chaps who don’t bother to read the website. After all “She’s only a prossie”, so why would they need to bother? They scan the page to find a phone number and then phone for details. The thinking seems to be that they are the important one. The customer is king after all and that if I want to get my scuzzy paws on their hard earned
cash, then I’d better straighten up, fly right and sell myself to them. These men are to be found in all walks of life, so don’t go thinking that it’s necessarily a certain class of man. They also tend to want their hooker to look and act cheap. These men will haggle. They have little or no respect for women in general and escorts in particular. They tend to bring out the worst on me on the phone, after all, why should I be polite and respectful to someone who won’t afford me the same courtesy? These are the guys who make a girl think the taboo thought. The one that we’re not supposed to ever consider… “No
wonder you have to pay for it”
The men who actually pay me for sex
I love my boys. They range from the men I only ever meet once to the guys I regard as friends. We spend quality time together, not just to dance the horizontal mambo, but to chat, get to know each other and generally enjoy each other’s company. I keep in touch with some of them online and by phone in between meetings. My gents come from all walks of life, all backgrounds, ethnic groups and parts of the world. They come to see me for a myriad of reasons. Some are single, some are not. They have their reasons for
visiting me and I don’t ask questions.
One thing I will take with me when the day comes that I leave the industry is the memory of cherished time spent with wonderful people.
(5) Lady “D”
I don’t have any negative opinions of feelings about why men pay and have deeply enriching meetings with all walks of life and all reasons for visiting…. Many men are generous with their time emotions and materially, and meetings are way beyond just sex, so the statement in itself may be incorrect as may be men who pay get a whole lot more than sex.
Yeah, thank god as you are my salvation! You are my social life, my life line to keep me housed and my children fed and you fulfil my sexual needs… so bloody fab and thank you!!
Several types that do pay
1. The too busy for a relationship boys…
2. The not so busy but don’t want the gf hassles
3. The I love my wife but we don’t have sex
4. I love my wife we have sex but she won’t do x, y or z
5. I have always wanted to try x y or z and can’t ask my wife to it
6. The I am single and want to have fun with lots of girls and don’t want to do the chasing and dating crap
7. The I am just plain naughty.. I get it at home but want the thrill
8. The I have money and I can buy whatever I want
9. The sex addicts…
10.  The shy and under confident that want help or support with sexual experiences
11. The “I want extramarital sex but don’t want an affair”
12.  The men that genuinely would like company
(6) Honest London Girl http://honestldngirl.wordpress.com/
What do I think of punters? Well, I’ve been an escort for 4 years now, and in that time I’ve been lucky to meet some wonderful men. There is a definite stigma attached to paying for sex, but for me my clients are no less of a man despite paying for it but their reasons are generally valid.
Some of my men see me because they want good sex, and my reputation for giving oral sex has been lauded in testimonials from previous clients. Sometimes I see married clients with wives that aren’t willing to put out any more – with me they can release their sexual tension, without any emotional attachments.
However the vast majority of my client base is just normal lonely professional men who want the company of a normal pretty girl. These are the clients I like best. We tend to have long appointments, 3 hours or more, where sex is only a small part of the time we spend together. Men who pay me for my company really do just that – they appreciate being with a young, intelligent woman. They like to know about my life, my interests and my
I genuinely like and respect my clients, they fund my education and the lifestyle I lead and
each of them has influenced my life in varying degrees – from the man who explained how the internet works, to the man that taught me the recipe for a Bull Frog cocktail. So, what I think of punters is this: they’re great. Mine are anyway…