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Welcome to Swedish Angels Toronto, a leading Toronto Escort Agency providing top quality companionship. We cater to a clientele who appreciates fine taste, and will settle for nothing but the best escorts in Toronto. We pride ourselves in offering the highest level of service, discretion and confidentiality for both our Toronto escort service providers and our clientele alike. We offer a wide selection of fine Toronto escorts to suit every taste. We rank among the top escort agencies in Toronto for top notch customer service.

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Swedish Angels are a rich and delectable confection for the discerning taste. They each have an enchanting style and elegance, enrobed in their own unique and distinct exterior. But beauty is not only skin deep with these authentic delights that would please even the most discriminating sampler. A plethora of taste, with an excitingly wide and tempting range of flavours, they are delightful mouth watering treasures to be desired, savoured and enjoyed thoroughly. Swedish Angels are perfectly blended to create a truly refined taste sensation.

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Our business does not associate itself with prostitution. We exchange money for services which provide time and companionship. These services are provided based on the consent of two or more adults over the age of 18. We do not force our escorts to do things they are not comfortable doing. Likewise, we do not force you to make choices which are not comfortable for you.

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Welcome to Swedish Angels Models Toronto, a classy Escort Service Promotion Agency based in Toronto serving Mississauga, Scarborough, Airport the GTA. We promote professional models that have the right touch of sophistication & beauty, which today's modern gentleman seeks for his companionship needs. Platinum models has a companion to match your busy lifestyle.

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Sex workers could be forced to ‘risk their lives’ if prostitution bill c-36 passes, escort service owner says


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13 tips for an escort about to work abroad
February 7, 2014 | For escorts

Escorting isn’t always fun and games, but the thought of funding a vacation or exploring the world as an escort sounds exciting. Many escorts daydream about traveling abroad and supporting their temporary lifestyles with a few client encounters along the way.While this sounds perfectly logical and realistic, there are a few considerations you should make before heading off to the airport.

Just like you created a plan for your escorting business at home in the U.S., you must think ahead to ensure success when you are meeting clients overseas. Touring domestically requires you to enact a plan of action, and toiling at your career abroad necessitates an even more detailed, researched vision. Consider these issues when thinking about taking your escorting skills to another country:

1. Sex industry’s legal limits differ across the globe. Some nations legalize the sale of sex completely, but they place limitations on marketing or where the sex acts may be committed. Some governments require women to register with official entities and pay taxes on their earnings in order to offer themselves to clients. Many of these nations put limitations on non-citizens or require them to pay licensing fees. Others prohibit the exchange of sex for money altogether, just like the United States. Before traveling to another country, you should carefully research your destination’s laws regarding prostitution. Additionally, because you will not be working as a prostitute, but as an escort, differentiate carefully between the services you offer and how the government in your destination country will perceive your actions. It’s important to abide by all laws in the country you are traveling to. Ending up in legal trouble in a foreign country creates a crisis in your life that is difficult to move past. Also, beyond the legalities concerning your escorting efforts, make sure you get the proper visa and present an up-to-date passport upon your travels.

2. Clients in other countries don’t always speak comprehensible English. If you have trouble getting a taxi driver to understand where you want to go in a foreign country, you will certainly have difficulties communicating with clients. Knowing the language of your destination country is a prerequisite to a successful touring experience overseas, unless you are employing a translator. (Employing a translator cuts into your profits, and it is a challenge to locate someone trustworthy.) Because dialects often differ throughout a country, even knowing the language isn’t enough sometimes. To ensure success, you will need to be able to clearly communicate with clients, verifying encounter times/dates and locations. Without the ability to discuss these issues, in addition to details concerning an encounter, getting your escorting efforts off the ground is definitely a challenge. Some escorts presume that nearly all people in the world understand some English, so they will be able to communicate just the same, without fluency in other languages. While it is true that many business professionals around the world know some English, it may not be sufficient to book encounters. It certainly won’t be enough to entice a client away from escorts who can speak his language.

3. Ethnic customs concerning sex and relationships differ vastly around the world. People in some middle eastern nations are prohibited by their religions to engage in any kind of sexual acts on certain days. Others are forbidden to participate in some sexual activities they consider taboo. Many people across the globe view beauty much differently than the standards that define it in the United States. An escort who is considered beautiful in the U.S. may not appeal to clients in the same way when she travels overseas. She may be too thin or fair complected to be considered alluring. Her hair could be too short. Her breasts might be too large. Ethnicity has strong influences on what clients desire from their escorts and what they look for during an encounter. Many escorts find they are quite unprepared and lack knowledge about how to successfully pursue clients in other nations.

4. It’s common for escorts to be surprised about cultural attitudes toward women in other parts of the world. Depending on where you plan to travel, you may be shocked about the limitations placed on women’s rights. Any escort who wants to travel to the Middle East will find that women are restricted from activities that are normal in the U.S. Throughout the world, women are shown little respect and treated as slaves and sex objects only. For an escort who is accustomed to being treated like a queen, it may come as an extreme culture shock to learn that she cannot command the same kind of attention from her clients overseas. However, men in other countries do give women even more respect and positive affirmation than they may receive in the states. For instance, women who visit Italy may be openly whistled at or complimented forwardly on their beauty.

5. Sexual attitudes differ greatly around the world. It’s common knowledge that many cultures believe that sex really isn’t a big deal. They believe that sex is a pleasurable physical act that shouldn’t entail getting uptight over. Polygamy and open relationships are common across the globe. However, other countries are even more conservative in their perceptions about sex than the United States. They forbid public discussion of sex, birth control or other aspects about intimacy. It’s a good idea to get an overall sense of what the general attitudes are about sex before you travel to a nation, in hopes of using your escorting skills there. You don’t want to venture into an area where your clients will be extremely uptight about becoming intimate, making your job even more challenging. Finally, many nations don’t promote the use of condoms for sex. As a result, a good portion of the world’s men feel that using protection is burdensome and unnecessary. Do not allow these clients to persuade you to stop using condoms when engaging with them. Your health is at risk, especially in these nations where protection is uncommon.

6. Research effective ways to promote yourself in your chosen market. Even though online marketing is what works in the U.S., there may be other more effective means of self-advertisement in another country. Newspapers, classifieds or word-of-mouth referral from the hotel concierge may work best where you’re going. In some countries, one or two main escort directories may get the majority of the business. If this is the case, you will want to figure out which ones to use prior to departing, so that your profile is up and live when you arrive. As you research the most effective outlets for marketing, peruse other profiles or ads to determine trends that seem to attract clients. Your traditional wording and images may not be as effective in another country as what they are at home. Work over your profile so that it seems appropriate compared to others in your chosen niche.

7. Know your competition before you get there. Look at the ads of other escorts who will be working in the same area you are traveling to. Take note of their advantages over you and figure out how you will compete with them for business. What benefits do you have they don’t? What can you offer to clients that they can’t? Be prepared to emphasize these benefits as selling points in your marketing. Additionally, expect that other escorts may not be happy to hear of your arrival into their territory. Use caution when approached by another escort and be prepared for physical or online confrontations. While most professional escorts will be classier than to attempt to fight with or attack you, stranger things have happened. Always walk away from a fight when possible. You don’t need to tangle with a local escort just to get a few encounters.

8. Get to know what the locals’ expectations are from escorts. Because their laws may differ or cultural ideals vary, the locals who live in your destination may anticipate certain things from an escort. Many countries classify escorts and prostitutes similarly, not realizing that escorts charge for their time, not according to sexual acts performed. As you book encounters with clients, you must be prepared to emphasize that you are an escort and reiterate the type of encounter your client can expect. If you don’t feel comfortable forwardly explaining what an encounter will entail, feel free to ask your client’s expectations of time with you. Clarify and correct any misconceptions he seems to have about his upcoming experience with you. It’s important that you are both on the same page about what will happen when the two of you meet face to face.

9. Adjust your rates appropriately for your location. Depending on the economy where you are, the rates that you normally charge in the U.S. may not be marketable. In countries with struggling or slow economies, your rate of $200 per hour may be laughed at. However, if the value of the dollar is high in your destination, lowering your rate to a market standard may still net you the same profit you make at home. Research the rates other escorts charge and compare them to the economy. If it seems like working will still be worth your while, based on projected income, rework your rates to fit in with similar escorts. However, if you must reduce your rate significantly, it may not be worth your time to offer your services to clients. And, if you don’t want to reduce your fees accordingly, you may need to transition your status to elite or exclusive escort in your marketing.

10. Be aware of common scams that are used on escorts abroad. Most escorts in other nations fall victim to similar scams and tricks that are tried on escorts in the U.S. Escort agencies attempt to take advantage of naive, inexperienced escorts; escorts are victims of robbery and theft by ill-motived clients; and, some escorts are assaulted or murdered by psychopaths. However, some countries may have particular scams that are somewhat exclusive for their areas. For instance, some escorts in England were booked by a client and invited to his flat at a particular place, only to find out that it was a personal residence of a family. They leave embarrassed and having wasted their time. Other, more serious scams include kidnapping escorts for the white slavery trade. Nations in eastern Europe and the middle east have the worst reputations for being white slavery capitals.

11. Don’t travel alone overseas as an escort. Typically, a woman can safely travel overseas without worry. However, when you know that you will be working as an escort when you are abroad, you need to enact the same security measures that you would while working in the United States. That means that you should always have a security buddy around or nearby. Checking in with a travel companion regularly can ensure that you are where you are supposed to be at all times, and not tied up in some client’s bedroom (or worse). Also, you need to include a security partner in your plans to physically have a presence nearby that could discourage clients from getting violent or rough with you. If you travel alone, you won’t have anyone physically around to ensure a measure of safety. However, if you must travel solo, arrange to meet up with someone in your destination who can serve as your security partner. Maybe it’s a relative, friend or another escort you’ve made contact with. If this is not possible, engage in regular contact with people back home. It’s not the same as having someone locally to look out for you, but it’s better than nothing.

12. Continue to screen clients even when you are working in a foreign country. The Internet is available worldwide, and your abilities to screen potential clients don’t change simply because you are in a different part of the world. However, because some countries have more limited or less organized public records files and information, it may be more difficult to gain information about your clients. Do your best to screen them to ensure they are who they tell you they are and to weed out any risks to your physical well-being.

13. Leave enough time to enjoy yourself while you are traveling. Touring as an escort can be exhausting. But, if you’re doing it so you can afford your vacation, make sure that you schedule ample time to see the sights, relax, pamper and engulf yourself in the culture of your destination. Have fun, buy souvenirs and come back home recharged and more worldly than when you left.

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Clients’ crotch selfies and what to do about them
February 17, 2014 | For escorts

Thanks to the smart phone industry and the Internet, penis photos run amok in the world of professional escorting. (Actually, they are entirely too common in the rest of the world, too. Anthony Weiner, the Subway food artist and several others have proven that the male crotch selfie is a standard form of crude male behavior.) And, escorts get to see many of these shocking photos, as they arrive uninvited in their inboxes and through text messages.

Opening them with an exasperated “Again?”, escorts must deal with a barrage of penis photos from prospective and current clients. Yet the question about why these wealthy, self-confident and sophisticated men send pictures of their junk to escorts remains largely unanswered.

And there are no standards for how escorts should react. Consider these theories and ways to deal with crotch photobombs:

1. Clients think they will impress you with their penis shots. Most men are extremely proud of their junk. They wiggle it, swing it and whirl it around. They’ve been obsessed with it since they were little boys. In addition to their own obsession with it, they are also massively impressed with how it grows to (seemingly, to them) enormous proportions. When a client sends you pictures of his crotch, he is hoping to amaze you with the girth, length and pure masculinity that his penis represents. To him, this is his way of letting you know that he can certainly get the job done. Some clients want to make sure they “warn” their escorts, so they aren’t in shock and awe when the time for crotch-to-crotch reveals presents itself. They think that when you see the size of their love machine, you will be clamoring to book an encounter with them ASAP.

2. Sending you a cock shot is a way of demonstrating they are serious about an encounter. Clients know that escorts get a lot of inquiries that don’t result in bookings. But, many clients think that you will automatically realize that when they send you a penis pic, they mean business. They aren’t shy, won’t back out and are excited about the opportunity (as the picture may explain!), so they send a photo to prove their commitment and dedication to the booking. They don’t stop and wonder if you wanted to see a picture of their junk; they are simply excited about getting together with you and want to show you that they will follow through.

3. Hopes for a reciprocal photo are high. Part of the impetus for sending a crotch shot to an escort is the desire for her to reply with an equally racy photo of her intimate body parts. Whether it’s a boob shot or a vagina image, clients are extremely optimistic that you will say to yourself, “Wow! He must really like me to share with me such a wonderful photo of his wiener. I’ll send him a picture, too!” He doesn’t realize that your logic is nothing similar; but, he maintains the attitude that it is. When you reply with a PG-13 rated photo, he is very disappointed. And he may try again, with an even better photo of his junk. Clients will stop at nothing to obtain photos of you that they can stimulate themselves with later or enjoy during a boring sales meeting.

4. Pranksters send photos of their junk. Some do it because they know it will bug you. A few clients are informed enough to know that women generally don’t adore being sent random crotch shots from men. But, they are compelled to do it, anyways. They imagine the expression on your face when you open the message to see their winking willy staring at you, out of the blue. For them, it’s a big laugh. They think about it over and over, fantasizing about how shocked you were when you opened the photo. Furthermore, some pranking clients take it even a step further. They may decorate their wieners with clothing, props or paint/marker and create faces, figures or other images. During Halloween, you might get a ghost penis; St. Patrick’s Day: a leprechaun willy, for example. As they are vamping up their penises, they find great humor in the entire scenario, topping it off by sharing it with you in images.

5. Many clients think it’s just plain sexy. Because men tend to be more visual creatures, in the first place, they find overtly sexual images extremely arousing. A photo of a woman’s breasts, buttocks, vagina or anus may be a complete turn-on for a man. These clients think they are doing something sexy by sending you a picture of their junk. They assume that escorts think in the same manner they do and believe that an escort might get hot and bothered by seeing photos of their penises. And, they think that if one picture is good, several would be even better. So, thus, they send you an entire series of crotch shots for your viewing pleasure. Again, they don’t stop to think that women view sex and become aroused differently than men. They are acting on things that get them excited; clients assume you will find their images erotic, too.

6. Clients exercise bad judgment when they are caught up in the moment. They’ve been scrolling through the escort directory, chatting with you and are extremely pumped about the booking they just scheduled. As a result, they are likely aroused and caught up in the moment. Men are historically notorious for making bad judgment calls when they are allowing their wieners to do their thinking for them. Numerous politicians have been caught up in scandals after allowing their penises to overrule their brains. This is exactly what happens to many of these clients. They’re thinking about the escort they just spoke to on the phone and shoot off a crotch shot before they even have time to think about the consequences. Afterward, they may realize that the ramifications may not be positive, but what’s done is already done; it can’t be unsent or recalled. The photo is permanently out there, much to their potential dismay, often. (But, most won’t admit this.)

7. Crotch shots are a matter of a good self-image. Some clients find confidence in sharing their junk with others. It’s their way of saying, “Hey! Look at me! I’ve got something special!” Geraldo Rivera made headlines in the news when he showed off his naked upper torso through sending selfies that he felt demonstrated power and virility. Clients who send cock shots to their escorts may be simply informing her that they’ve got something they’re proud of. It’s a way that men show off their power, masculinity and sexual prowess. A client who has the nerve to take a picture of his junk and send it to you is typically confident, at ease with himself and comfortable with his body. (These are all good signs; it signals to you that he’s somewhat normally socialized and shouldn’t be afraid of getting naked in front of you.)

8. Many clients send wiener images to escorts, because they have nobody else to send them to. Much like many other reasons that clients seek out escorts, the behavior these men desire to exhibit isn’t completely acceptable by the other women in his life. For some clients, it’s cross-dressing, anal intercourse, fetishes of many sorts and other activities they are missing out on or don’t feel free to explore in their “normal” lives. Perhaps a married client has been chastised by his wife for sending her images of his junk on her phone. He doesn’t know who else he can send them, too…until he meets you. He gets to fulfill his desires to send naked photos of himself to someone and get feedback. He wants/needs your acceptance for his behavior, which is one element to his desired involvement with you through encounters. Escorts must work to get to the bottom of what a client needs from her. Some simply need to be allowed to act out on fantasies or the ability to sext.

9. Sending penis photos is a high-tech way of flexing his muscles. Clients who would normally attract a woman’s attention by showing off at the gym, lifting/moving heavy objects or with some other overtly masculine act are common senders of penis photos. Because a virtual world (prior to meeting face to face) doesn’t provide them with ample opportunities to call your attention to their manliness, they have to resort to other obvious methods. To them, the best way to show off what God gave them is to send you an image of their wiener at full salute. It’s a very sexual way of flexing their muscles, and clients assume that you are excited to see what you’re going to be working with. It’s their way of showing off their goods prior to allowing you play with it. It’s common for men to avoid thinking about whether a woman really wants to receive this images; they just think it’s as welcome as a whistle from a construction worker on a busy street.

10. Many men are unable to think with their upper head and identify with the lower. What they are sending you a actually a portrait.

Escorts have to realize that they are going to continue to receive crotch shots from clients despite their best attempts to prohibit it. But, there are a few things you can do to deal with and reduce the number of unsolicited images you receive on a regular basis:

1. Delete and ignore. When a client sends an escort a photo of his junk, she doesn’t have to keep it. An escort who doesn’t like penis images can easily get rid of these photos as they come in. They don’t have to clutter up your phone, suck up excess storage and potentially show up during inopportune moments. As soon as you receive one, get rid of it by deleting it and purging it from your phone, laptop, tablet, etc. Refuse to reply to a client who sent you a dirty image. Don’t thank him for it. Don’t tell him “it’s nice.” And, don’t rave about what a great photo it was. Give him no credit for sending it to you, except for letting him know you deleted it immediately, if he asks. Ignore the fact you received the photo, unless your client really wants to talk about it. But, make him be the first one to mention it.

2. Instruct your client to cease and desist. If a client consistently sends you crotch photos, you can ask him to stop. Escorts who have clients who become pests with their constant barrage of penis images should discuss the issue with them. Be clear that you don’t appreciate having random cock pics show up on your phone. You don’t want to open up what you assume is a simple text message, only to be greeted with a photo of “Mr. Wiggles.” After you’ve explained that you really don’t like receiving his penis pictures, most clients will stop sending them to you. (Unless, of course, this is part of the services you are providing to him.) They don’t realize that you genuinely don’t like getting these photos until you tell them that you dislike it. You must be clear; wishy-washy explanations will still leave a client with optimism they can convince you it’s sexy. And, present an ultimatum. Tell your client if he continues to send you penis images, you will block him or refuse to answer his texts.

3. Create a policy concerning genital photos. Even though most clients fail to read an escort’s profile, even the important parts, some escorts have found solutions by posting policies concerning their preference for photos sent to them. Many escorts strictly prohibit obscene or naked photos, unless expressly authorized prior to being sent. In this policy, you can address consequences for clients (and prospective clients) who refuse to obey the rules. Consequences might include: blocking offenders, charging offenders more and delaying contact. Clients don’t want to be blocked or shunned for any length of time. They want nearly instant access to escorts, so they are usually willing to oblige if they feel you are serious about your threats. Of course, some clients won’t read the policy. When you post it to your profile, make it short, sweet and simple. Don’t specify genders; and, don’t imply that all clients will be offenders.

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Escorts gone retro: Taking a step back in time
February 27, 2014 | For escorts, Marketing

Today, smart phones, tablets, laptops, the Internet and digital cameras are escorts’ standard tools for marketing, communicating, screening — and everything else. However, as the world gets faster and faster paced, more people dream of an opportunity to step backward, enjoy a few moments of downtime, where electronic devices don’t tell us where to go or who to see. They want a simpler time, where they can pretend to be living in a different, less complicated era. And in wishing so, they create opportunities for old-fashioned escorts.

For most mainstream clients, the concept of period-specific escorts is outlandish. However, many clients who yearn for days gone by are highly intrigued by the experiences offered by such an escort. If you are wondering what it might be like to explore opportunities to expand into this niche, consider these issues before plunging in:

1. Old-fashioned escorts represent specific periods in history. Even though it’s possible for an escort to attempt to engage in recreations of several historical periods, most feel that is too large of an undertaking and focus, instead, on one specific era or personality. For instance, an escort might choose to visit with clients as a saloon girl from the 1800s gold rush era, a Renaissance courtesan, an early revolutionary woman of the night or a “fun” flapper from the roaring ’20s. Regardless of which era you select, don’t attempt to do too many at one time. Focus your efforts exclusively on one general time period and specialize in artifacts, activities, historical events and other details that are essential to properly pulling off your “show.” Recently popular with clients is the 1940s or 1950s era pin-up girl, which is a fairly easy recreation, much more simple than those of eras much longer ago.

2. Concentrate on who your clients will be. If you’ve been escorting for awhile, you probably already have a good idea who your current client base consists of. Typically, wealthy, older executive and professional types visit escorts and become regular clients. However, your client list may vary and include subsets of the socially awkward, young and rich, fetishists, etc. But, historical escorts usually see a much different category of clients from their normal groups. They attract history buffs, curiosity seekers and historical wanna-bes. History buffs are likely experts on the specific era you are representing and desire an opportunity to step back in their favorite time for some good old-fashioned loving. The curiosity seekers are simply intrigued by the option of experiencing something so off the wall. They see it much like a ride at an amusement park: entertaining and thrilling, partially because it’s something different. And, the wanna-bes may feel they were born in the wrong time, picturing themselves, instead, as cowboys, crusaders or ’20s gangsters.

3. Replicate the era as closely as possible in your incall. When your clients come to visit you, as a period-specific escort, they expect to be transported back in time as soon as they enter your incall. (If this isn’t possible, try to make the transition with your bedroom.) Your clients will expect to see antique furnishings from the era (or true-to-design replicas), decor that was popular during the time period and other accent pieces or items that would have been seen lying about during the time. For instance, if you’re reenacting the Renaissance period, a desk with a quill might be in order. A saloon girl might have a gold piece laying around from a previous client, in addition to hair combs from the era. Be creative as you recreate the setting for your clients. Consider the kind of music that was popular during the era and have it playing in the background. Prepare treats/snacks that were eaten during the time period. And, offer other forms of activities that were trendy at the time. Card games, Canoga and chess were popular during the Renaissance years.

4. Create an image of yourself that mirrors what you would’ve looked like “back in the day.” As much as anything, your client is coming to see you in full costume. Unlike going to a Renaissance fair, an old west town or a speak-easy party, clients are going to get the opportunity to actually touch a woman dressed in full era wardrobe and watch her disrobe. (Or, they get to help her undress, which is even more exciting.) Being privy to all of the undergarments and methods of undressing that were characteristic of historic clothing is a foreign and arousing concept for many men who have only ever experienced modern bras and panties. A woman who wears a corset, bustle or hoops is a mystery to modern men, who are unfamiliar with these forms of underwear of historical women. In addition to getting you undressed, your clients may be excited to have direct, up close and personal contact with a woman who has her hair done in a bun or styles particular to her era, make-up appropriate for the time period and other details of a time gone by. Get as close to authentic as you can get, keeping in mind that your escort look must also transition into an everyday look for you, as you go about your “normal” life.

5. Act like a woman of your chosen era. Revolutionary-era women probably acted much differently than ladies who were flapper escorts during the 1920s. Realize that each period in history defined the roles of women, dictating how they were to act, both in public and in private. Try to recreate the way these women would have talked and utilize the verbiage they would’ve used. Learn about the era and pick up some trivia that will help you direct conversations about issues important at the time. For instance, during war times, specific battles or issues were hot discussion topics. Other times, other world events or pop culture activities dominated talk around the water cooler, so to speak. Plan out ahead of time a list of things you can talk about. Discover things a woman of your era might be fond of. Perhaps sewing was popular or a particular sport was fancied by women during that period. Have a long list of topics on hand that you may use to tell a client about yourself and to discover things about him, too. And, because your client is desirous of an era experience, don’t allow yourself to slip out of character at any time. Perform your role from the time he walks in to the minute he leaves.

6. Do your research. Watching a movie or two set during your era is not sufficient research to use to base your entire escort niche on. While a movie (if it’s accurate) may help you visualize the era, it won’t give you adequate details to create a believable and somewhat authentic experience. Do some digging online, at the library and with history experts. Read diaries and primary resources from the time period, itself. Look up world events and other activities that made big news. Consider locating local news, too, that can be especially interesting to converse about with a client from the area. If you find along the way that the research is boring, perhaps, the old-fashioned escort gig really isn’t for you. Keep in mind, that if you try to half-ass your approach with these clients, they will discover your lack of knowledge and dedication to your role. As much as they desire to spend time with you as an escort, they also look to you for your expertise on your character and the era.

7. You have to enjoy history in order to fulfill this niche. If days gone by are uninteresting to you, this role will be boring and tiresome for you. Escorts who excel as period-specific providers enjoy learning about who their characters might have been in real life, including learning about the trials and tribulations they went through that lead them to their choices and what issues they faced through their social positions. If you really love history, your role as a historical escort will deeply impact your day-to-day non-escort lifestyle, too. Some escorts who consider exploring the role of an old-fashioned escort may think that once you do your initial research for your character, all of the learning is complete. These thoughts are wrong. In order to continue improving and making your encounters the best they can possibly be, you must consistently expand your knowledge base.

8. The more you know, the better you will be able to perform your role. Also, many history buffs want an opportunity to talk “shop” with you. Being able to discuss events of the era will make you much more credible and worthy in their eyes.
Acting is an integral part of the old-fashioned, niche escort. Many escorts think it’s essential for them to be able to be themselves when they visit with clients. But, for a history specific escort, you must play a role that may be greatly unlike who you genuinely are. Historical escorts get to play parts, as though in a play, each and every day. They put on a facade as they adorn themselves with their costumes and transform into the escort of the era. Most escorts have a sense that they go on stage when they meet up with clients, filling a role. But, this role becomes even more complex when you attempt to make it era-specific. Unless you are faced with a threatening situation, you must maintain your pretense at all times during the encounter. Falling out of character is unacceptable and unprofessional.

9. All electronics must be banned from the premises (or at least from sight and sound). For a niche escort pretending to be in days gone by without mobile devices or laptops, one of the worst things that can happen is for her phone to ring in the middle of an encounter. Turn off all ringers, hide devices and omit all devices that are modern from the room or adjacent areas. This includes televisions, stereos, iPods and others. The only modern exceptions would be electricity and running water, in addition to your modern appliances. There’s no reason to try to incorporate an old wood cook stove into your kitchen; it’s acceptable to utilize modern appliances for your own benefit, as long as they’re not a steady part of your encounter offerings.

10. Outcalls are pretty much impossible. Part of the allure of a client seeing a period-specific escort is walking back in time as soon as they enter the incall. When they request that the escort come to them, it takes away much of the effect created by the incall. And, of course, most escorts aren’t going to be comfortable traveling to and from a client’s outcall in their saloon girl dresses. So, when you arrive at the outcall, you must change into your outfit for the encounter. The only way this scenario works is if your client only wants the role-play action, and chooses to omit the other aspects of the booing.

11. Sometimes clients want to dress up, too. In order to feel like they truly fit into the situation created by your incall, attire and actions, clients feel they should be dressed for the part. Even though it may be a bit inconvenient, have a few items prepared that your client can wear to get him in the mindset of the era, too. Try to have them available in general sizes that most clients can wear.

12. Charge premium rates for your services as a period-specific escort. It’s not easy to do what you do and create a unique experience that clients won’t forget. As a result, you’ve exerted lots of effort and expense to create a surreal encounter for clients. Instead of charging them your normal rates, bump up your fees to represent your expertise and quality research. Realize that you are providing a service that many escorts are incapable of. That, alone, should help you garner some extra cash.

13. Promote yourself appropriately. While there are few (if any) historical escorting forums or directories to follow, there may be appropriate chat rooms that discuss period-specific history and events. Get into these chat rooms and assert yourself and abilities. Consider perusing the erotic history forums and chatting up regular contributors and readers. If all else fails, consider getting a traditional directory listing, being sure to include in your profile the special era-focused services you provide to clients. Word your profile accordingly and include pictures of you in your historical escorting wardrobe.

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The ripple effect of escorting
February 19, 2014 | For escorts, Safety

Even if you think that what you do is your own business and nobody should care how you spend your time, this is never true when you have continual interactions with others.

Escorts, even those who attempt to generally keep to themselves, establish relationships with people across the board from professional ties to interpersonal connections. Family members, friends, employers and passers-by end up in your circle, regardless of the extent you try to maintain your independence.

And when you work in career that forms so many types of relationships, it’s easy to see how these various relationships are affected by your profession. But, these effects are often overlooked or not considered, because they may be indirect or hidden from your view. Nonetheless, many people in your day-to-day lives (and others in their lives) are influenced from your actions. Consider the ripple effects, both good and bad:

1. Friends and family members will experience the most impactful effects. If they find out about your escort career, they may feel lied to and betrayed. Often, they are hurt that you didn’t trust them enough to confide in them your secret or issues. Many feel judged, because they automatically think you believed they were too closed-minded to accept your lifestyle and decisions. (And, in fact, they are right… they are too close-minded, but that is entirely beside the fact.) Some of them feel it’s a reflection on them, that they didn’t raise you right or provide you with proper guidance and/or support. It’s fairly common for your loved ones to feel sad and disappointed for you, imagining the horrors and terrible experiences you must endure with your profession. While sometimes they are worried about your welfare (both mental and physical), others are simply ashamed and are afraid to be seen in public afterward, wondering who knows about your dirty secret. Lastly, many escorts find their loved ones are appalled at their decisions and experience rejection and harsh judgment. While all of these initial reactions are effects from an escort being outted to family and friends, extended impacts may involve society’s actions toward them, making them subjects of gossip, ridicule, pity and criticism, which can be quite hurtful and draining on the self-esteem. And, clients’ family members and friends experience similar negative effects when it’s discovered they’ve been seeing an escort. Often, these effects destroy friendships and put unrecoverable strain on family relationships.

2. An escort’s children are often the unintended recipients of negative effects, too. When children are involved, various effects impact them in ways specific to their situations and ages. Children who are old enough to comprehend what it means to be an escort may feel shame or disgust about their mother’s dalliances with clients. Children, in general, may be discriminated against by other parents and teachers at school. They may not be invited to activities or birthday parties, that they would’ve been prior to their mother’s secret being revealed. Teachers and school faculty may (unintentionally) judge them and fail to give them opportunities that are usually afforded to the better, more deserving students. Many children place their parents on pedestals. Even when they discover that their mothers are escorts, they may want to be like them. As a role model, an escort has to be extremely careful to provide the right messages about her profession to her children in order to model appropriate behavior and reasoning that aids in good decision-making skills. Many children are faced with the threat of being removed from the home, especially if an escort gets in trouble with the law. If they are removed, other family members must take on additional, unexpected responsibility, or children go to a foster home, where they are subjected to different standards and potentially more problems. They face being estranged from their parent(s) and leading a messed up life forever. However, not every child of an escort experiences negative impacts. Some get to grow up with a better standard of living than they would if their mothers didn’t work as an escort. Their quality of life is improved through being able to afford nicer things (which help to fit in), living in a better neighborhood or more comfortable home and getting to take advantage of opportunities such as better schools, more activities and extra-curricular lessons (such as music, sports or science training). Many escorts schedule their work around their families, so they are able to spend more time with their children, which has immeasurable positive effects on them. Clients’ children may be pitied or subjects of gossip if word gets out that their fathers have visited with escorts. Even if they don’t understand what everyone is talking about, this can have significant impact with how they see themselves, causing them to avoid school and other activities.

3. Employers experience impacts related to the escort industry, too. Stories are all too common about employers who are quick to judge and discharge workers when they discover they are involved in the escort profession. Their reasons range from inappropriate conduct and dress to failure to provide a good company image. Sometimes, they don’t give any justification at all, which is legal in many at-will employment states. Often, employers are simply uncomfortable with the fact they have an employee on staff who charges men for her companionship… and anything else they feel that implies. If an escort is looking for a job, and her former career is revealed, she usually finds it incredibly difficult to acquire a position with any clout to it. Fast foods may be an option, but many managers who run conservative, professional corporations refuse to hire who they may consider a dirty escort. Afraid of the ramifications if the escort’s secret gets out, they just won’t do it. Additionally, a client who gets caught seeing an escort may lose his job, too. Allegations of damaging the corporate reputation and image (especially if the story gets leaked to the press), failure to maintain a good work ethic (when corporate time and equipment were used to contact and visit the escort) and disobedience of rules governing the ethics code may result in immediate discharge. An employer may be drug into a law enforcement investigation, if the employee left traces of his communications with an escort on company laptops, phones or other equipment.

4. Landlords who rent or lease to escorts may experience effects of her career, too. Individuals who knowingly allow for a property to be used for the promotion of prostitution can be arrested and charged with misdemeanors and felonies. Landlords who rent to escorts who are arrested for prostitution may be investigated by law enforcement. While most are found to be not involved, it’s still stress-inducing, time-consuming and embarrassing. Many landlords will have personal beliefs that do not coincide with the escort lifestyle and profession, so they have serious issues about how their properties are used when they discover their renters’ secrets. Some owners of upscale buildings have certain guidelines and policies that deter escort-like activities from occurring, and when they discover an escort has disobeyed their rules they issue an eviction notice immediately. Additionally, some landlords (rarely) find that their properties become crime scenes when a client attacks an escort. However, most property owners have excellent experiences when they rent to escorts. In fact, they enjoy always getting their rent on time and in full, in addition to knowing that their properties are well cared for. Escorts wish to live in luxurious places, so they tend to decorate well and take extra care to keep their residences tidy and clean. If they use their homes for incalls, they want to present the best images they can to clients, so they maintain their residences well.

5. An escort’s neighbors can be affected by an escort’s profession. Most of the time, an escort worries that her nosey neighbors are going to find out what she’s doing by having clients coming and going from her home at irregular times throughout the day or night. However, what she might not be realizing is that she is creating the very reasons they are nosey about her in the first place. Your neighbors aren’t always oblivious to what you do in your own home, and when you realize this, it’s easier to get past their nosiness by trying not to appear suspicious. Using a good cover story about people coming and going at your place can help reduce the curiosity around your residence. However, some neighbors will still feel uneasy and uncomfortable, especially if they discover your real secret. Some will be totally open-minded about your career. Others, though, may report you to the law every chance they get. Many will fear the type of sketchy people you are bringing into the neighborhood, automatically suspecting that your clientele are questionable types. And, clients may disrupt and bother your neighbors if they fail to practice discretion (by being loud in the hallway or using the wrong entrance). Confused clients may even end up ringing your client’s doorbell instead of yours, which is sure to disturb them.

6. Financial institutions that you use may incur impacts as a result of your profession. Most banks are unaccustomed to patrons who typically deposit only cash income. They are usually uneasy about such customers, automatically suspecting some sort of illegal doings or happenings. However, they will continue to take your business, especially when you have regular, sizable deposits and continue to be a problem-free client. Once in awhile, though, an escort will cause them difficulties by acquiring your financial records to conduct an investigation on you. They may require the bank to freeze your assets and take control of your account. Most banking entities don’t want to be involved in scandals or investigations.

7. Technology companies such as Internet providers, website production companies or mobile phone corporations may experience effects of your escorting career. Again, if directed by law enforcement, they may be required to perform actions on your accounts and hand over records associated with the transactions they’ve been involved with while you’ve been a client/customer. From phone records to information on your website to your real identity, these companies are required by law to give out details about you that most escorts hope are kept hidden. In addition to law enforcement disturbance, some of these companies must police your activity, themselves, because they refuse to be involved in adult-oriented activities or businesses. They may deactivate your account or cancel your website. Conversely, some companies expand their businesses after learning about the niche required by the escort industry. Website creators may discover they have a knack for putting together simple sites for escorts, gaining them additional business and clientele. Many of them, though, have to consider their personal beliefs before expanding their service lines.

8.. An escort’s accountant is often put into a difficult position as a result of her profession. Obligated to exercise extreme discretion on behalf of his client, he is also committed to upholding his personal beliefs and required by law to only perform activities he believes are legal. Depending on the actions you want him to take regarding your business, he may be torn between his professionalism and his loyalty to you as a client. Also, accountants are pressured heavily during an investigation by law enforcement to come forward with any other details that will help them. If you discuss your career in depth with him, he may inadvertently reveal information about your work that you don’t want him to. He may feel responsible for any trouble you get into, as well, as a residual result. As an accountant attempts to make an escort’s records look legitimate, he may also work to create reasonable excuses for withdrawals by your clients when he works for them. Establishing logical labels for money spent on an escort is a difficult task for an accountant, who is trying to hide a client’s misdeeds and infidelity.

9. An escort’s friends or colleagues may be tempted to expand their own horizons. Even though a friendship may be tested by the realization that one is an escort, it may also bond you even more when your friend throws her hat into the escort ring. Having never considered the career previously, a friend may discover that she has a knack for the industry, changing her life for the better forever. She may establish financial independence and stability that she never had before, all the while also obtaining increased confidence and self-esteem.

10. Society may also be impacted by you. If you’re an escort who has established a good rapport with others around you, while also gaining the respect of those you meet, you could positively affect their opinions of the escort industry, as a whole. If/when your secret comes out about your true profession, people may be forced to reconsider their beliefs about escorting. When they once thought that escorts were only prostitutes in nice clothing, they may question that concept. They may not believe that all escorts are drug-addicted whores, any longer, realizing that women who escort are not all as morally reprehensible as they thought they must be. In their eyes, you may alter their acceptance of the stereotype and help them discover that escorts are just like them… human.

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Why exactly should an escort ignore blocked phone calls?
February 20, 2014 | For escorts

Throughout the course of any work day (or other days, for that matter), an escort may expect to receive several phone calls that show up as “unavailable” or “private.” Many escorts pick up these calls without batting an eyelash, but more experienced escorts don’t even hesitate as they hit the “Ignore” button or watch as the calls are
diverted to the blocked list.

Many escorts take these calls, contending that they will miss out on business if they reject these callers. However, others feel that these calls are usually a waste of time and don’t result in good bookings. Here are a few reasons to refuse an anonymous phone call:

1. Telemarketers. Telemarketers now have access to cell numbers worldwide, and they have begun to realize that people won’t answer their telephone calls if their information shows up on caller ID. Although the practice is illegal in many states, some telemarketers completely hide their caller ID information as a way to avoid you realizing that they are someone you don’t want to talk to. If you haven’t listed your mobile number on the national “Do Not Call” registry, you should do so. However, be cautioned: this does not guarantee that telemarketers will never bother you, again. It just keeps honest telemarketers from calling you, and provides you with some legal recourse if you get repeated calls from others. While simply avoiding these telemarketing calls won’t get them to stop, it ensures you don’t have to listen to a fundraising speech or sales spiel about new siding.

2. Bill collectors. If you currently have several bills that are past due and in collections, you should expect to receive repeated, incessant calls concerning payments and financial arrangements. However, if you don’t have any bills due, you could still be receiving phone calls for others. Any delinquent accounts that you are a co-signer on could cause you to be hassled by debt collectors. Additionally, some people get calls from collection agencies when they inherit a number from someone who used it previously on their accounts. If you’ve recently picked up a new mobile number for your business, it’s possible that these calls are intended for someone else. After picking up the calls a few times and informing the person on the other end you don’t know their late payer, it may be best to just block the unlisted calls for your own sanity.

3. An already blocked caller. Many clients don’t get the hint that you don’t want to talk to them. And, some don’t care; they think you should pick up their phone calls, despite your wishes. When you pick up an “unavailable” or “private” call on your mobile, you never know who may be on the other end of the line. If it’s a client you are avoiding, you will be faced with making an immediate decision about whether you should just hang up on him or entertain his efforts to reach you. If you’ve blocked him for a specific reason (such as too many cancellations, violent threats, failure to pay or other issues), he probably knows that you aren’t going to be thrilled to book an encounter with him. Perhaps, he’s called to apologize or explain his actions. But, it shouldn’t matter, because, at this point, you should be able to call the shots about accepting his phone call or not. Talking to a client you’ve blocked can be nerve-wracking and cause you to say things you don’t mean to. You might be harsher, ruder or more belligerent than intended, due to being caught off guard. Avoiding the phone call is your best bet.

4. Suspicion. “Curiosity killed the cat” is a very true saying when it comes to phone calls from blocked numbers. Escorts immediately prickle as their red flags go up about a client who blocks his phone number. Not knowing who it is, options like law enforcement (in pursuit of a sting or investigation), a criminal type or all-around bad client spring to mind. Instead of tentatively taking the phone call, reject it. It’s not worth worrying about who’s on the other line. If the person wants to talk to you, he can identify himself, text message you from his identified number or find another way to contact you. Any client who must hide his information is too suspicious for you. Escorts don’t need the additional drama or risk of a client who hides his number.

5. A paranoid client is not a happy client. While discretion is a key component to a successful escort-client relationship, it can be overdone. Escorts expect clients to exercise common sense by not discussing his booking with anybody else. She wants him to arrive to her incall inconspicuously, without attracting unnecessary attention to. himself. Escorts expect their clients to provide answers to their screening questions, so they can ensure that clients are not safety risks. However, if a client is incapable of allowing his phone number to show up when he calls to book an encounter, it is doubtful that he will be forthcoming enough to answer screening questions adequately. And, if he does become willing, an escort may be completely frustrated after convincing him that his privacy is safe with her. Clients who are so paranoid about their contact information also tend to be uptight in other ways, which results in them being somewhat high-maintenance bookings. Most escorts are better off without them.

6. An unverifiable client. When you visit with a client and book an encounter, it’s obvious that you should have some basic information about him, including his contact details. In the event that you run late, have to cancel or change plans, ask questions or provide other details, you need to be able to reach him by voice call or text. Many escorts will send a confirmation text message a couple of hours prior to the encounter, as a reminder and way of determining that a client will actually show up. If you don’t have his number, you can’t confirm plans. Often included in this confirmation exchange is the address he needs to go to for your incall. Not only is it uncomfortable to provide all of your contact information to a client who isn’t willing to give you his, but it’s risky to tell him where you are, when you don’t even have his contact info. In addition to needing his phone number for communication reasons, it’s also wise to have a number that might help locate him if he assaults, robs or attacks you in anyways. Also, instead of using the number to locate him, you may pass it along to other escorts as a safety precaution to avoid him if he seems threatening or dangerous.

7. Timewasters. Because they don’t want their numbers to be traceable, they will put their phones on “private” mode, causing their contact information to be hidden when they make outgoing phone calls. These timewasters may be the type to talk forever, trying to get juicy sex details from you, without the intention of ever booking an encounter. Others may actually book a session, providing a fake contact number for you to use as contact information. Sometimes, they promise to provide you with a phone number when they call back to confirm they will be arriving for the encounter. (They may use all sorts of excuses indicating they are going to be changing their cell phones or calling from a different location.) Some callers are attempting to prank you into showing up for an encounter where nobody is there. Essentially, many timewasters use blocked numbers, because they are too cowardly to allow their own numbers to show up.

8. Undecided clients. Or non-clients. Because they are afraid of committing themselves unintentionally to something, men who only want to know basic details may call from an “unavailable” number. They want to ask some questions, find out what they get for their money and learn how the meeting works. But, they aren’t ready to book an encounter. Because they are hesitant and tentative, they are unwilling to provide their real contact information. They feel it is too much of an unfair balance to give you details about themselves until they are ready to jump in with an encounter.

9. You won’t scratch my back, I won’t scratch yours. Why give out your information to someone who is withholding theirs? Even though most clients who block their numbers are not safety threats, a few will be. When you provide contact information, including your address of where you are, to someone you know nothing about, you are giving him the upper hand in the situation. He knows much more about you than you know about him; in fact, you have no details about him whatsoever! Avoid allowing a client have that much of an advantage over you.

Conversely, there are a few points to keep in mind while refusing to answer an anonymous call:

1. Inexperienced clients will block their numbers without realizing it will cause them to be blocked. It’s common for newbie clients to attempt to disclose their contact numbers, because they fear they will get caught up in a scam or something worse. They’ve never done this before, so they assume that hiding their phone numbers is a way to avoid becoming obligated to an escort without meaning to be. While this does add some level of protection to their experiences, they don’t realize that it also causes many escorts to ignore their phone calls. It isn’t until they actually call and leave a message, with contact information, that they get to discuss options with an escort. If you’re an experienced, seasoned escort, dealing with a client who is so clueless may be frustrating and tiring. It can leave you feeling impatient and intolerant. This is a great reason to avoid these types of phone calls, so you can avoid the stress and worry about a new client who may not follow directions or discretion requests.

2. Answering “private” phone calls may work for you, if you require clients call back with their caller IDs intact. Some escorts don’t regularly reject blocked calls. They answer all phone calls to their mobiles, but they request that the client on the other end of the line call back with a phone number that will show up on caller ID. A simple greeting might be, “Hello! Thanks for calling. However, I don’t take bookings or questions from clients who block their phone numbers. Please call me back as soon as possible from a number that is not hidden.” Some clients will call back with numbers that show up. Others aren’t heard from, again. Those who don’t call back were probably timewasters, anyways.

3. Keep in mind that some number blocks could be mistakes. Some clients don’t realize that they have toggled their privacy settings to “on” on their phones. Others call through a glitch in the network, which causes their caller ID details to be blocked. The blocking of a number can be completely unintentional and unknown. It’s always worth mentioning to a client that his number came through as blocked, in the case he didn’t know that. Additionally, if you’re expecting a confirmation call from a client, and several blocked calls come in, it may be wise to answer the next one. A client may have his phone accidentally or unknowingly blocked, causing him difficulties getting in touch with you to confirm his booking.

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12 reasons to completely ban alcohol from escort sessions
February 24, 2014 | Health

Even though the old advice may still ring true to incorporate alcohol into encounters with timid clients, there are many arguments that liquor will actually hinder your bookings. While booze can certainly loosen things up between you and your client, it’s essential to realize that the disadvantages outweigh the benefits.

Escorts who use alcohol (or any other mind-altering substance) as a crutch when they escort may have serious underlying problems that require closer examination. However, if you had previously been offering alcohol to clients without any thoughts to the problems it may create, you should consider these scenarios:

1. Alcohol is a depressant. It slows down your central nervous system and blunts your senses. Most clients or escorts won’t consume so much alcohol during an encounter that this is an issue, but it’s possible during extended bookings or during a booking that occurs after a night out. Male clients who have consumed considerable amounts of liquor may actually experience decreased sensations in his genital regions. Although his sexual arousal levels may be high, he may experience difficulties obtaining an erection. Achieving orgasm may also be challenging, resulting in a client engaging in swift thrusting for extended periods without physical release. (These challenges are often referred to as “whiskey dick”.) Escorts may also experience lessened sexual sensations, too. Although arousal and excitement may be heightened, orgasms are not as pleasurable or intense and take longer to achieve when liquor is involved. All in all, even though booze may cause sexual excitement to occur, it may result in orgasmic let down when neither party can climax as desired.

2. Alcohol destroys discretion. Just like liquor may relax an uptight client, it may also loosen up his lips and other inhibitions. It’s a proven fact that alcohol pulls down walls and barriers to behavior that people might like to exhibit, but do not due to shyness, propriety or good judgment. However, when under the influence of beer or other intoxicants, these same clients may be inclined to perform actions they would normally never consider. They get louder, say too much and are compelled to do things completely out of character. These wilder displays may cause additional, unnecessary attention to you and your encounter. If your client is loud and fails to filter his words as he leaves, your entire neighborhood may know what a great time he had with you, including details he provides without thinking. His ability to discern how to act to discreetly may be so affected, it’s impossible for him to maintain himself appropriately.

3. Some clients simply can’t handle their liquor. While it’s one thing to entertain a slightly tipsy client, it’s completely different to babysit a drunk one. When you meet up with a client, you never know how well he consumes alcohol and what kind of tolerance he possesses. Some clients can drink like a fish and leave seemingly unaffected. Others are lightweights and are stinking drunk after one or two drinks. Additionally, you don’t know if your client is an alcoholic. Some clients challenged by sobriety succumb to any invitation to drink. For these clients, it’s impossible for them to drink just one or two beverages. Once they start, they can’t stop. Many of these will drink the entire encounter, often getting drunk before they leave, causing you a moral dilemma about allowing your client to depart in an intoxicated condition.

4. Alcohol can hinder your own judgment. In addition to some clients being unable to tolerate their consumption levels, many escorts find they are unable to keep up with clients, despite trying. It’s never good to compete with a client’s consumption and it’s unprofessional to get drunk during a booking. Besides being unprofessional, it is also dangerous in some ways. When you are under the influence of booze, your own judgment is impaired. You may miss red flags that your client throws out there that would warn you against him due to violence or other risks he presents. Also, some escorts are too easily persuaded to do things they would normally resist if they get intoxicated during a booking. Ranging from engaging in sexual acts they don’t normally condone to allowing a client to go without wearing a condom, escorts put themselves into situations they would never consider without the help of alcohol. They may allow a client to talk them into a discount or a freebie or fail to realize that she’s been robbed, shorted or taken advantage of in another way. And, finally, some escorts lose track of time, forgetting their next appointments. Drinking too much while with a client is a recipe for disaster in many ways.

5. Drinking with your client gives them an opportunity to drug you. Of course, this seems like an extreme scenario, but it has happened to many escorts. When a client brings in alcohol for drinks, he usually fixes the beverages for himself and the escort as she “gets ready” or freshens up prior to engaging in intimacies. When this occurs, an escort gives a client more than ample opportunity to drop a date-rape drug into her beverage. And, while the first effects of the drug may be attributed to the booze, an escort realizes too late that something isn’t right. Of course, a client may have a chance to drop a drug in anytime that drinks of any sort are consumed during an encounter. But, alcohol has a way of loosening inhibitions and decreasing your watchful eye over your drink, giving him time to drug you without your knowledge. And, the date rape drug effects combined with the alcohol are even more powerful than they are solo.

6. Oversharing is a problem when booze is involved. Beer and liquor have a tendency to increase talkativeness among your clients. Sometimes, this is good, especially when they are shy or don’t seem to have much to say. But, it can be a very bad thing, too. Clients may become extremely chatty, telling you much more than you want to know about their lives, sexual preferences, feelings, emotions, drama, families, etc. Instead of just loosening them up a little, they may become too gabby, saying every little thing that pops into their heads, including during intimate moments. In addition to their tendencies to over share, it leaves you open to doing the same thing. It’s common for women to talk too much when they drink, which leads to you accidentally sharing too many personal details about yourself. Without thinking, you may reveal your real name, information about where you live, details about your family or other facts that could provide ways for your client to find you in real life. Giving too much information about yourself due to slight intoxication could spell real trouble for you… or just turn a client off, since he doesn’t want enthralled in your personal drama or situations.

7. Some clients react badly when they drink. Even if they don’t become drunk, some clients get belligerent, mean and angry after consuming alcohol. They are verbally or physically abusive, assaulting or attacking anyone they perceive to be in disagreement with themselves. (And, since their judgment may be slightly off, you could be perceived as disagreeing with them.) Shifting from being dangerous, others experience severe emotional shifts when they drink booze. Going from happy-go-lucky to sad and melancholy, you may see tears, weariness and hopelessness from clients you would least expect. Many turn into shells of themselves that resemble helpless little boys. Others exhibit fear and self doubt. You may be completely unprepared to deal with the emotional shift that liquor creates for some clients. It can also cause your moods to shift unexpectedly. It’s unprofessional to allow your moods to affect your work, but after consuming alcohol it may be out of your control.

8. Clumsiness becomes an issue after alcohol is consumed. Even if you and your client have not drank considerable amounts of liquor, even a little bit can affect your reaction times and coordination. The last thing you need to worry about at your incall is your client breaking things due to being slightly drunk or intoxicated. From furniture to kitchen ware, your client may accidentally break things from sitting down too hard to dropping them. They may accidentally tear your clothing as they attempt to undress you, which causes you additional expenses to replace or repair them. In addition to breaking things or tearing your clothing, these same clients may be messy or sloppy. Afterward, you may find that your bathroom is a complete disaster. It’s common for clients to miss the trash can with their discarded condom. And, it’s possible that a client will leave a trail of dirt, crumbs or other things in their wake at your place. This causes you to have to schedule extra time to clean up after them. Even though it’s safe to say that many clients are just messy, in general, it will be made worse when they drink alcohol.

9. Rape is a possibility when you entertain clients with alcohol. Booze creates heightened senses of arousal and decreased abilities to exercise good judgment. As a result, a client is not as aware to your wishes and may read other things into your statements, mistaking them for consent. (Or, simply not caring about obtaining your consent for his intimate actions and desires.) Aggression is often escalated when drinking, and your client may believe that because he is paying for your time, he is also granted unrestricted access to your body. While this is untrue, he may not buy into this. Alcohol may create misunderstandings between you and your client, too. Boozing it up can cause you to send off signals that are mixed and unsure, while not wanting to grant full consent eventually. Your client may not care about your wishes, after being intoxicated. Alcohol and date rape are consistently linked in situations not related to the escort industry, so it’s safe to assume it could be an added contributor to the problem during an encounter.

10. Providing booze for your clients cuts into your profits. Alcohol (especially high-end products) are somewhat expensive. Fine wines, craft beers and highly distilled liquors are quite costly. And, when you provide them for your client, it reduces the amount of money you clear per encounter. It’s never good business sense to provide costly things to your clients when you visit with them during bookings. Keep your costs to a minimum so that you can ensure to maximize your profits. After all, you are in the business to make money. You don’t have to provide liquor for a client in order for him to have a good time. If he thinks he must have something to drink, offer him coffee, tea or water or encourage him to bring his own bottle. Most clients won’t think you’re cheap if you don’t offer him a glass of wine or a mixed drink upon his arrival.

11. Drinking with your client can become a habit. Too often clients and escorts come to depend on liquor as a crutch that helps them transition into an encounter. They come to find that they only way they can communicate with each other is to drink together. It just becomes a part of their encounter and is likely to increase each time they spend a booking together. As they drink more, the other considerations become more serious threats and may cause troubles in their professional relationship. It’s best to keep your relationship professional and focused on the task at hand, instead of boozing it up together. Your client is not paying for a drinking buddy; he is paying you for your time as an escort.

12. A typical encounter does not allot enough time to drink with a client. While imbibing one glass of wine doesn’t take long, enjoying several takes time away from the energies you will be expending later in the encounter. It’s common for a client and escort to discover they have whiled away quite a bit of time while they drank, leaving very little left for any intimacies. Clients often leave feeling cheated and shorted. Escorts don’t get good reviews and are left with unhappy clients. If you drink with your client, keeping track of the time is a necessity.

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13-point hotel outcall checklist for escorts
March 17, 2014 | For escorts

Some escorts exclusively work with clients through their incalls, but some providers don’t have an appropriate space. Additionally, many clients don’t want the hassle of finding the location of an escort’s incall, so they request that the encounter occurs at their homes or hotel rooms.

When you see clients often in hotel settings, there are specific tasks that you should do prior to each encounter. In addition to the things you need to do ahead of time, there are certain things you ought to bring with you, along with others you should leave at home. When you use this checklist, you should arrive prepared and ready for your hotel outcalls:

1. Arrange for your security. Of course, when you visit with a client for any encounter, you should arrange for security to ensure your safety. But, when you go to a hotel, there are some specific considerations to keep in mind. A hotel isn’t like a private residence, where a security partner can wait in the hallway of an apartment/condo building or just outside a private home. Depending on the hotel, the employed security guards may become suspicious if your protector is standing guard in the hallway. So, you have to find alternative ways to keep your security close, while still flying under the radar. One way to make sure that you enter your client’s incall safely is to allow your security partner to escort you to the room or suite your client is booked in. Once you get there and things seem acceptable, he can retire to the lobby or bar for the duration of your encounter. There may be other public places he can wait in, too, such as a courtyard, coffee shop or other options. Some security guards choose to wait outside in the car, but many hotels frown on people sitting in cars in their parking garages. And, the weather may factor into whether this is a workable solution. Summer is often too hot, and winter is too cold. When your security partner waits from an alternate location without making sure you made it to the room, you should call him from the client’s room to let him know you are safe and to provide the room number, should any problems arise.

2. Verify your client’s physical presence at the hotel. Many timewasters and pranksters get their chuckles from sending an escort to a hotel, with a specific room number. Their joke is revealed when the escort arrives, only to find the client isn’t the one actually staying in the room, or she realizes that nobody is booked in the room at all. (Sometimes, they will provide a room number that doesn’t even exist.) All it takes is once for an escort to never travel to an outcall without confirmation, again. It’s very easy to verify that your client is actually booked into the room he claims he is. Simply call the main line to the hotel and ask to be connected with your client. They probably won’t tell you what room number he is in, but they will happily transfer your call to his room. This verifies that he is at least staying in the hotel and that he’s using the name he gave you. If the front desk tells you they have no client by that name, it’s a sure sign that your client has tricked you or hasn’t been entirely honest with you about his real identify. Either way, his dishonesty is a deal breaker for most escorts.

3. Arrange for easy access to your client’s hotel room. The last thing an escort needs is to encounter entry issues while she’s trying to arrive at a booking. But, due to attempts to secure guests’ safety, many hotels restrict access to interior hallways and rooms through keycard access, especially after certain hours. If the hotel is set up this way, it’s acceptable to request that your client leave a keycard for you at the guest relations desk. You can be his colleague, friend or relative, according to what the guest relations desk personnel know. (If you’re going to use a cover story, make sure you both agree on what it is prior to arriving for the outcall.) If your client doesn’t feel comfortable leaving a keycard at the desk for you, ask him to meet you at the hotel bar or other publicly accessible area in the hotel. Sometimes, you can alleviate all of these issues by simply scheduling the encounter for times when access isn’t limited to interior corridors. A last method to avoid these access issues is to arrange to meet your client at the entry point and use his keycard for access. Calling him as you arrive should give him the opportunity to get to the nearest entrance for his location.

4. Dress appropriately for the hotel and the time of day. If you’re meeting a client at his personal residence or at your incall, your attire is important, but it’s not essential that you fit any specific dress code, of sorts. However, when you’re traveling to a hotel for a booking, it’s necessary that you attempt to blend in with the rest of the guests staying there. If it’s mainly a resort area, more relaxed, laid-back attire would be most appropriate. However, if the hotel is the site of business conventions and conferences, it will make sense to dress professionally in business apparel. Don tasteful, classy items that do not strive to stand out. Attempting to blend in with your surroundings, while still being subtly sexy, is ideal. If you need to amp up your sex appeal a notch when you arrive at your client’s door, you can always unbutton your blouse slightly, throw on a pair of provocative heels or pull your hair out of a bun before he opens up.

5. Acquaint yourself with the concierges of local hotels your clients like. While it’s not completely necessary to become friendly with the employees at the hotel you do outcalls in, it can’t hurt anything. The concierge and his staff can make a guest’s experience at a hotel great or terrible. They influence the level of special care that a guest receives, in addition to providing special amenities reserved for upscale visitors. As you become acquainted with the staff, they may be willing to turn a blind eye to your activities at their hotel, when they might otherwise be overly suspicious, with the consideration of reporting you to their superiors. Tip generously and demonstrate friendliness at all times. These hotel staff members may also help you out by providing you leads for clients as they travel in and out of town at their hotel. If they do, be sure to provide them with commissions or incentives for their assistance.

6. Behave as any typical guest would. If you’re checking in at the hotel to meet a client, make sure that you play the part of a normal guest. Bring luggage with you, so that you don’t raise any red flags about arriving without any bags or personal belongings. Provide adequate identification (even if it is fake!), and willingly respond to questions asked by the guest relations personnel members. Being overly secretive makes you look suspicious. Allow the bell staff to assist you up to your room, and tip them appropriately. Bill services and other amenities to the room, just as any other guest would do, including Internet fees, room service or long distance charges. Don’t be afraid to utilize the amenities such as the gym, the sauna, the pool or other places throughout the hotel. (However, don’t expect your client to pay for any additional fees, unless you and he have already agreed upon such arrangements.) Remember, that as far as the hotel staff is concerned, you really are just any other guest. They have no idea that you are actually there for a gig.

7. Bring music provisions with you. Nearly every encounter is benefitted by the addition of music. Music helps to set the mood for a booking, creating an impassioned atmosphere or a slow, romantic flow. Many escorts have special playlists they like to use when they are with clients, so it’s wise to bring your iPod along with you. And, because many hotels don’t have iPod compatible stereo systems in the rooms, you should bring your own speaker along for your music, too. Speakers don’t have to be large to be powerful. Pick up a mid-range, small speaker and use it for outcalls, as it is easily packed away with your iPod. Some hotels have radios that include CD players, and you can bring your playlist on a CD if it’s more convenient for you. Regardless of how you plan to bring it with you, the point is to remember it. An encounter just isn’t the same without tunes. And, you can’t expect your client to provide appropriate music to use for his seduction and pleasure.

8. Remember to bring along any personal items you need. Every woman has a few personal items that she can’t leave home without. Going to an outcall at a hotel is just as important as any other place you go, so it’s essential to ensure these items are packed away with you in your outcall bag. From lip gloss to hair spray, make sure you have a small stash of items you need with you. Additionally, if you plan to shower after the encounter, make sure you pack extra make-up, shampoo, conditioner and soap and any other bath-type items you consider necessities. If you plan to spend the night with your client, you should pack an extra change of clothing. (Most escorts do this anyways, in the case that something happens to their original clothing. Sometimes, clients get too excited and rip or tear an escort’s clothing. Other times, the clothing may get stained or wrinkled during the encounter. Having something fresh to change into is usually helpful.) Having an extra outfit with you also helps you avoid doing the walk of shame the next morning, wearing the same clothing from the night before. (You may not think that hotel personnel will notice, but they tend to have an eye for things like this.)

9. Bring along all required encounter-specific items. While it’s unlikely that you will forget, no checklist would be complete without a reminder to take condoms, lube, sex toys, lingerie, wet wipes and other items you need for your client’s booking. Some clients are interested in light bondage, so scarves or soft ropes should be put in your outcall bag. Others may have specific requests for activities that will require you to add items to your typical list of things. Your outcall bag is a good starting point and should stay packed at all times with extras of everything you need. You can add items to it as your clients request them or as you realize they are essentials for you.

10. Secure the door of the outcall after you arrive. Because you are in a public hotel, you never know when housekeeping staff, room service or someone else may enter the room or suite with a master keycard. Chain or secure the door with the bar to prohibit entry from others during an encounter. It would be terrible for your encounter to be interrupted by a hotel housekeeper bringing in fresh towels as you and your clients are mid-stroke, naked on the bed. Put out the “Do Not Disturb” sign, as a way to deter any interruptions, such as a call for “Housekeeping!?!” If you have the sign on the door and the chain in place, nobody should be able to disrupt you and your client.

11. Be prepared to talk to the staff when you are at the hotel. As you are walking to your client’s suite, it’s common for a staff member to stop you and inquire if they can assist you, especially if they don’t recognize you as a guest. Don’t act suspiciously or stand-offish, as this can create more curiosity about who you are and what you’re doing there. Let them know you are looking for your friend’s room, you are lost or just heading out for the day. Make up some story and fake it to avoid any unwanted attention. And, don’t automatically assume that the staff member is on to you; he may be simply doing his job trying to perform good customer service. (Or, he may be a typical guy, wanting to talk to a hot babe!)

12. Keep your belongings safe. Even though an upscale hotel (which, hopefully is where your client has booked a room) is typically a safe environment, you don’t know for certain that your client, himself, is trustworthy. Stowing your belongings with you at all times is a wise way to ensure that you keep your valuables safe. Limit the amount of money you carry with you, and do not flash cash around. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry or carrying expensive electronics, unless you are with a trusted client. In addition to avoiding theft by your client, you can avoid having your things rifled through or explored when you’re in the bathroom, if you just take them with you. By keeping them within eyesight at all times, you ensure that you retain your privacy and any items of worth.

13. Eliminate identifying elements among your personal belongings. If your client does get an opportunity to go through your bag and attempt to discover your personal details, provide him with nothing. Many escorts leave several otherwise essential items at home, including driver’s licenses, mail and any other items with their names on them. They omit personal photographs of themselves or family members from their wallets and take out anything else that could provide information about them. If you need to carry money with you, carry a little bit of cash. If you need access to larger sums of money, leave your bank debit card and credit cards at home. Instead, opt for a pre-paid debit card that is not labeled with your name.

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12 false lessons about escorts taught by the movies and TV

March 21, 2014 | About escorts, For escorts

It’s impossible to learn anything by watching fiction. The escort industry, featured in a good deal of movies or television shows with the over-dramatized, fictional characters, is not an exception. The thing is, though, that most people have no chance of knowing what and how exactly is misrepresented by the mass entertainment machine. To counter that, let’s examine the following 12 myths:

1. Escorts are wrapped up in a world of crime. In a lot of movies, escorts have partners who are members of the mafia, are mixed up with managers who belong to or control a crime syndicate or end up becoming involved in some sort of a crime or criminal investigation. For example, in “The Walker”, an escort finds herself involved in a murder case, just like the main character in “American Gigolo” does. “Mr. Jolly Lives Next Door” also features escorts who end up embroiled in criminal happenings and violent occurrences. And, while it’s true that some escorts are the victims of violent crimes and are connected to criminal activity, others are squeaky clean with spotless records. Movies often let on that escorts are either involved in seedy aspects of life, living existences that benefit from illegal activities. Conversely, some films are focused on escorts who are involved with wildly powerful clients who are involved in crime, themselves. Either way, escorts become involved in bad stuff, according to the movies. However, in the real world, most escorts live boring lives well within the confines of all state and federal laws.

2. Male escorts lead wildly exciting lives. Despite the fact that most movies featuring male escorts lead you to believe they engage in riotous misadventures, they really have no more interesting lives than anyone else. In “Boy Culture”, the escorts attend wild parties, indulge in drugs and one of them ends up with a much older, wealthy partner. While some male escorts may follow this pattern, it is not the norm. Gay male escorts in the mainstream escort industry come from all walks of life, are rarely flamboyant about their lifestyles and often have long-term partners they are faithful to, other than their professional relationships. Straight male escorts don’t often run wild at orgies or partake in raucous activities; they meet with upscale female clients who are looking for the same release and fulfillment that their male counterparts are. Male escorts are all required to be discreet and classy, if they succeed in the upper echelons of the industry. Wild partiers and those involved in volatile lifestyles don’t wind up with promising careers.

3. Escorts never achieve happy endings. While “happy endings” are nearly always a part of an encounter, escorts never get fairy tale conclusions for their lives in the movies. For instance, in “Leaving Las Vegas”, Sera is gang raped and her lover dies. “Butterfield 8′s” Gloria perishes in a auto accident as she makes plans for a better life. And, Sally is killed on July 4th in “Blow Out”. The film industry never allow hookers or escorts to achieve happy lives. Somehow, good outcomes are always out of reach for these characters. Whether it’s a deliberate message to people that they should avoid these careers, because only sadness prevails or if it’s some kind of punishment for these characters due to their lifestyles, it really doesn’t matter. The bottom line is that in the movies, escorts never end up with happy, successful lives. While some escorts in the industry do have difficulties catching breaks in their lives, others lead seemingly normal, pleasurable existences. They have good relationships, positive self esteem and financial freedom. Most of them avoid seriously violent clients and strive for the best life has to offer them, without always being met with crisis, drama or tragedy.

4. Escorts are stupid. In “Mighty Aphrodite”, Linda refers to her former self as “just a dumb little hooker”, and the screenwriters continually make her character out to be thoughtless, shallow and unintelligent. This is far from the truth in the real escort industry. Successful escorts must have smarts in order to achieve success. Firstly, clients want more than just a pretty face. They appreciate beauty, but after a few encounters, they want to be able to engage in discussions with their escorts. They hope to find wit and humor, knowledge and class and a wide array of interests in the escorts they select to spend time with. An unintelligent escort doesn’t get very far when the encounter turns to the conversational period. She must know how to communicate, have a wealth of knowledge about lots of topics and have the skills to direct her client to issues she can easily speak about. Secondly, though, in addition to needing brains to keep her client satisfied, escorts have to have skills and knowledge in order to maintain their successful businesses. Accounting, marketing, communications, budgeting, logistics management and scheduling are necessary skills an escort must possess. If she doesn’t have a good head on her shoulders, her career is sunk before it even gets started.

5. All sex workers bond together sweetly. Even though it sounds like what might happen in an ideal world, it isn’t reality. The sex workers in “Sweet Charity” create their own support system for each other, cheering each other on and standing beside one another during good and bad times. They are as close as sisters. And, while some escorts may form a bond that is unique and rooted in their sex work commonalities, it is not the standard occurrence. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that the adult entertainment industry is frowned upon so strongly by society. Many escorts don’t want to openly admit they are part of the industry, even though it would open up many more connections for them, if they would. Escorts don’t always get a chance to know each other, especially in person. They may know each others’ online identities, but as far as being personal friends, there are many limitations. Additionally, many escorts are very competitive and see other providers as rivals, instead of friends. They have been burned by friendships gone bad between them and another escort, so they tend to avoid intimate interactions with other professionals. Discretion and privacy are huge issues that discourage close friendships among escorts. Choosing to keep to yourself is one of the most common traits for escorts.

6. Escorts can make a lot of money working in spas. Television’s “The Client List” gives young women the idea that they can make truckloads of cash by giving intimate massages in a spa setting. And, while they may bring in more cash than their straight-and-narrow masseuse colleagues, they won’t be making the kind of money they could as a full-fledged independent escort. Typically, big name celebrities, wealthy executives and high-powered CEOs don’t go to the spa for an intimate massage; they contact high-end escorts through agencies or individual means. Spa work may help transition you into the industry, but it’s not where the money is. In order to achieve a lucrative career that is long lasting, you need to venture out beyond the confines of a spa or salon.

7. Escorts don’t enter the industry to fulfill their own sexual desires. It’s fairly common for the film industry to share stories of over-sexed women who explore their own fantasies through becoming an escort. In “Belle de Jour”, the escort enters the career through her desires to indulge in wild, kinky misadventures, despite her chasteness with her own husband. She explores the world of sex through joining a brothel to expand her horizons and fulfill her needs. And, while Belle de Jour may have had extensive tastes in sex, most escorts don’t choose the industry as an outlet for their sexual desires. In today’s society, there are many opportunities for women to explore their desires without becoming an escort. Open-minded kink communities eagerly welcome willing young women into their ranks, without requiring them to be professionals in the adult entertainment industry. Of course, it helps tremendously to like sex when you’re an escort. When you enjoy what you do, it helps you to become even more successful at it.

8. Drugs are an issue for all escorts. Society, as a whole, assumes that escorts are all drug addicts or are habitual users of controlled substances. And, just like any other segment of society, there are some escorts who do use and abuse drugs. But, to claim that all successful escorts are into getting high is ridiculous and untrue. Additionally, to entertain the thought that all escorts’ lives are intertwined with the drug trade is as silly. In “True Romance”, the prostitute is named Alabama, and her partner steals cocaine from her pimp. A resulting chase ensues to recover the stolen drugs, where Alabama becomes quite involved. In reality, most successful, upscale escorts steer clear from illegal drugs for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that it’s unprofessional and will not enhance their image or long-term performance as a provider. Secondly, possessing and using illegal drugs is another way to draw attention from law enforcement, which is nothing that a smart escort does.

9. Escorts can count on finding the man of their dreams through work. While love does occur occasionally between escorts and their clients, it’s rare. To think that you’re going to develop a personal, long-term, romantic relationship with one your clients like occurred in “Pretty Woman” is wishful thinking. Most clients are married and unwilling to leave their spouses for anyone. They hire escorts to avoid emotional entanglements with partners, and they want simplicity, not complications due to relationships. Clients aren’t looking to fall in love (most of the time). They simply want to enjoy a pleasant time with a beautiful woman. And, even if you do establish a romantic connection with a client, there are so many threatening factors surrounding it that the relationship is doomed for failure from the beginning. Some escorts and clients risk everything to be together, often to find that their relationship really doesn’t work once their dynamics change. And, usually, an escort is expected to give up her career when she partners up with a client for a relationship, which is never received well. All in all, finding a successful love connection with a client is unlikely.

10. All escorts are drop-dead gorgeous. Even though most escorts are attractive, there is no standard rule stating that escorts have to be model-quality, blonde and a size zero, such as how they are usually depicted in films. Escorts can be any size and any appearance and still be successful. When you consider the significant number of men in the United States who are interested in seeing an escort, it’s a sure bet that their preferences vary greatly. From big and beautiful escorts to Goth ladies of the night, escorts come in all shapes and sizes. They favor different cultures, heritages and appearances. Because clients favor a variety of women, it’s fortunate that women of all kinds want to be escorts.

11. Clients are sexy and good looking. Unfortunately, not every client is as handsome as Richard Gere in “Pretty Woman”. Many clients are somewhat homely, overweight or unattractive according to society’s standards. They may have disabilities, disfigurements and scars that make their appearances shocking or unsettling. Some clients have attitudes and exhibit behaviors that make them ugly and unpleasant to be with. Others are mean, violent and intentionally harmful. These real men don’t fit the film industry’s model of typical clients. Movies often insinuate that clients are all sexy and powerful. Some may be, and those escorts are quite lucky. However, the escort industry also caters to society’s undesirables. They help clients who can’t find love other places to experience pleasure and sexual fulfillment. The industry allows men who can’t get a date with a woman (any woman) to find out what it’s like to be out with a beautiful one. The industry enables the meek to gain confidence and experience. And, escorts give men a chance to feel normal, even when their disabilities or circumstances restrict them from it most of the time. These clients are not the usual ones portrayed in films.

12. Escorts are happy to accept an overnight or extended session offer from any client. Although “Pretty Woman” allows viewers to think it’s normal, most escorts will never accept an offer for an overnight encounter with a new client. It is unsafe and unwise to jump into such a long experience with a client you’ve never even met before. In addition to the compatibility issues, you run the risk of getting involved in more than you’ve bargained for with a client. Most escorts choose to avoid overnights or extended encounters for the sole reason that they are exhausting. Being “on” the entire time is difficult enough, but keeping watch the entire time due to not knowing the client is terribly tiresome. And, then if the client wants to engage in sexual activities for the entire night, it’s even more fatiguing. Even though many movies lead society to believe that escorts go along with these encounters, it’s untrue most of the time. Additionally, novice escorts may think that these kinds of opportunities come along often, after watching a few films where this is the case. You should never expect such a once-in-a-lifetime chance for an extended encounter with a client for huge sums of money. If a client promises you something similar, keep your radar up for timewasters or worse.

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12 things young clients want from MILF escorts
March 27, 2014 | For escorts

Made popular by Stifler’s mom in the 1999 film “American Pie”, a MILF (Mom I’d Like to F#$%) is the desire of many young clients of escorts. The fantasy of Mrs. Robinson from “The Graduate” has been popular through the ages, often being referred to as wanting a “yummy mummy” or looking for a “cougar”. Escorts who are interested in filling this niche should consider a series of prerequisites and conditions they must meet in order to be able to realistically live up to these labels.

Wait, it’s the wrong MILF!A MILF is not simply someone who is old enough to be a client’s mother. She exhibits several traits that make her desirable and sexy in a way that other women can’t compare. If you think you want to become a MILF escort, put these characteristics into play:

1. You have to be an appropriate age to be a MILF. Escorts who want to fulfill the MILF fantasy for clients can’t be too young to be a believable MILF. If you look 21 years old, being a MILF is far off into your future. In order to be accepted in the industry as a MILF, you must be an age that is believable to have children similar in age to your clients. For instance, an escort who is in her early 40s would have no trouble being a convincing MILF. However, if you’re 28, your chances of being considered a cougar are much better than being preferred as a MILF. If you’re on the borderline, don’t try to make yourself look younger, which is pretty typical of escorts. Don’t try to cover up or fix your laugh lines. Wear age-appropriate clothing and hairstyles. Act your age. However, that doesn’t mean you get to act frumpy.

2. MILF escorts exude sex appeal and confidence. Despite your age or a few wrinkles, it’s essential for you to embrace your sexiness and well-preserved and deserved curves as a way to attract your younger clients. Your experienced beauty will speak volumes about your abilities, as long as you allow it to shine through. It’s fairly common for women to stifle their sex drives when they reach a certain age. But, as a MILF escort, it’s most beneficial to you to allow your desires to show. Take on the attitude that you’re getting older, but you’re certainly not dead. Take pride that you are in your sexual prime, reaching your peak and let the world know that you are ready, willing and able to live up to the challenge of any partner. Allow your age and experiences to give you confidence and use that self esteem to build up your presence with clients.

3. Adopt a motherly attitude toward your younger clients. One of the appeals that MILF escorts have with their clients is that they exhibit nurturing, all-knowing exteriors that create a sense of being more experienced. Allow your years of life be an attractor to the opposite sex by causing them to think you know something they don’t. Their desires to learn from and be coddled along by you will exceed their wishes to be with someone younger. For some clients, they have a need for motherly love, attention and approval. Others just simply want the opportunity to be with a woman who knows her way around the world better than they do. Be prepared to offer critiques and give advice, along with compliments and praise along the way.

4. Talk about your kids in order to solidify your image as a MILF. Most guys are intrigued by a MILF because of his personal relationship with her son or daughter. However, as an escort, your client won’t know your child/children. In order to fully live up to the role, you will need to talk about the younger people in your life. If you really don’t have adult-aged or nearly adult-aged children, make some up. Your entire role as an escort is built upon desires and fantasies, anyways, so conjuring up some children to talk about vaguely with your clients is completely within fair range. Be careful how extensively you talk about them, because remembering lots of small details can be troublesome and distracting.

5. Expect younger clients as your main demographic. When you set yourself up as a MILF, you shouldn’t be targeting older gentlemen as your clients. Your main audience will be young, 20-something men who have some sort of fantasies driven by experiences they’ve lived through with a friend who had a hot mom or after watching MILF porn. As these clients will be quite young, you need to expect that they may be slightly inexperienced, especially when compared with older types. Additionally, they are more naive and unaware to the ways of the world. Their innocent, fresh demeanors may seem trite, but have patience with them as you see them and they become regulars. While their inexperienced attitudes may become tiresome, they can be taught and led. Guide them to grow into strong young men who have open minds and feel positive about their fantasies and desires.

6. Live up to your lusty, horny image. Most MILFs are in their sexual primes and aren’t afraid to finally have the opportunity to talk about their sex drives. In a day and age where it’s finally acceptable for a woman to have desires, a MILF should be free to talk about what she wants and how she wants it. With years of experience under your belt, use your seasoned history to fuel your fantasies as you share them with your clients. At all times, you should insinuate that your motor is running and you’re ready to put your foot on the gas when it comes to sex. Embrace your endurance and stamina, and build them up with regular workouts that help you get stronger and in better shape to live up to the desires of clients.

7. MILFs have to be sexually experienced. If you’re new to the escort world, you have to have some pretty intense sexual experiences under your belt in order to live up to the MILF reputation. Most young clients will expect for you to teach them about how to please a woman and be able to learn about positions, activities and other experience-related aspects to intimacy. Don’t be afraid to pull out your bag of tricks (or toys) with these clients; they are more than happy to experiment, listen to wild tales and indulge in marathon encounters with multiple climaxes. Put young clients through their sexual paces by pushing them to their limits in the bedroom, and then brag about the escapades later when you’re talking to them. Rely on your personal history to build up your abilities with clients. However, if you are somewhat inexperienced, you will have to do a good job of faking it the first few times.

8. You have to market yourself as a MILF in order to be recognized as such. Some escorts don’t find the term MILF acceptable and are appalled at the concept of marketing themselves that way. To them, it’s a crude definition and devalues their worth. Additionally, it’s an admission of advanced age, which many escorts attempt to keep at a minimum, always attempting to appear younger than they actually are. In the escort industry, it usually pays best to market yourself as young as possibly believable. However, because MILFs have their own niche, some escorts can benefit from embracing their age and experience. Focus on the fact that you’ve been around the block and still want another go or two at it through your marketing, emphasizing the fact that you’re the MILF clients always wanted a chance with.

9. MILFs have to know their stuff. Because your younger clients will look up to as a knowledgeable source of information and life smarts, you have to be well-versed in a variety of topics ranging from current events to common sense subjects, such as finances or logistics. Your clients expect that you have yourself together, which includes being able to share pertinent, useful information at the drop of a hat. To do this, you have to keep up to date about the world around you. Regularly read the newspaper or subscribe to Internet news sites. Keep up on pop culture, and be prepared to give your opinion on everything from politics to which bank has better checking accounts. Because your clients will ask you things, you have to have knowledge to back up your answers. Stay informed and maintain your knowledge about your community.

10. Your clients expect a MILF escort to be brazen, taking the lead during encounters. One of the characteristics that is the most exciting to young clients is that they expect their MILF escort to guide them in all things romantic or lusty. Instead of hanging back and allowing your client to make the first move, a MILF escort jumps on the first opportunity to get frisky and runs with it. Make the first move and advance the level of intimacy between you and your client rapidly. Demonstrate to your client how quickly passion can build by skipping several precursory steps in the encounter. By leaping directly into the intimacy aspect of your encounter with you, your client will get fired up in a way that doesn’t occur for him often. He’s not accustomed to women taking the lead, especially in brazen and bold ways. Demonstrate the difference between being a confident, sexy MILF and a tentative, shy younger woman. He will definitely appreciate your experience at this point.

11. MILFs must always be flirtatious. Even if you aren’t the type to brazenly take the lead, you can still guide your client through encouraging his actions with some pretty suggestive flirting. You can be blatant with your comments or more subtle with your actions, but the important part is that you must flirt with your client. By putting the suggestion that you’re interested in getting intimate with him, you help him fulfill his fantasy of the buildup usually associated with getting it on with a friend’s mom. In a real-life situation, there would be quite an extensive exchange that would probably lead up to an encounter in a genuine situation. To duplicate this in some way, your flirting has to be direct and clear, all within a short amount of time to make it work during a traditional encounter.

12. Challenge or dare your clients to engage in acts with you. Many times, relationships between MILFs and their younger counterparts result as an outcome from a challenge. An older woman will challenge a young man to being able to keep up with her or knowing how to please her. Of course, the young man doesn’t want to be proven weak or wrong, so he engages full-on with the MILF. Additionally, many younger men are dared into activities with an older woman as a fun way to entice them in. Playing a game of truth or dare or simply telling a client you don’t think he can handle you will get hormones heated up and activities started.

Of course, any good escort is going to examine the various niches that she could market herself in ahead of time, before plunging into any long-term commitments in the escort industry. Many escorts vary their services, including MILF and other provisions to clients. They will utilize their various talents and traits to their advantages in different ways. Because MILFs are so sexy, they can also double as cougars, for a younger demographic that is a bit closer in age to them. Additionally, the traits women exhibit as a MILF are good ones to use when they do general escort work, too. It’s easy to cross apply sex appeal, age appropriate sex drive and the consistent drive to stay up to date and informed in your daily routine with clients.

All in all, the most important thing to remember as a MILF is that you need to be the driving factor behind it all. You are older and wiser, according to client rhetoric, which puts you in the driver’s seat. Negotiate scheduling and other aspects to suit you, which will, in turn, satisfy your clients.
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10 things escorts need to keep in mind when providing a client reference
July 16, 2013 | For escorts, Safety

It may not be often that another escort will call you seeking a reference for a prospective client, but when it happens, you should know how to respond. Most escorts carefully screen their clients, which typically produces enough information they can use to make their decisions about whether a client is a reliable risk or not. However, sometimes a client comes along who offers a reference from a fellow escort. Within the industry, an escort recommendation is a powerful reason to accept a client for an encounter. (Similarly, if an escort provides a negative reference, it’s usually enough to deny booking a client.)

As you provide client references, keep these 10 things in mind:

1. Always tell the truth. When you give a client reference, your reputation is at stake. Another escort is going to take your word as an honest perspective about a client, and she relies on your information to be accurate, unembellished and genuine. If you provide an inaccurate review, intentionally or not, she will likely spread it around that your recommendations need further confirmation.

2. Explain the capacity to which you know the client. Include how long you’ve been acquainted with the client, approximately how many encounters he’s booked with you and how well you know him. If he’s been a long-term client, tell the escort this. If you’ve just met up with him once, inform her of this, too.

3. Don’t be afraid to tell the escort that you don’t know the client well enough to provide an accurate recommendation. Some clients are just not easy to talk about because you’ve only met with them once or twice — or you just can’t remember them. If this is the case, say so. Also, inform her that if he had been a bad client, you are sure you would have remembered more information to tell her.

4. Give an overview of the client’s personality and approach to your professional arrangement. Indicate if the client was upbeat, easy to please, difficult, aggressive or anything else. Feel free to share both good and bad things about the client. Additionally, tell whether the client paid according to the agreement, resisted giving you money at the beginning of an encounter or attempted to push boundaries. Details about a client exhibiting time-wasting behaviors, attachment issues or always being late are important to share, too.

5. Avoid sharing personal details that the client shared with you in confidence. In order to determine that a client is a good risk, an escort doesn’t need to know his marital status, information about his kids, details about his hobbies or any other personal trivia. The escort/client relationship you shared with him should still stand; don’t break his confidence by divulging his deep dark secrets with another escort.

6. Provide examples. Think up anecdotes or situations that occurred during encounters and share them during the recommendation. Perhaps, your client brought you flowers or gave you a trinket after arriving back after a business trip. Or, he stole towels from your bathroom. Regardless of the details, provide them as a way to demonstrate the information you share with the other escort.

7. Warn another escort away from trouble. Give a bad recommendation for a client who was violent, threatened you or gave you reasons to feel unsafe. If he wasted your time, didn’t pay or stole from you, tell the escort to beware. If a client didn’t pass your screening attempts, this is important to mention. Even if you don’t have clear, hard facts about a client, tell the escort about any gut instincts you had about him. She can take or leave your recommendation, but at least she has the opportunity to make a decision knowing all the facts and your impressions.

8. Stick to the facts, for the most part. Avoid sharing personal feelings about a client with another escort. Don’t talk about your feelings of love for him, how you think he’s arrogant or anything else that pertains to your own emotions. If he is always in a hurry, that’s a fair explanation based on facts. But, if you say you are worried about his health because he’s always on the go, that’s too much information.

9. Avoid being offended by a client who is seeking a new escort. If you receive a recommendation request for one of your regulars, try to not take it personally. Provide an accurate recommendation that will help your client, and prepare to adjust your budget accordingly, if he moves on to another escort. Appreciate the time you’ve had with him, and wish him the best. Resist the urge to ask him if he’s considering a new escort, unless he hesitates when it’s time to book his next encounter. It’s acceptable to inquire at this point, but avoid a messy confrontation, if possible.

10. Be concise as you word your recommendation. The escort requesting your insight isn’t looking for an in-depth profile about a client. She wants to know if there’s anything in particular that she should consider before accepting him as a client and any other pertinent details that could influence her decision. Don’t be too wordy or bore her with the complete history of your relationship with him. Give her the relevant details and leave it at that. If she needs more information, she will ask follow-up questions.

As you provide a client recommendation, attempt to be professional. Within the industry, you and the other escort are two professionals networking together for the good of your careers. Your reaction and details provided about a client reflect your expert status as an escort and will influence your reputation among others in your field.

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