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Welcome to Swedish Angels Toronto, a leading Toronto Escort Agency providing top quality companionship. We cater to a clientele who appreciates fine taste, and will settle for nothing but the best escorts in Toronto. We pride ourselves in offering the highest level of service, discretion and confidentiality for both our Toronto escort service providers and our clientele alike. We offer a wide selection of fine Toronto escorts to suit every taste. We rank among the top escort agencies in Toronto for top notch customer service.

What Are Swedish angels Escorts?

Swedish Angels are a rich and delectable confection for the discerning taste. They each have an enchanting style and elegance, enrobed in their own unique and distinct exterior. But beauty is not only skin deep with these authentic delights that would please even the most discriminating sampler. A plethora of taste, with an excitingly wide and tempting range of flavours, they are delightful mouth watering treasures to be desired, savoured and enjoyed thoroughly. Swedish Angels are perfectly blended to create a truly refined taste sensation.

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Are you new to Toronto? Have a corporate dinner to attend to and need a date? Need a companion to help you get around? Go through our Toronto escorts gallery and profiles in detail, choosing one or two who fit your style. Call us for more information or click on the reservations form to put in your request. Oh yea

Our business does not associate itself with prostitution. We exchange money for services which provide time and companionship. These services are provided based on the consent of two or more adults over the age of 18. We do not force our escorts to do things they are not comfortable doing. Likewise, we do not force you to make choices which are not comfortable for you.

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Welcome to Swedish Angels Models Toronto, a classy Escort Service Promotion Agency based in Toronto serving Mississauga, Scarborough, Airport the GTA. We promote professional models that have the right touch of sophistication & beauty, which today's modern gentleman seeks for his companionship needs. Platinum models has a companion to match your busy lifestyle.

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Toronto Escort Service Swedish Angels phone lines are open from 6pm-6am 7 days a week. To see each escort's availability during the week, please click on the Schedule tab located at the top of the page. For bookings please call Toronto Escorts Swedish angels at (416) 967-1111. Same day bookings are available depending on availability. Advance bookings are preferred for guaranteed availability. Overnight appointments are available upon request.

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Sex workers could be forced to ‘risk their lives’ if prostitution bill c-36 passes, escort service owner says


Swedish Angels Escorts Toronto Ontario. We are an elite, upscale, premium escort agency.

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6 steps to better self-care for escorts
November 24, 2011 | Health

When you’re an escort, your clients expect the highest degree of pampering and spoiling from you when they are on an appointment with you. You are good at spoiling and pampering them, however, when it comes to taking care of yourself, you may be letting some things go when life gets busy. Forgetting to pamper yourself may result in you not being able to do your job as well; it’s important to take care of yourself in order to keep up all aspects and traits of being an effective escort. Here are some tips:

1. Maintain a healthy diet. As a woman or a man on the go, it may be tempting to grab processed junk or fast food when it’s time to grab a bite to eat between appointments. These types of foods don’t give you the vitamins and nutrients your body requires when you’re constantly on the run. Try to maintain a diet that balances vegetables, carbohydrates and proteins. Eat lots of bright-colored foods such as peppers, squash, eggplant and spinach. Indulge in fruits such as papaya, bananas, oranges and pears. Consume lean meats such as bison or turkey. Concentrate on portion control, too. A typical serving size of any food is about the size of your fist.

2. Get regular exercise. Regular exercise not only helps you to stay in shape, but it also keeps your body and spirit in tone, builds energy, and reinforces your immune system. Strength training, interval training and aerobic exercise are all forms of fitness that should be a part of your weekly work out regime. Aim for at least 30 minutes every day, but if that’s not possible, attempt to exercise every other day.

3. Beautify yourself. Not only does this make you easier on the eyes, which is naturally good for an escort, but it adds that extra self esteem that neither escorts nor ‘civilians’ will ever say ‘no’ to. Get a new haircut, have a chemical peel, go for a manicure or pedicure. Boosting your self image may give you that extra edge to convince a client to book an appointment with you.

4. De-stress regularly. Being an escort is not without its stress and trouble. Whether you’re stressed about what to tell family and friends, a particular client or generating enough income to maintain your lifestyle, stress is going to be a part of your life as an escort (in addition to other daily stresses). Whether it’s taking time each day to read the paper or a book, listen to music, take a bubble bath or do something else that helps to take the edge off (in a healthy manner), make sure you give yourself a chance to de-stress and relax. A relaxed escort is apt to be a happy escort, which means you are able to give more to your clients.

5. Stay informed. It’s important to stay up to date on current affairs, not only for your own peace of mind and general knowledge, but it’s also important from the standpoint of being an escort. Your clients expect you to be knowledgeable and informed about the world around you. Find online news sources that resonate with you and stay away from newspapers or television.

6. Limit yourself from unhealthy activities. An escort is expected to be a party girl; however, too much partying and not enough time for yourself may limit your abilities to perform well as an escort. Limit unhealthy activities such as too much alcohol consumption or drug use. Refrain from risky behavior (unsafe situations while escorting or in your personal life). Enforce your boundaries with potential relationship partners and clients.

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How does virtual escorting work
May 21, 2012 | For escorts

While most of the time people think about real in-person encounters when an escort is mentioned, there are dates being had online that are just as steamy and erotic. Gamers and online game enthusiasts are finding that they can get their rocks off through virtual portals, too, such as in the game Second Life and others. Being an escort in an online game environment entails many of the same scenarios as being an escort in real life: you engage in role-playing activities that produce pleasure for your clients.

Second Life is an online game with a virtual world where residents interact with one another. The game, developed by Linden Lab in 2003, allows players to create avatars to represent themselves, interact in three-dimensional ways and to live complete lives in the online environment. Residents have families, work at jobs, interact socially and engage in other common life activities. Many create and trade virtual property through their activities. It’s really not very surprising that erotic activity has become a part of the game, too.

For many players, the game is more real to them than their own lives are. They depend on the persona they’ve created online for social interaction, personal satisfaction and other aspects of life important to them. Others who play the game find it fun and a great form of recreation from life’s stresses.

Many players of online games who are looking for amorous adventures often seek out escorts in games such as Second Life. Escorts dance at clubs, visit bars and walk the streets, just as they do in real life. Escorts spend time going to dinner with clients, visit them in outcalls and perform sexual services. Many online players seek out the attentions of escorts in the game for various reasons:

• They don’t get enough attention in the game: While many players are able to attract attention from the opposite sex in the game, others still have difficulties attracting affection from women. So, instead of putting out the effort required or putting in the time necessary, they seek out
affection from online escorts.
• They are too shy to get attention: Just like in real life, many men are simply too shy to attract the attention of women. They don’t know the right words to say, how to act or what to do in order to make a nice woman want to go on a date with him, little else go home and get frisky with him.
• They are looking for a thrill: Many men would NEVER seek out an encounter with an escort in real life. Whether it’s because they’d be too nervous, they’re in a committed relationship or whatever other reason, they may find that it’s thrilling and adventurous to go through the role-playing of
hiring an escort through an online portal.

Women who play online as residents sometimes become escorts because they want to act out fantasies of their own. Women are trained to be ladies and not to act on their sexual impulses. Many female residents take the opportunity to play out their alter ego online and become escorts. They don’t have to worry about disappointing their families, risking acceptance of family and friends or contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Additionally, there is money to be made through being an online escort. The money isn’t significant, but it can add up. If a woman is going to be playing online anyways, it makes sense for her to make a few bucks off of her time. In Second Life $50 Linden Dollars equal approximately $0.50 USD. Most decent escorts charge $1,000 Linden Dollars or more for each date, which equals about $10 USD.

Most of the sexual activity that goes on between online escorts and clients is done virtually through the interface of the games. Instant messaging, chat and voice exchanges are the ways that avatars can communicate. Avatars act out sexual activity on-screen, according to the directions provided by their living, breathing owners. However, some escorts who charge more take their business one step farther and entice clients to engage in activities through webcams or over Skype interfaces, which makes the encounters even more personal and real.

While many people may turn their noses up at the idea of virtual sex, others are embracing it. Kevin Alderman (aka Stroker Serpentine), Second Life sex-industry mogul, said: “It’s interesting how much freedom you get in that you don’t have any inhibitions to restrain you. If you want to be a Gorean and prostitute yourself to a master or become their personal sex slave, then go for it. If you want to be an escort in Amsterdam, or a domme, go for it. So many freedoms — things you couldn’t normally do in real life or that you would love to do — the fantasy aspect is limitless. Probably 60 percent of the women and men that come in-world at least try escorting or use the service because it’s the jumping off point, where you can explore your sexuality anonymously.”

Online escorts and clients get a taste of the taboo through their virtual experiences. For some, they may choose to follow through with their fantasies in the “real” world. Others will keep their encounters to themselves in discreet online environments.

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Look your best as an escort = make more money
February 14, 2012 | For escorts
It probably goes without saying that the better you look, the more a client will be willing to shell out cash to spend time with you. And if you’re just settling into the industry, one of the reasons you made it in is because you’re probably pretty attractive to begin with. But the longer you remain escorting—even if it’s just a few months—the more you should have a presentation regimen that is relatively fast, painless and affordable.

Here are some considerations:

Blonde, Brunette or Redhead?
First off, don’t wear a wig unless asked to. While it may have worked for Vivienne in Pretty Woman, it’s probably going to shock the crap out of a client if it comes off in an inopportune moment. Use your own hair, and use it to its best capability.

In general, blondes receive more attention from prospective clients. This could be because of the old “blondes have more fun” saying or realistically because lighter hair catches the eye more easily in photographs. If you have naturally blonde hair, take your skin tone into consideration. Is your shade of blonde really doing you justice?

If you’re a brunette in an area where there are not a lot of blondes, you may consider going lighter. Find a colorist you trust and work gradually: you don’t want to be bleached and distraught with a color you have to spend loads to correct. Consider your skin tone and lighten gently—think golden honey colors rather than Barbie Doll yellow.

If you have naturally red hair, you’ll definitely be in demand and should consider boosting your natural color up a shade.

In general, you want your hair to look natural and striking—not fake and too put upon. Take a good, hard look at your skin tone and style, ask for opinions from those you trust, and then don’t be afraid to go a little bolder than what you’ve got.

Body art
If you’re currently tattoo free, try to keep it that way. If you’re inked, don’t attempt to cover it up in pictures. While your art might have personal and creative significance to you, the kind of clients you ideally want (those who will take you out to dinner and shower you with attention and affection) will most likely want you to be more of a clean slate upon which you can, together, shape your time. If you have many piercings and visible tattoos, you’re not leaving much up to their imagination.

Similar to the idea of body art, you should try to present yourself as subtly as possible, especially if seeing your client in a public setting. Garish, fake, layered jewelry gives the client more opportunities to choose whether or not they like your presentation or if you’ll fit into the social atmosphere of the appointment. Also the more you have on, the more it will get in the way and possibly lost during an appointment. Do you really want to wear a beloved necklace and risk never seeing it again? Choose subtle, tasteful jewelry that you won’t be brokenhearted if you lose, and in general keep things to a minimum.

While you might think your perfume makes you smell romantic and exotic, there’s no way to tell what your client is going to think, and he’s probably not going to want to take it home with him. So choosing clean, fresh scents that are rather feminine and neutral are your best bet. Go with scented body washes and matching lotions, unscented deodorant and clean-rinsing hair products. Anything that sits on your skin and wears into your clothes means that it will just as easily wear off of you and onto him—which he may not particularly appreciate.

In general your client is going to want you to smell clean and fresh, not necessarily like a vanilla bean or Chanel 5. Keep it simple and sweet.

This can be tricky for new escorts, especially when getting the hang of the varying kinds of appointments you’ll be booking. If you’re being seen socially with a client, you obviously don’t want to standout as being a seductress or mistress. Nor do you want to look like you just came from some big corporate office or like you were out getting groceries.

Just like above, the keys here are simplicity and femininity.

If you’re going out to dinner with a client, you’ll know beforehand the part of town you’re going to and the kind of ambiance you’ll be in, so try to dress accordingly. Obviously you want to look attractive, but not so lusty that a chance run-in with someone he knows from work would assume you’re hired company.

Pick a color palette that suits both your skin tone and your personality: you should feel comfortable in your clothes and able to blend in a variety of environments. Jeans and sneakers are a definite ‘no’ across the board, but you don’t need to look like you’re stepping out to a Vegas club if you’re taking an in-call in Pennsylvania.

Find clothes that flatter your shape, that are rather simple and that leave enough to the imagination: you want your client to fill in the blanks as to what kind of woman you can represent for him.

Fake nails are for strippers and prostitutes. Long nails leave marks. Chipped paint just looks trashy.

Harsh? Maybe, but true.

Keep your nails clean, trimmed, and classic, and you’ll be once again presenting yourself as neutrally as possible.

Out the door check-list
Hair clean, well-cut and simply styled?
Clothes clean, flattering, neutral and feminine?
Nails trimmed and looking crisp?
Body smelling lightly scented and soft?
Jewelry understated and secure?
Whole package feminine, pulled-together, classic and casual and ready for fun?

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5 tips for working with another escort
December 23, 2011 | For escorts

Whether you’re just starting out or have been working as an escort for a while, there may come a point when you’re requested to bring along a second escort to meet a client. Or you may feel more comfortable beginning with someone who has a bit more experience than you who might help ?show you the ropes’. Or you may want to book clients in couples, who require the company of more than one escort for a social evening out.

The reasons for working with a partner vary, but both the advantages and possible conflicts of working with another escort are smart to contemplate before making any arrangements.

1. Who are you thinking of working with?
Is it a trusted friend that you enjoy spending time with? If so, can you see yourself deepening your friendship with this person or might it add pressure on your friendship?

If with someone you’ve met through a friend or agency, can you trust them? With your clients, with yourself physically and financially? Are you prepared to communicate professionally and honestly in all business transactions to make your working relationship as clear as possible?

Tip: Visualize working together and then go with your gut reaction to the idea.

2. Are you going to be working as partners or will one of you take the lead?
If your talents don’t particularly lie with booking clients and keeping things organized, partnering up with an escort who is already established or who naturally has a business mind may be a good idea for you. Adversely, if you feel that you’re completely competent in running your business but know another escort who may benefit from your help, you may find working together advantageous. If one of you is primarily doing the booking and maintenance work, though, that person should be taking a larger cut of your fees. Are you comfortable negotiating a split with your partner? Will you be confident in communicating concerns if either of you aren’t living up to the agreement?

Tip: Think of the last time you worked on a project with someone. Did you feel the constant pull to lead the project, or were you more comfortable being a team player? Go with whatever your conclusion is.

3. Are you partnering with someone who is your “type”, or someone who compliments it?
Clients may be looking for a bit of variety when creating a double date or social situation. Unless you’re the spitting image of your partner (which falls into its own special category of types), you’ll probably want someone who is personally and physically a bit different than yourself. Combinations of shy / outgoing, flirty / deep, intelligent / funny and the like may work well in increasing your bookings. Similarly, balancing physical features will give you a greater variety for your clients. You want to make sure you’re both admirable in different ways and both memorable specifically for who you are and what you brought to your time together.

Tip: Each of you write down what they think their best features are. Compare lists, and see whether your differences compliment each other’s.

4. Will you be able to truly work as a team?
Escorting is an extremely personal job. Unlike a job in retail or finance or the like, you’re not working side-by-side along someone with the goal to sell or achieve one specific mark in your work. You’re working together to make your client feel extremely special, even if just for a little while, in a very intimate way. Will you be able to read signals from your partner as to which of you should progress at certain points with the client? Will you become competitive for attention or respect each other’s boundaries and skills? Will you do your best to make sure your partner’s contributions are equal to your own?

Are you in a comfortable place with yourself to not feel in competition with your partner? Will you truly be able to work as a team? And, even more so, will you enjoy it more than working solo?

What will you do if a client decides to book only one of you afterwards? Will this put a riff between you? Will you still split the fee if only one of you goes? Is this something you will refuse?

Tip: Try doing something together that’s not particularly complicated, like navigating yourselves to somewhere new or working on a puzzle. Do you get easily annoyed by each other? Do you both try to contribute to the common goal?

5. Will working with someone increase your bookings and elevate your business?
There are so many reasons a client will hire an escort. Sometimes your time together will be purely social and in public. Others will be incredibly intimate in a personal environment.

If your business is already established, have you gotten requests for a second escort? Is this something you could mention to repeat clients that you trust, asking if this is something they’d be interested in?

What will you charge as a partnership, and will it be monetarily advantageous for you?

Will working with someone make your job easier or harder? Will it require more of your time for the same amount of money or will you be investing more but making the same?

Tip: If you’re established, calculate how much you made in the last month and about how much time you invested into your business, both literally with clients and with setting up bookings. Do you see this time decreasing or staying the same? Increasing? Will you be making more or less in relation to this time by working with a partner?

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How to join forces with other escorts
November 21, 2011 | Finances, For escorts, Safety

Even though you are directly competing with other escorts for clients and appointments, it can still be a good idea to join up with others in the business for several reasons. Many benefits can be received by networking with others in your field. From protection from law enforcement to comparing notes on undesirable clients, joining up with the competition can yield many positive results.

• Forming an alliance with others can provide support for your way of life. Living life as an escort isn’t always easy. And, mom and dad are not likely to understand the pressures and stresses associated with your profession, so they’re probably not going to be good listeners. However, other
escorts know exactly what you’re going through. Much like with fellow coworkers, you can share notes about bad appointments, funny occurrences and things you learn about your work. Others who share your way of life are much more likely to commensurate and empathize with you.

• Having open communication with others in the industry gives you resources with whom to compare notes on clients. It’s wise to ask new clients for references, especially if your gut senses that something’s not right. By opening up the lines of communication with other escorts in your area you may
be able to find out something about a potential client. You may find that a prospective client is a total peach to be around; however, you may learn that someone is an absolute time waster or dangerous.

• Joining with others to work together in the industry is a plus for all involved. It’s common knowledge that escort pricing depends on what level the rest of the providers are offering their services at. Getting together to set similar rates only makes sense in order to capitalize together on the
market. Working together ensures that other escorts aren’t undercutting you or offering the same services at extremely lower rates. When all escorts (or nearly all escorts) in a particular area offer services at or near the same level, clients are less likely to go somewhere else seeking a lower

• Becoming associated with others in the market may help increase the safety and security of each escort involved. When others know about your way of life and who some of your clients are, there is a way that authorities can track down information about your life if something were to ever happen to
you. Many escorts keep their lives secret; when something bad happens to them, it’s difficult for family and law enforcement officials to learn about their secret life to find out what danger they encountered.

• Communicating with others in the industry may help protect you from law enforcement stings. Escorts hear things and get information about law enforcement frequently. If you’re in the loop, you may be saved from being at the wrong place at the wrong time because someone told you about a potential
arrest sting.

• Networking with other escorts could earn you more business. Sometimes wealthy clients like to change things up or invite several escorts to a party or event. When you’re better connected to other escorts, you may end up on the invitation list more often or be offered more opportunities.

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Should escorts mix alcohol with work?
January 15, 2012 | Health, Safety

Part of being an escort is engaging in social activities and events, which often include the consumption of alcohol. Consuming alcohol at events as part of your job is common in many careers, such as public relations, event planners, advertising, marketing and sales. In the escort business, it’s extremely common because clients hire escorts in order to relax. Often, relaxing also means imbibing an alcoholic beverage or two. Since alcohol will be a prevalent part of some appointments with clients, it’s important to know how to handle situations where alcohol will be present.

First and foremost, set boundaries concerning alcohol, just like you have with other parts of your escort business (services you provide, acts you will engage in and rates you charge). If you are a non-drinker, do not let a client convince you to drink when you do not wish to. Furthermore, if you’re an alcoholic, do not allow a client to persuade you that “just one” will do no harm. If you’re okay with drinking, set limits for yourself at one or two drinks. Avoid going beyond your limits.

Life science: If you want to stay sober through a party with heavy alcohol consumption, here’s a simple solution. 2 or 3 hours ahead of the party have a good meal and down a shot or two (not more!) of liquor with food. Then go to sleep for the remainder of time. When the party starts, you will be able to drink A LOT without losing your mind and face.

A good rule of thumb to remember when consuming alcohol when on a date with a client is to never drink on an empty stomach. When you have nothing in your stomach to help soak up and counteract the alcohol, it enters your bloodstream much more quickly and can have increased negative effects that you wouldn’t otherwise expect. Eat something before or along with your drinks.

It’s important to always stay in control when drinking alcohol, because becoming impaired as a result of being “buzzed” or flat-out drunk can cause real trouble for you, especially if you’re with a client you cannot trust. Rape, burglary and assault have all occurred as a result of an escort having a couple too many drinks.

When drinking with your client, take extra caution when consuming hard liquor. Becuase its alcohol content is higher than wine or beer, liquor can affect you more quickly than other forms of alcohol. Having a pre-dinner cocktail is alright, but limit it to one. Many clients perceive escorts who drink liquor as having less class, too, especially if he or she consumes shots or orders several mixed drinks.

Wine is a good choice when imbibing with a client. Many of your clients may be more experienced with wine and know more about it, so it’s a great way to learn more about quality wine and how to determine what’s quality and what’s not. After learning more about it, figure out what you like and have a list of preferred wines handy when clients call to set appointments. Some clients will offer to bring over a bottle of wine, and it’s always good to be able to let him know what you like. Choose some middle-of-the-road bottles that cost approximately $20 per bottle. When your client brings over a bottle, don’t feel pressured that the two of you must drink the entire bottle at the time of your appointment. You can always keep it for later. (A glass of wine is always good while soaking at night in the bathtub or surfing the Internet later!)

Some escorts say they prefer wine coolers or champagne. However, watch out for these as choices to drink with clients. They are both carbonated and may cause gassiness. (That could be fairly embarrassing to have a bout of gas with a client!) Additionally, carbonated alcoholic beverages can cause you to need to urinate much more frequently, which can cause complications during an appointment with a client.

It’s important to consume more water when drinking alcohol. Alcohol has a dehydrating effect. Drinking more water before, during and after your time socializing with a bottle of wine or a few cocktails is necessary to keep your system in check.

Exercise safety and caution when drinking with an unfamiliar client. It’s not uncommon for a predator to drug an escort’s drink in order to take advantage of him or her. Never drink from a bottle that is already open, unless you see him drink from it first. Furthermore, if you have to leave and use the restroom (or for any other reason), take your drink with you so you know it hasn’t been tampered with when you return.

If you wake up with a hangover after an appointment with a client, it’s time to reevaluate your drinking policy. Partying hard with a client may be fun, but it’s not the wisest thing to do. It’s especially unwise if you’ve got appointments the next day. Working with a hangover is not only miserable, but it takes away from your performance with clients. You could lose a client by working with a hangover, because you’re not able to do your “job” as well.

Monitor your client’s drinking level during your appointment, too. Some clients become violent, aggressive or terribly obnoxious after drinking too much alcohol. Never stay with a client who has become visibly drunk and exhibits signs that he will become violent or abusive. Also, refuse to ride with a drunk client who insists on driving. You may lose a client, but it’s better than being in an accident.

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Behave like a lady to be a successful escort
February 8, 2012 | For escorts

Although men are said to like a woman who is a lady in public and a whore in the bedroom, a woman’s behavior can make or break her success as an escort. Men are paying for a fantasy when they hire an escort, and that fantasy includes a woman who behaves a certain way. Escorts should be careful to behave appropriately in order to enhance their images as high-end escorts. Here are some tips for how to enhance your behavior:

1. Ditch the nervous habits. Fidgeting, wiggling, playing with your hair, chewing your fingernails or tapping your fingertips all indicate that you are nervous, bored, disinterested, or preoccupied with something outside of your current date. A client doesn’t want to feel that he is a waste of your
time or that he’s making you nervous. These habits can, also, make a client feel that you don’t care about him or your appointment with him. If you start to feel that you must act out on one of your nervous habits, get up and move. Distract yourself from your nervous habits by moving around the
room or changing positions. (However, doing this too often may become a nervous habit, too. Control your habits by just doing nothing.)

2. Refrain from checking your watch or your phone repeatedly. While it’s sometimes necessary to keep track of time when you’re with a client, repeatedly checking your phone or watch is rude and inconsiderate. It can make your client feel unimportant and unappreciated. If you must refer to your
watch because a client is overstaying his time, simply inform him that his time with you is up for the day and encourage him to book another appointment soon. Additionally, tell them how much you enjoyed spending time with them.

3. Make deliberate, smooth movements. Because you may be nervous, especially with a new client, it’s wise to consciously think through your movements before you make them in order to make them fluid and graceful. Rise carefully from your seat. Walk calmly across the room. Deliberate, calm movements
indicate you are comfortable, confident, and capable.

4. Don’t flash your client (or others!) throughout your appointment with him. Flashing or baring your private parts to a client before it’s appropriate makes you appear trashy and without class. Just because he’s going to see the goods eventually doesn’t mean that you should give him a sneak peek
ahead of time. Flashing simply makes you appear cheap and easy, which shouldn’t be what your image is projecting, unless this is exactly what you are paid to role-play.

5. Talk about what your client wants to discuss. Leave your personal issues off the table. If your client isn’t helpful by providing conversation topics, chat with him about your hobbies, current events or other interests you may have. Don’t ask him about his family, though. He’s spending time with
you to relax. Bringing up their family may make them feel guilty or unhappy through the sheer reminder of them being stuck in a relationship. However, if they bring the family topic up, feel free to discuss it, but only on their terms.

6. Avoid gossiping about others in the community or your industry. It’s never wise to spread gossip or say anything behind someone’s back. Odds are that it will come back to haunt you. It always finds a way of getting back to the person you were dishing on, and from them—to you.

7. Dress appropriately. Always keeping in line with your image, dress to suit the occasion and the date with your client. If you’re attending a charity ball, dress in formal attire. Going to a sporting event would require much more casual clothing. Avoid wearing gaudy, flashy clothing no matter
where you are going. Drawing too much attention to yourself with outrageous clothing is never good.

8. Allow your client to lead how the appointment goes. He’s paying for time with you, and it’s up to him how the time is spent. Don’t attempt to direct the appointment in a different way. Be ladylike and let him take the lead. Unless, of course, he has requested that you dominate or lead the date.
If your image is more of a “take charge” sort, don’t let your client down by being submissive or too meek.

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Know the emotional boundaries of escorting
February 10, 2012 | For escorts, Safety

As a new escort, you may think that physical boundaries are the worst you’ll have to deal with. Unfortunately, as the case may be from moment to moment, they’re not. What is more exhausting and what will wear on you over time are the moments when you’ll find yourself feeling hurt, uncomfortable or just sad because of an action or conversation with a client. Often it may be something you don’t expect, or something that may not seem completely apparent to the client, and you’ll have very little chance to right the situation once your time together has passed. Or it might not be appropriate or necessary to even bring it up with the client. What is most important for your emotional health and sanity is to be prepared as possible as to what you’ll do to protect yourself when emotional lines are crossed.

Here are some things to consider:

Political and social issues that really affect you emotionally

These are different than your opinions on those issues, ones that you can debate upon, but that don’t stir any emotional leanings in you. Let’s say you grew up on a farm or in a rural area where you dealt with the lives of animals from start to finish and have an emotional reaction to hearing of their abuse. If you’re out with a client who, maybe, used to go to cock fights or is telling you the details of a bull getting killed in the ring during a trip to Spain, it might do more than push your buttons: it might pull up some deeply emotional reactions in you that have more to do with your own history than animal rights.

What to do? In reality, the conversation is obviously not that big of a deal. The practical thing is for you to try to steer the situation in another direction before it gets to a point that it upsets you. But if it’s gone too far, you have a decision to make: do you tell the client a bit about yourself personally, exposing the situation to friction, or do you let it go and deal with it later? Remember, the client is your focus and your profession means that you cater to their pleasure. But only in a way that is also safe for you as well.

How will you brush this off later? Can you prepare yourself for such a situation but maybe listing “hot-button” topics that you know instigate really negative reactions in you and so that you’re ready to see them coming and avoid them or somewhat tune out if they come? Sometimes just being aware is helpful and a sign of victory.

Your opinions on your profession and its value

Escorting can be a very liberating profession for human beings, so much so nowadays that it’s not uncommon to hear stories about educated, successful persons who either started as escorts or joined the industry when their careers flagged for economic reasons. But it’s one thing to believe in your opinion of the industry, and another to deal with a client who is disrespectful of this.

Hopefully, this doesn’t happen often, and most likely it won’t happen blatantly and to your face. But there are signs—subtle ones—that can affect you emotionally. When a client shortchanges you, they are basically telling you that your profession is not as legitimate or valued as others (would she ever not give her dry-cleaner a full amount owed?). When she uses words, either socially or intimately, that have generally negative connotations, she assumes you’re cool with them when maybe you’re not: some people get turned on by being called a whore or a slut in bed, others find it very off-putting and offensive, it all depends on the person. When he or she doesn’t treat you with proper respect in public (simple things like remaining attentive etc.), she’s showing you where you lie in value in their sight.

These lines are different for everyone. If you’re very secure in your opinions and can roll with clients easily, it may not be that big a deal to hear, see or be treated in certain ways. But if one of those situations happens and you feel cheated or belittled, how are you going to brush it off to move on to the next client. Will you refuse to see them again? Be verbal with them as to your discomfort? As far as your longevity in the escorting field goes, respecting yourself and making your working environment as comfortable as possible are the most important things to consider, as well as making sure you respect and value your client as much as possible.

Physical boundaries – great and small

There are a variety of sessions you may be having with clients, from the Girlfriend Experience where you’re out socially, to private dinners, trips, or simply hotel time for two.

How will / do you feel when a client is both negligent in paying you attention or physically all over you in public? Does he try to hide you and ignore you when there are other people around or is he liberal with his public displays of affection? How do you feel about either end of this range?

This will change depending on the client, as well it should. Your physical comfort levels and boundaries are yours to determine. When you work in a corporate environment most managers make it clear when sexual harassment policies are explained that the same physical touch between two people may be completely appropriate whereas completely inappropriate with others: it depends on the level of communication, comfort and the relationship between the two parties.

The same is true in the escorting industry. It is never right for a client to assume that they can do what they want with you physically. Nor is it right for them to hire you for company and then try to avoid you completely physically when together. Escorting is an extremely personal profession: how to you plan to present yourself in regards to what you will and will not take from a client physically? What are your limits? What do you enjoy and what repulses you? Have an idea of this so you can avoid those lines being crossed.

How to let it all go

Emotional lines are going to be crossed at some point, no matter how prepared you may be. So here are some ideas as to how to check out at the end of the workday.

Have a meditation or breathing sequence that helps you physically let it all go: If you drive away from appointments, have a ritual that maybe thanks you for your time together with that person, and then helps you to release that time into the cosmos. Maybe breathe in and out
deeply, put on some
music that calms you, and say a mantra or prayer. By the time you’re done with the ritual, tell yourself that the session is over, and it’s time to move on, either to your next client or your personal life. Exercise is also a great way to get it all out physical.

Have a friend to mull it over with, but give yourself a time limit: If a client really pisses you off and you need to vent about it, talk to a trusted friend and let it all out. But at the beginning of the bitch session, tell him/her “I need to get this off my chest but only for
15 minutes, then
we’re changing the subject and you can’t let me go back to it”. When it comes down to it, your time is your own, and you’re the only one with the power to let the client occupy your thoughts and time or not. So let it out, then let it go.

Journal on what you’ve learned: Maybe a line was crossed that you didn’t know you had. What can you learn for the future? How could you have handled the situation better? Keep a journal of this experience so that you can refer to it later when the same line is crossed, so you’ll
know how to better react.

Appreciate what you have. If you don’t know how to be happy with where you are and what you have, more—time, money, friends, square feet, independence—will not make you happier.

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Fair trades in escort trade
February 16, 2012 | Escort business management, Finances, For escorts

As in any business where services are traded as a business commodity, clients may try to bargain with an escort and trade for certain services, gifts, items or trinkets they can get easily and cheaply. It’s common practice for a client to offer jewelry, gift cards, airline vouchers and other items in exchange for an escort’s time and services. Escorts should carefully consider each and every offer of trade in order to ensure they are compensated adequately for their time. Here are some tips escorts should use to figure out if a client is offering a fair trade for escort work:

1. Determine if the item being traded is something you want or need. Many clients will offer items to escorts in exchange for time spent, but if a trade includes an item that is not of value to you, then it’s not a valuable trade. The item being traded for must be significant and needed or wanted by you. For instance, any client who offers a new car (if you need/want one), a new place to live (if you need/want one), new appliances (if you need/want them) or an extravagant vacation (if you need/want one) is attempting to compensate you at a level that is worth your time. However, someone who wants to trade out plumbing services to snake out your kitchen sink drain isn’t valuing you at your level. The item being traded must be something you want and need and be of significant cash value.

2. Evaluate whether or not the item being traded is redeemable for cash. Some clients will offer gift cards or airline vouchers as trades for time spent with an escort. Escorts should investigate immediately to find out if the item is redeemable for cash and the amount of cash it will net. Gift card balances should be checked on before trading, as well.

3. Negotiate well in order to get what you’re worth. Escorts should haggle with a client to get items that add up to the worth of her time. A client may offer for trade items that were easy for him to acquire. Airline vouchers, discounted goods and free gift cards are often easy for business professionals to come by. Because these items are easy to come by, they are not worth the amount of cash to a client that you are requesting. In order to make a fair trade, many escorts enact a triple trade rule. They require that a client provide up to three times the value of their time in tradable items. For instance, if a client wants to spend time with an escort that would normally cost $300, he should be willing to provide up to $900 worth in tradable merchandise. Most clients will go along with this deal or choose to fall back to the good old cash.

4. Take your time to consider all trades carefully. Escorts should properly think through each and every trade a client offers. Some trades require a long time to pay off (such as a trade for a car or house). Consider what could happen during that timeframe and how the trade could affect your life. Take the time to brainstorm any outcomes (both good and bad) that the trade could result in. If the trade still seems like a good idea, go with it. However, if you question the validity or worth of the trade after analyzing it, reject it.

5. Get the item up front. Request your client to provide the tradable item before exchanging time for it. By getting the item up front, you are ensuring that your client will follow through with his or her promise and that the item is as expected.

6. Don’t be afraid to make your client mad. Some clients may be disgruntled if you won’t allow them to trade some item they value for your time. Attempt to explain to your client that you don’t need another piece of jewelry, a new toaster or an imitation Coach purse. Share with your client items that you are willing to trade your time for, and demonstrate to him how his trade offer doesn’t meet your usual standards or expectations. Don’t belittle him or laugh at his trade attempt. Be nice, gentle and firm about your decision, though. However, always keep in mind that he is a client and that he deserves your respect and consideration. But, if he gets mad that you won’t accept his trade, so be it.

7. Think ahead about whether accepting a trade will set a precedent with a client. If you feel that accepting a trade from a client will start the ball rolling where he will expect you accept a tradable item for payment each time you spend time together, then feel free to refuse the trade. Accepting a trade from time to time with a client may be a good thing for both parties, however it shouldn’t be the standard transaction.

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5 steps to better escort rates
February 20, 2012 | For escorts, Marketing

In the tradition world of work and professional careers, people can expect to receive raises and salary increases with growing experience and abilities. The adult industry professionals, like their counterparts in other industries, deserve more compensation for work well done. Experienced escorts have more to offer in technique, people skills, services, and expertise than escorts who are new to the business. However, plenty of escorts feel they become pigeon-holed into the rates they are currently working at. Here are some ways that escorts can give themselves raises:

1. Concentrate on marketing: Escorts must ensure their marketing matches up to the stories they are selling. Their advertising, photographs, biography and services must match up to the images they project of themselves as high-end escorts who deserve to be paid premium rates. Escorts who receive premium rates provide higher quality encounters and more emotional energy to each client they see. They are able to do this because they see fewer numbers of clients and have more energy for each one of them. The marketing of a high-end escort needs to share with the potential client why his or her experience with the escort will be a special one worth the higher rates. Marketing that doesn’t indicate to the client that the escort is unique and upscale is failing in its purpose.

2. Increase rates gradually: Escorts should never increase their rates by huge amounts all at once. A jump of doubling one’s price or increasing it by more won’t keep clients interested. Many escorts increase their rates with the number of hours booked. For instance, if an escort charges $500 for two hours, she might charge $900 for three hours and $1500 for four hours. The hourly rate goes up a bit with each hour of a booking. (And, the initial hourly rate may have increased by $50 to $100 in the beginning.) Rates that increase gradually in increments are not going to alienate a client, nor will it create new price points that are out of a client’s ability to pay.

3. Have savings for support for a couple of months: Escorts should have access to funds that can support them for at least two months while they are trying out their new rate structure. It may take up to two months to determine if a rate increase will work, and an escort who has at least two months of support built up will be able to financially survive during the interim period of trying out the new rates. During this time, it’s possible that clients who are used to the old rate structure will fade away. As an escort loses old clients who refuse to pay new rates, new clients should take their places.

4. Consider grandfathering in loyal, regular clients: Many regular clients have been loyal to escorts and provided their support as they were starting their businesses. Some escorts choose to reward their loyal, regular clients with the option of being grandfathered in under the old rates. Most escorts create some standards about which regulars to include in this process, such as a regular who has booked appointments at least three or four times within the past 12 months. Some escorts allow previous clients to pay the old rate indefinitely, while others require loyal clients to begin paying the new rates after three months. Each escort must create her own standards for grandfathering in loyal clients concerning rate increases. While grandfathering in loyal clients may feel like a good thing to do customer service-wise, it can be a record-keeping nightmare for the escort. It may be very difficult to keep track of which clients get what rate and for how long.

5. Take a chance: Escorts should feel empowered by the fact they own and run their own businesses. You should feel good about the fact that you are confident enough to think you deserve a raise. Trying out a rate increase is a risk; but, it’s a risk that could pay out significantly. If the rate increase doesn’t work, an escort can always go back to her original rates. She can also contact any clients she may have alienated with her higher costs and encourage them to become clients, again.

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