1. The Funny Guy: A man with a sense of humor is hard to turn down, whether you’re meeting him in a bar for a one-night stand or booking an encounter with him for Tuesday evening at the Ritz. Being able to laugh at life (or oneself) is always a redeeming quality and can keep the conversation flowing. Any awkwardness related to the first few minutes of an encounter can be laughed away with a person endowed with a good sense of humor.
2. The Smarty Pants: Conversations with intelligent clients are so much easier to keep going than with dumb clients. Smart partners can discuss a wide variety of things ranging from politics, art and literature, science and mundane things like the weather and be able to make them interesting. Although only a portion of a date may involve conversation, it’s always helpful when the first thought an escort has is not “He’s dumber than a box of rocks”
3. The Courteous Client: A client who is punctual, respectful, considerate and genuinely nice is a breath of fresh air for an escort. They don’t want to waste escorts’ time, because they respect the value of time. They would never think of talking down to an escort or being condescending because they judge the profession. The courteous client is nice and makes a female escort feel like a lady. They are considerate in that they care whether the room is too hot/cold, whether their date is comfortable and so on. Exercising common courtesy goes a long way in making a client an escort’s favorite through simply making an encounter pleasant.
4. The Experienced Expert : Clients who know their ways around the bedroom (and an escort’s body) are always nice to come across. While all clients are teachable in the bedroom, an escort is pleased when they find a client who knows what they want physically and are able to provide a little pleasure in return. A sexually experienced client can make the entire session enjoyable from various perspectives.
5. The Richie Rich: Wealthy clients are nice to find — as long as they are generous, which is rarely the case, but is known to happen every once in a. Escorts can rest assured that a wealthy
client has the funds to pay for the date. (Their willingness to tip is another matter.) Escorts don’t have to worry that maybe they are spending their rent money, kids’ tuition or car payment in order to get some nookie. Additionally, wealthy clients usually book more regularly for longer periods of time, which makes it more worthwhile for an escort to get all dressed up and ready for a client. On occasion, a wealthy client can take escorts with them on vacations, weekends away or business trips. If trips aren’t on the agendas with wealthy clients, often fancy dinners or extravagant gifts are.
6. The Fresh and Clean Man: Freshly showered, shaved and manicured clients are definitely preferred by escorts. No escort wants to leave an encounter with a client with whisker burn or scratches from unkempt nails. Additionally, men who smell clean and are recently bathed (down there, up here and everywhere in between) are more likely to get better service from an escort
than one who stinks. Favored clients don’t overuse aftershave or cologne, but may opt for a moderate use of scented deodorant. Clients who don’t bathe should not expect an invitation to come again.
7. The Emotionally Healthy Client: Clients who are mature and have their emotions in check are clients that escorts encourage to come back for more. Clients who carry so much emotional baggage they can only hold a conversation about how the world has wronged them aren’t attractive. Also, escorts do not fancy clients who are negative, self-centered or insecure. Like everybody else, escorts want to work with upbeat and positive people, humble with a healthy degree of confidence, secure in their feelings. 8. The Married Man: Those who are married or attached are favorites of escorts. Married clients are much less likely to become stalkers or pursue anything more than a client/escort relationship. They have something at stake in the situation (their spouse/S.O./partner discovering their indiscretion), and they are less likely to advertise their encounter with an escort. Also, married people, unlike free agents, often know what they want from the escort experience.
9. The Directions Follower: Clients who can follow directions about how to arrive at an incall, where to leave the fee and how to act prior to getting down and dirty are much preferred by escorts over those who make the entire experience awkward and difficult. Most escorts provide simple directions for clients. Clients who follow them to a “T” are favored over the alternative.
10. The Comfortable Client: Clients who exhibit that they are comfortable with themselves and their lives are favorite clients. They aren’t trying to be something they are not or striving for something they can’t have. People who are at ease with their personalities and what they look like are easy to get along with and are often nicer to be with. They are comfortable with their bodies and, usually, comfortable with sex. They are usually comfortable with others, too, which makes an escort feel much more at ease with this type of client. Escorts don’t feel judged or overanalyzed — just appreciated for who they are. This type of client is usually easy to please and relatively easy going.