A business trip is sometimes seen as a time and opportunity to incorporate some extra-curricular fun into one’s life by scheduling an encounter with an escort. However, if you’re accustomed to booking sessions with an escort in your hometown, the process and expectations may differ from what you’re used to experiencing. There are a few things you can do ahead of time to make it easier. And, there are some tasks you must tend to at the time to seamlessly visit with an escort while you’re away. Review this checklist for a successful experience in another city:

  1. Call in advance. When you’re at a conference or attending multiple meetings, you may not have a lot of time to do your research on escorts you might like. If you’re selective, it may take you some considerable time to find an escort who meets your criteria. Even if you’re not overly picky, it’s still a good idea to pick out a few options ahead of time and make contact with them to set up a time to meet. When you contact an out-of-town escort ahead of your arrival, you give her ample time to screen you and attempt to set aside a booking appointment for you. If you wait until you are at your destination, by the time you have a chance to call, you may be limited in who you can see, as they are already booked or won’t see a new client without more advance notice.
  2. Plan according to the conference/business schedule to find breaks during which you can get free from for an escort date. A lot of conferences have unnecessary sessions that aren’t really an integral part of your attendance. For instance, while a lunch meal may have an interesting keynote speaker, missing this part of the conference may not hinder your take-home knowledge from the event. Some evening sessions are considered bonus, and don’t really apply to the overall mission of your attendance. Look carefully at your schedule to determine periods that you will have time to visit an escort. Do this before you leave or as soon as you arrive so that you can schedule your encounter with lead time, the requirement of many reputable escorts. Additionally, it helps you plan ahead how you plan to divide your time among other sessions and breaks, knowing that you will be missing a particular time period for your “extra” fun. Once in awhile, a business trip factors in free time to explore the city or engage in a social activity. This would be a perfect time to book an encounter.
  3. Know that you will be extensively screened. Escorts screen new clients without any other circumstances that would cause them to be skeptical of the situation. They want to ensure that there is nothing obviously threatening about you and that you are who you claim to be. When you inform them that you are from out of town, that puts up an additional red flag that causes them to be extra careful when they screen you. Being from another city makes you a little harder to screen, as they may not be as familiar with the company you are with or as able to check out the other details you give them about your identity. They may have to do deeper research to find sites that will help them confirm your information. It may take longer for them to screen you, which makes calling ahead of time even more important. Additionally, don’t take offense if an escort refuses to see you. Some escorts choose to stick with clients who are more local and apt to become regulars.
  4. Expect your escort’s rates to differ from those in your city. If you’re visiting a totally different region from where you’re from, the prices for a lot of things may vary. Your dinner cost, cab fares and other rates will be more or less, depending on where you’re at the cost of living at the present time. It’s the same with the escort fees you will pay. If the market rate for an escort is higher, expect to have to pay an increased rate from what you’re accustomed to. Keep in mind that upscale escorts usually make premium rates in larger, metropolitan areas. The best way to determine what the “going” rate is will be to check out several profiles before calling anyone. You can get a good idea about the average fees before even making a choice of escorts. Depending on your location, you may or may not be able to afford the same level of escort you usually desire. You may need to budget some additional money for your tastes.
  5. Check your escort’s reviews ahead of time. Unfamiliar with the escort scene in your destination, it’s a good idea to verify the quality of services offered by your prospective escort. Just like you might check out the feedback of a restaurant or club before heading there, you can look for online opinions about many escorts you find on directory sites. In your own community, you may hear opinions about escorts through the grapevine or online forums. However, when you’re a stranger to the area, you may not be privy to the sites or outlets that would allow you to hear informal chatter about escorts and the satisfaction of their clients. Seeking out this kind of information helps you make better decisions. However, keep in mind that not all reviews are completely accurate. If something seems terribly skewed from the norm, based on the majority of the reviews, take the report with a grain of salt.
  6. Examine an escort’s pictures carefully before selecting the one you want to book time with. Although most escorts are fully open and honest with their pictures, compare all of them in their gallery for similarity and consider doing a reverse image search, to ensure that your escort is really who she claims to be. Again, because you are in unfamiliar surroundings, it’s wise to be sure you’re booking with who you think you are. Larger cities often have agencies that produce mass listings for escorts, using the same photos for many ads. If you notice that an escort’s pictures appear in several places and the accompanying descriptions or profiles don’t sound like they belong to information that could be from the same person, avoid scheduling a session with this escort.
  7. Make a plan to slip away from colleagues. When you’re in a strange city with a bunch of people from work, as you often are when you travel for meetings or a conference, it can be difficult to ditch your co-workers for some alone time. It’s not only a time for bonding and building team cohesiveness, but many others are scared to travel alone and will leach onto other members of the group. Nip this problem in the bud by arranging an encounter ahead of time. When you do this, you can inform your group that you’re meeting an “old friend” for dinner or drinks and that you will be absent from their activities. You may want to create a story about your “friend” being a long-lost relative or an old college buddy. Regardless, create a plan for getting away from the others in your group, especially if you need to keep your rendezvous quiet for professional or personal reasons.
  8. Know how to get to your escort’s incall. Some cities are especially tricky to get around in. Before heading out to her incall location, know where you’re going. Get specific directions from your escort, that provide you enough details you can map out where you’re going ahead of time. If you’re using your GPS to get to her, confirm the overall directions with her before heading out on your own. GPS, while usually pretty accurate, isn’t always up to date or may lead you to a similar address completely across town. (Instead of north Broadway, it might take you to the same street number on south Broadway.) If possible, get some landmark sights to help assure you that you’re headed the right direction, too. Additionally, it might be wise to confirm with the concierge at your hotel whether the neighborhood is one that is safe to travel to.
  9. Book an outcall to your room. To avoid having to drive around in a big city you’re unfamiliar with, paying for cab fare and possibly ending up in a sketchy area of town, schedule an escort to come to you. Just make sure that you’re booking her for a time that will help avoid scrutiny from other members of your group that might spy a strange person making her way into your room. It might be appropriate to meet your escort in the lobby or in another part of the hotel. And, if you see a member of your group as you (separately) head to your room, you can divert your escort to another area on your floor until the coast is clear. If you don’t have anyone traveling along with you, you can just provide your room number and your escort can come directly to your door, making it incredibly easy to enjoy some fun.
  10. Avoid flashing valuables and money around in the presence of your escort. Even though you’d like to believe that your escort has a heart of gold and would never steal from you, there is no way to determine that this is actually the case. You’re in a strange city visiting with an escort you’ve never set eyes on before. It would be terrible to be stolen from when you’re just a few miles from home, but to be the victim of a theft when you’re so far away could be terribly troublesome. Also, when you’re at home, you probably don’t have your passport and other personal items with you when you call an escort to visit with you. But, when staying at a hotel, you have many of your belongings right there with you. Just save yourself from any potential trouble by locking up your valuables and wallet or hiding them within your room. If locking them away doesn’t seem feasible, keep a close watch on them and don’t leave them unguarded.
  11. Don’t plan an extended booking. Even though the thought of a thrilling overnight with an escort sounds tantalizing, don’t plan on it. Escorts don’t typically book extended encounters with new clients. They avoid it for a couple of reason: 1) If you and your escort don’t “click,” an extended booking is awkward and uncomfortable for both of you, and 2) It might be a safety risk for an escort to book such a long session with a client she’s never met and had a chance to assess in person. If you want to plan longer times with an escort, you’d have the best chances at getting that at home or the next time you come through town. If you really hit it off with your escort, book an extended encounter the NEXT time you are there for business. Discuss the terms with her ahead of time to work out the details.
  12. Expect to use protection. Using condoms is a standard you should anticipate with every escort. Especially, if you are in a foreign country, you should use a condom to prevent the spread of disease or avoid any STDs your escort might be carrying. Sexual health is not as high of a priority in other parts of the world, so you want to protect yourself from any illness that could be contracted through an illicit experience. Following through with an encounter without using condoms is just asking for problems, despite whether you’re in the U.S., a foreign country or with an escort you know extremely well.
  13. Explore new genres. Being in a new, bigger city might give you the opportunity to try out a new kind of encounter. In a smaller area, your options may be more limited. But, visiting a large city may give you a chance to contact an escort who is Goth, a Dom or fits some other criteria you find sexy. Open yourself up to a new experience. However, don’t dive in head first in to extreme encounters you might not be ready for. Moderation is key, until you find out if the new niche is a fit for you.
  14. Expect the process to book an escort and the actual session to be similar, regardless where you are. Escorts have a general code of conduct they adhere to, for the most part. They expect you to book with them ahead of time. They want to you to provide them with accurate screening details. A specific time and date is agreed upon, and neither part should be late. Upon the first meeting, you will offer her payment for her time and participate in some idle small talk to get to one another vaguely. After you’ve both become a bit more comfortable with each other, you’ll retire to a more intimate setting and participate in desired activities. Unless your escort states something different in her profile about the booking process, expect it to be pretty standard, regardless of where you are. Some agencies in large cities conduct business in a different way, which they will inform you about.