The women behind the fervor -the ones who render us speechless, and bring us to heaven and back- it’s the unique diversity and certain individuality that separates one provider from the next. An interest that all reputable providers seem to collectively share though, is their attraction to meeting new people. A fundamental element of escorting, the connection we make with our client can make or break a session. Making a deserving effort to construct a connection with my partner is one of the most important responsibilities I feel that I have as an estimable provider.
But what about the clients? How significant is their role in helping to ensure a smooth encounter? Believe it or not, the client plays just as much a part in the creation of a notable meeting as the escort does. Discerning the position you hold as a valuable client and implementing those ideas with sincerity will greatly increase the likeliness of both parties experiencing an amazing and memorable time.
For me, being a “good client” really starts at the very onset of the arrangement. Coincidentally, the initial acquaintance is also oftentimes the very place where things seem to be prone to quickly take a turn for the worse. One of the first things that can set an improper tone is the inquiring of things that are readily found on a providers personal website or within her ads. Escorts spend countless hours towards the development and maintenance of their websites and the information that is found within them (rates, availability, preferences). Confirming the information displayed is different than casually inquiring, as one can indicate a true interest in constructing plans to meet, while the other can demonstrate a critical lack of engagement and overall seriousness in arranging to get together.
Understanding the concept of screening is another impertinent part of the initial acquaintance. Each provider maintains specific requirements for screening, per their own discretion, and is always designed to secure the safety and comfort of both parties involved.
Any attempt to bypass this vital measure, or making contact with a provider knowing that you’re not willing to provide the required information is truly discourteous to the provider and her time.
Presenting the information she requests, as well as reviewing the information she displays about herself and her services will set things right from the start.
Likely the most prevalent deciding factor on who a client intends to see is a providers’ rates. From length and location to caliber and configuration, rates set for a providers’ companionship can vary universally. Different rates appeal to different people, a factor that each escort has carefully considered and subsequently incorporated in determining her own set rate. Clients will find that there are very few OBO’s (or best offers) afforded within this unique affiliation, and respecting the rates that have been quoted by a provider is absolutely essential. Haggling, negotiating, propositioning or requesting any sort of discounted rate is the quickest way to sour a budding situation.
The chemistry that develops between an escort and her client is a considerable aspect in determining whether a client becomes a regular acquaintance of the provider, or if it’s merely a one time event. It’s impossible to assume that each and every encounter will maintain a significant degree of magnetism and mutual fascination (and we certainly hope that the ones that don’t are few and far between!). For a good provider, an obvious lack of chemistry is an arduous and uncomfortable situation to experience. Just as a good provider should be making an honest effort for compatibility, a good client should surely do the same. And in the case that the chemistry is, in reality, just a lack of there of, sympathizing with the fact that not everyone will feel that connection will make the situation considerably less distressing for the provider.
Some additional things that distinctively separate the valuable, desirable, and memorable clients apart from the ones who aren’t really so much so are keeping in mind the pleasure and enjoyment of the provider herself, and respecting her time and privacy. All providers are individual in regard to the information they are willing to share with their clients. Some may be fairly open while others are extremely discreet, similar to our clientele. Although you may be genuinely interested in the answers, refraining from asking questions about a provider’s personal life is the best way to be certain that you haven’t crossed any boundaries or made her uneasy. An escort will share the information she feels comfortable sharing with you. Prying without knowing exactly where she stands can result in a very uneasy situation, and most often puts the provider in a position where she is required to fabricate an erroneous response, all while putting her directly on the spot.
As in any other real-life situation, treat a provider the way you would like to be treated yourself. Being mindful of good hygiene, controlling inebriation, and being able to engage in some light, airy conversation will never be the cause of a total encounter flop. If it’s something that would be decidedly appreciated by both parties alike, do it! Being thoughtful of the other half never goes unnoticed.
Although this last one doesn’t in any way turn a good client into a bad one, or a new client into simply a one-time client, offering to write a review for a provider you’ve had a good time with is undoubtedly appreciated. There are providers who will mention the construction of a review to each person they spend time with (but tactless and predisposed if provider mentions writing a “good” review or a giving a review of a specific score). Additionally, there are providers who do not request the composition of a review from each person they end up visiting with, and even further, providers like myself who don’t request the composition of reviews at all. Unless stated otherwise, most providers readily appreciate reviews from their clients. It keeps their information current and lets others get a sense for the type of person the provider is, and the experiences she may offer.
Courtesy, respect, enthusiasm, and participation. All are important, and even more valued. When both parties regard all alike, the affair is surely off to an incredible start!